Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Power rankings Week 6

  1. Wichita (1) – Division is Cinched looking to lock up the #1 Seed in the AL Next
  2. Madison (2) – Magic Number is 4 for a playoff Berth
  3. New York (NL) (3) – Magic number to clinch the division is 6
  4. Toledo (4) – 6 out of their nine starters have 20+ homerun pretty great consistency in the lineup
  5. Colorado Springs (5) 3B Pedro Cela is going to be a Monster for the next 8 years.
  6. Philadelphia (7) – Dennis Lockwood is the only Nl Player with over 100 runs so far this season.
  7. Memphis (6) – Rookie RF Rafael Bolivar ha a great shot at NL ROY as he is poised to get a 20/20 in his 1st season.
  8. Oklahoma City (8) – 3B Ray Bell has had a stellar career for a player whose hitting running and fielding are all just barely above average.
  9. Iowa City (11) – 2B Edgardo Almanzar is having a down year, which is bad for him as it's his contract year.
  10. San Diego (12) – The Surf need another big bat badly to compliment Thomas Campbell, without it they might be easy picking come playoff time.
  11. Columbus (9) - CL Ellis Watson deserves a Cy Young. He has finished so many times in 2nd and 3rd for Madison. This could be his season.
  12. Burlington (10) – CL R.A. Bellinger has my vote for Fireman of the year he is the only real all-star Burlington has in the pitching corp. and look where they are in the standings.
  13. New York (AL) (13) -. RF Bill Sheehan (.215) has just fallen apart this season; batting more than 60 points lower than his career average. NY needs him to turn it back on if they want to succeed.
  14. Washington D.C. (15) - Losing P Sticky Rapp has been tough on Washington, he is far from an All-star, but he was a consistent force in the Washington locker-room
  15. Las Vegas (14) – There record is impressive once you realize they have the lowest ranked starting lineup in the league.
  16. Kansas City (18) – SP Willie Tavarez is in a sophomore slump struggling with an ERA over 6.
  17. Santa Fe (16) - Mat Shave has the best chance at the 1st AL Triple Crown in Ryan History Currently he is 2nd in Hr, RBI, and AVG.
  18. Cincinnati (20) - Threatening to be the 1st season since his rookie year SP Clarence Patrick does not get 10 wins
  19. Louisville (22) – P Bucky Anderson has progressively performed worse each season he's been in the ML, The Loudmouths need to look to replace him with a better option, and this should not be too hard.
  20. Baltimore (17) – CL Hong-Jin Xaio has been quite effective in save situations 30/34 and an ERA under 3.00, but not so effective in non save situations over a 12.00 ERA.
  21. Monterrey(25)- RF Mo Torrealba has more SO (127) than hits (111)
  22. Fargo (19) - As a team they have hurled 4 shutouts, 2nd in the league, not bad for a team 15 games under .500
  23. Florida (23) - Footsie Long already has amassed 54 Errors at SS
  24. Colorado (24) – Already having a career year in hits at 173; Clarence Thompson could reach for the stars and get to 200 by season's end.
  25. Durham (26) – with around 17M to spend for internationals look for the next big bopper to go to Durham
  26. Pittsburgh (21) – Rating wise they field the worst starting pitching in the league
  27. Vancouver (30) – Jacob Kwon leads the league in caught stealing percentage on his way to a personal best(39) in throw outs, he stands at 37
  28. Cheyenne (29) - top 2 Hr hitters in the NL Sam Eldred(37), Edgardo Lima(34)
  29. Milwaukee (27) - team OBP is just over .300 , tough to compete when no one gets on base
  30. Atlanta Braves (28) - AAA Salary accounts for over 22M this season. Scary when you consider the shape of the team.
  31. Hartford (32) – 1st team eliminated from the Playoffs for s14
  32. St. Louis (31) - 1 game from playoff Elimination

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