Saturday, March 6, 2010


  1. Wichita (1) – Cl Gerald Christenson is almost perfect he's 18/18 in saves with a minuscule .53 ERA all in his first season as the team's fireman. RATING 581
  2. Toledo (2) Losses Starting CF Aaron Holt for the season and wastes no time in trading for a younger better defensive and better hitting Ron Brown. They did not miss a beat here and as a result Aaron Holt might be looking for other employment next season. RATING 523.25
  3. New York (NL) (5) 1B Kenneth Springer is having an outstanding season on a pace for 50+ homeruns which would sit him on top of the Burros career list.– 504
  4. Philadelphia (3) – CL J.P. Ordonez has yet to give up an official run this season in 15.2 innings of work yet he has blown 1 save. Still near perfect is god for something.
    RATING 462.125
  5. Cheyenne (7) – All the attention has been on SP Soto, but Eduardo Feliz has been equally effective only 3 seasons removed from major elbow surgery he seems to have make finally recovered. RATING 455
  6. Florida (14) – The ray's are showing they are the real deal and are making a push for the division lead. New acquisition SP Lucas Neagle has performed solidly in his 1st start. RATING 442.625
  7. Memphis (4) – has such a very balanced running game they have 5 guys with more than 10 stolen bases. RATING 424.25
  8. Salem (11) -
    RATING 419.625
  9. Madison (17- ) – The hitting is starting to get in a groove, but the bullpen is struggling to provide any support. Team should consider a change in the Pen. RATING 415.125
  10. Austin (16) – getting no love in Las Vegas after 6 productive seasons RF Hugh Prokopec has seem to find a home in Austin offering them his .270 batting average and 100+ steals RATING 413
  11. Colorado Springs (12) 23 1 run games leads the league, to back they have a sub-500 record (10-13) If they find the cure and push more runs across they could be a bigger theat.(RATING 400.25
  12. Chicago (10) Sp Nate House better known as wild thing has performed remarkable well in his career posting an under 5 era in almost all him pro season. He also sports a .219 OBA this season, but has walked 53 batters as opposed to striking out only 46. RATING 390.5
  13. Norfolk (8) – C Felix Bonilla has shown little in the way of offense this season. They need him to turn it on and get over the Mendoza line in addition to his pitch calling. RATING 375
  14. Colorado (15) – 1B Clarence Thompson has returned to Earth after his MVP season last year batting closer to .his career .290 average. Another season where his homerun production seems to be dropping. RATING 375
  15. New York(AL) Of Marquis Ashley has not come through like New York had hoped, a Consistent 25+ homerun guy in Hartford, he has struggled in the big city.(9)- 370.5
  16. Columbus (13) - 1B Bo Glanville is all over a career year already with 30 hrs(career high 47) 81 RBI (122) and a .354 batting average (.290) RATING 365.125
  17. Las Vegas (25) – CF Midre Jordan's offense has to be a nice surprise to compliment his prowess in the field. Jordan is batting over .300 with 9 plus plays in the field. RATING 321.75
  18. Milwaukee (6) - Tough week led to a huge fall in the standing, it doesn't help that the adjustment to the Power ranking calculator equalizes the Toronto factor. RATING 317.75
  19. Pittsburgh(29) – Rookie Rob Black's Rookie Campaign ended this past week abruptly with Elbow Surgery, Hope to see this kid bounce back and be ready to throw next season. RATING 273.625
  20. Kansas City (18) – Flags are still at half mast in Kc morning the end of the David Seanez era. It is now apparent the team is so shaken by his loss that Reynolds and Cassidy refuse to hit for the upcoming month. RATING 259.25
  21. Salt Lake City (19) SP Don Shelby's elbow whoa might be the undoing of this surprise team. I'm not sure there is enough depth to hold on for 60 days. RATING 259.125
  22. Minnesota (30) - SP Benito Lee has gone from two of the winningest programs to struggling for an up and coming team. Lee himself is getting a shell of his former glory. RATING 257.5
  23. Monterrey (21) – LF Jimmie Miranda is making a solid pitch for Rookie of the year with his campaign for 20/20 and a .280 batting average. RATING 257.375
  24. Montgomery (20) –LF Donnie DuBose is showing why he has played his whole career at 1B and not in the OF this season. With 10 minus plays and a .938 Fielding average he might not be helping the pitching in the Outfield. RATING 246.375
  25. Texas (24) – After struggling for 4 season's in Colorado's thin air. SP Ronnie Leach has shown he is more than capable of pitching in this league. In 11 starts he's 5-2 with a 3.27 ERA. RATING 227.625
  26. Washington D.C. (22) – CF Heath Peterman is leading the team in homeruns and stolen bases, but might be costing the team on the base path as well. In 24 attempts to steal a base he has been caught 11 times. RATING 227.625
  27. Louisville (27) – C Wascar Solano is current leading the league in Batting average, but his durability does not expect him to hold up long enough to keep that lead, either he wears out or he gets the rest he deserves. RATING 223.5
  28. Burlington (26) – P Mark Russell seemed more comfortable last season as a starter than this one out of the pen. Sporting a 3.37 ERA over 152 innings in season 14 and a 9.26 era over 11.2 inning this season. RATING 170.25
  29. St. Louis (28) – 2B Alejandro Perez has struggled mightily since coming to St. Louis in a trade with Madison. Makes one wonder if his stats are a product more of the lineup in Madison and less on his own skills. RATING 132.375
  30. Durham (31) Ex-Rule 5 guy Erik Watkins might look better after a return to AAA to get seasoning. He just plan stinks this season. RATING 108.375
  31. Atlanta (23) Devastating Arm Injury to Jaret Dunn potentially ends Dunn's solid career, it also might sink Atlanta's hopes for a .500 record. RATING 101.75
  32. Toronto(32)- Is it possible to be eliminated before RATING 47.25

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