Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am trying a new Power ranking Equation out, I used it for another league a few seasons back and thought it would work pretty well here. It does shake things up a bit this 1st time. It should level out as the season wears on. It takes a combination of Offensive, pitching, and fielding stats and ranks each team in point values. It also looks at Wins and Exp Win Percentages to give a score. Highest possible score would be a 700. Lowest possible score would be a 40.

  1. Wichita (1) – Recipe for success: 5 starters batting over .300 and 6 pitches with ERA's under 3.5 RATING 571.69
  2. Toledo (3) Telford and Buchanon both have had their signature seasons in Toledo and both look to be continuing that trend this season, but Tino Chang is on a different plain 7 wins in 7 starts and still quite unhittable. RATING 557.94
  3. Philadelphia (4) – RF Valerio Guillen is still batting .420 with 15 hrs. If they hold this pace he would set all types of records.
    RATING 514.06
  4. Memphis (2) – Both New York and Memphis are road warriors who need to figure it out in front of the home crowds. The one who gets it first would be the team to beat. As both are pitching at an elite level RATING 472.75
  5. New York (NL) (5) – SEE ABOVE RATING 472.125
  6. Milwaukee(9)- 2B Jose Alonso has been struggling to find his way at 2B, might be costing the Stockings a few games in the long run, if he provided more consistent power or speed his defense might be acceptable but with the pitching struggles they sure could use a better glove at the 2 hole.
    RATING 463.31
  7. Cheyenne (17) – Chris Durbin has 22 stolen bases without being caught stealing this season, the rest of the Marmots have 8 stolen bases and have been caught 10 times, leave the stealing to the pro's guys RATING 443.31
  8. Norfolk (20) - S14 rule 5 pickup Bryan Easley was pressed into service last year, but it seems that season under his belt has made him a superior hitter this season. Already with 11 stolen bases and batting near .400 on the season.
    RATING 420.88
  9. New York(AL) (8)- RP Angel Beltre's season is over will an arm injury, His stable pitching will be hard to match, but ex-all star closer Luther Matthews will be ready for the challenge. RATING 418.06
  10. Chicago (16) defensively this could be one of the stronger teams in the league, The Defense will keep the opposition honest. RATING 413.63
  11. Salem (22) - SP Michael Foster just won't die, he is pitching like he did 4 years ago and is punishing batters with his Curve. Someone needs to remind him that he's 35 and not the pitcher he use to be anymore. RATING 401.56
  12. Colorado Springs (14) LF Enrique Chantres's injury should slow CSP's rise in the poll for next week, consistently a 30+ HR guy his offense will be missed for the next week or so.
    RATING 397.13
  13. Columbus (11) - 1b Bo Glanville could be the only guy standing in the way of Philly's Valerio Guillen's Triple Crown. RATING 389.63
  14. Florida (31) – Biggest benefactor of the new Power ranking system. The computer might have a BCS type error, but the Rays EXP Win % of .555 seems to say they belong this high. RATING 307.38
  15. Colorado (18) - 2B Lucas Martin is someone to watch should join the 30/30 club this season if he keeps on slugging. Stolen bases should be no issue he's a perfect 22-0 this season.
    RATING 307.125
  16. Austin (15) – 2B Lance Mann has found his lost power stroke, after hitting 14 dingers in s14 he's already back on pace for 30+. RATING 302.94
  17. Madison (13- ) – Some of the issues in Madison point to Gold Glove 2B Bo Nitkowski's below Mendoza performance this season. Batting .197 so far almost 100 points lower than his career average.
    RATING 292.13
  18. Kansas City (26) – DH Adrian Cassidy does not seem to be taken kindly to be cast as the DH and no longer asked to play the field. Batting just north of .200. A disgruntled Cassidy is no fun.
    RATING 286.44
  19. Salt Lake City (21) FA pickup SS Carlos Zapata filled in admirably for Injured Fritz Lowe. He will be a huge upgrade for predecessor Adrian Smith. Now they need to look for an upgrade for Blackley in RF. RATING 286.13
  20. Montgomery(6) – RATING 272.692
  21. Monterrey (23) – RF Seop Wan has returned to the Ml after 2 seasons of sparse play and has already stolen 7 bases in only 62 AB's Given the chance this guy has succeeded. RATING 272.69
  22. Washington D.C. (7) – To this day I still do not know how Theo Gibson has survived in the ML to the age of 34 and has pitched in the ML for the past 10 seasons. If he goes up for HOF He has by vote just because he is the MAGIC MAN.
    RATING 260.94
  23. Atlanta (19) PH Terrell Welch could be one of the all-time great pinch hitters in the history of the NL, This guy has made a career the last 5 seasons of being the man to count on to get a hit off the bench, just don't count on him in the field every day. RATING 255.75
  24. Texas (12) – Gold Glove SS Scott Rose needs to provide more offense if Texas is going to climb out of their funk and be serious contenders. RATING 252.63
  25. Las Vegas (27) – The Pitching staff is having a difficult time getting the ball over the plate already accounting for over 150 walks this season. Makes you wonder if the catcher and pitchers are all on the same page out there. RATING 249.63
  26. Burlington (30) – RP Miguel Arrojo has had 4 seasons of success leading the Storms bullpen, but just could seem to pull it together this season. As a result he gets a bus tickets to AAA. RATING 237.19
  27. Louisville (28) – Pitching has been an issue for the Sluggers Both Roy Robinson and Yanick Fonville are underperforming this season. Once they get rolling Louisville will be in better shape. RATING 235.194
  28. St. Louis (25) – The Coming of CF Lawrence Hutton should give the Rustlers a nice little push in the wins column, if he starts hitting. Why 2B Moose Payton is in the ML surprises me, I think he could be cut and have a cardboard cutout take his At bats and have similar results.
    RATING 235.19
  29. Pittsburgh(10) – SP Ted Gibbons and Alan Chambers showed nothing in their 8 starts so they got bus tickets to AAA, Here's hoping SP Rob Black is ready to roll RATING 202.88
  30. Minnesota (24) - Only been able to convert 9 out of 16 save opportunities, if they can figure out the bullpen this team could be a quick riser in the power rankings. RATING 166.94
  31. Durham (29) it took time but finally RP Luis Carrasco has pitched his way out of a job in Durham, Final season line 17 innings 42 hits 21 ER 8 W 12 SO and an 11.12 ERA. Good luck in AAA.
    RATING 120.5
  32. Toronto(32)-Kmueller is back to try to save this once proud franchise, but this time it might be a little too late to save the pitching RATING 84.63

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