Saturday, February 6, 2010

NL East S15 Season Preview

NL EAST Season 15 Projected Standings





New York Burros

pullmeafredo *


Might be a down year if you call 90+ wins a down year

Norfolk Train Wrecks



A strong bat or ace pitcher is needed to solidify the lineup

Pittsburgh Pirates



Improved from last season, but still a ways to go

Atlanta Braves



Look for Atlanta to be handled all around this season



Offense: Tartabull is the real deal. Evers should be able to expand on his audition from last season, but all and all this might be a 4A offense at best.
Defense: There are better more precise fielders. Atlanta has no true option at SS and weaknesses at Catcher and at 3B.
Rotation: If Jarret Dunn could pitch every night they would be in better shape. Since he's not Atlanta will struggle to get dependable pitching. I don't think Kevin Yamagushi can pitch as effectively this season. Look for a lot of scary box scores on those off nights
Bullpen: bringing in Victor Vegas was a wise move, but they need more in the Pen if they want to lockdown any lead each night. The rest of the pen is AAA at best.

Pittsburgh Pirates
81.0M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: Shaggy Inglett is being pressed into service early, he's not a shortstop but might be a good 3B his bat is ready now though. Free agent grabs Feliz and Sheehan are welcome to a team that had no bats a year ago.
Defense: Diaz isn't going to hold up as the only catcher on the roster. The rest of the roster could be shuffled and the Pirates would field a superior defensive unit.
Rotation: Pedro Seguignol has been brought in to anchor the rotation. The rotation is seasoned and it might be a challenge for them to hold out the whole season. One more solid starter would go far on this team.
Bullpen: a nice assortment of relievers, but no true lock down closer. There might be a closer by committee approach or we might see 42 year old Tim Garcia getting a shot as closer.

New York Burros
24.9M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: This team can hit, SS Kurt Morgan is great all around and he is joined by stars Shayne Owens, Brett Sager and Ken Springer. Even scarier is the pack of guys waiting in AAA. Look to see SS's Benito Escobar and Moises Bonilla, and Catcher Arnold Kline
Defense: could be the best fielding team in the league, they have SS talent busting out of the seams. The defense as always made the pitching better this will be no exception.
Rotation: no longer the Burros rotation the NL is use too, but tomorrows Aces are around the corner. Youth has always been key to the burro's style. This season's crop is still a bit to green, Look for Ace Nagy to be joined by Gary Saunders, Max Estrada, and Sam Terry. Look for Prospects Juan Escuela and Eugene Buckley to get an early call up after the 1st month of the season.
Bullpen: lost established closer Kevin Burke, but still has talent in the pen to work with. Solid arms Lee may and Mendoza should hold their own and provide the core of the pen. Look for AAA prospect Julio Arias to get a chance to show his wares.

Norfolk Train Wrecks
70.5M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: The train wrecks have a few guys who can bat, a few guys who can swing for the fences and a few guys who can run, getting all those things to happen at the same time will be the challenge. They need 1 more solid slugger to make this offense click
Defense: defense is a priority in Norfolk; The defense should make balls in play turn to easy outs. Finnessey is the best defensive CF in the game, miss in defensive studs Wynn and Chaisson and the team looks very good
Rotation: 3 solid starters but not a whole lot else to look forward to pitching every 5 days.
Bullpen: a few solid arms Hong-Jin Xaio did a great job closing last season, but might find himself setting up Livan Campos who will not be able to pitch as often as Xaio.

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