Thursday, February 4, 2010

AL East Season 15 Preview

AL EAST Season 15 Projected Standings





Chicago Wolves



How this team lost 100 games last season amazes me. No longer abandoned expect no less than the division

Washington D.C. old school warriors



Huge disappointment in s14, I think they are better than there record indicates.

Burlington Ice Storm



A big surprise in S14. They controlled the division and seemed t get hot hitting when they needed it. I can't see them being as successful this season.

Durham Bulls



Right on trade to field their 4th consecutive 100 loss season. Pitching would sure help in Durham

Burlington Ice Storm
77.0M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: The Outfield sluggers of Osuna and Stroud should provide a good offensive base, to work from. The returns most of their big bats and fields virtually the same offense as in s14.
Defense: Solid defense, they will not ignite the field with their superior skills, but they should get burned too often. Burlington's Defense will not be either holding the team back or propelling it forward.
Rotation: The rotation is the in the lower tier of the Al, They are serviceable and on a few days might actually seem effective. Burlington needs a staff ace badly and they don't have one.
Bullpen: Fireman of the year R.A. Bellinger leads a strong bullpen but they could use another solid arm to round out the workload.

Durham Bulls
38.1M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: Beyond Theodore Grace and Germany Baker the team's offense has more holes than grandma's colander.
Defense: deficient in all the key defensive areas, weak in the corners of the infield and right up the center. The pitching is going to get no help from the defense. There will be some keystone-like innings.
Rotation: SP Stuffy Lawrence is probable the staff ace, beyond him the rotation is quite battered. Anytime you have a guy like Rudy Waterson with splits in the mid 30's competing for a rotation spot there is an issue.
Bullpen: Shaky bullpen Pedro Ortiz has shown flashes of brilliance, but is far from a shutdown closer, Louis Carrasco has never really found his pitching touch in Durham and these are your go to guys, Hope for the starters to go deep to limit the damage.

Chicago Wolves
56.6M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: Solid hitting prospects dominate the Wolves lineup. I'm not sure this isn't the best hitting team in the AL that no one has heard of. They should be able to get runs across the plate without issue. Santana is probable the best Catching prospect the league has seen in years. Add in consistent all star bats in Morgan Candilaria and Lui and wow Chicago should win 100.
Defense: Super athletic team who should be able to make plays everywhere in the field. There isn't a real defensive weakness to worry about in the lineup and there might even be stronger gloves on the bench.
Rotation: The top of the rotation is loaded with cheap young elite talent; Harry Ortiz, Doug Evans, and Jose Blasco are a trio that is hard to match. With good seasoning they will be a tough rotation. This season they will win games for this team and could put this team in place to compete for the division.
Bullpen: CL Orlando Martinez showed grit last season and could be an all-star if the Wolves perform and put him in position to save a bunch of games. Wiki Nunez and Al Martinez serve as adequate setup but there is not a lot all in the pen beyond those names. Another arm would finalize the team's late innings. .

Washington D.C. old school warriors
60.8M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: Vitello and Peterman are the offensive mainstays, both are featured in Washington and should contribute 100 rbi, Burke Ramirez and Kashmir should contribute offense in the stretch as well. This is a team that should stay in almost all of its games with its batting.
Defense: Good Defensive unit with all the position fielding at or above average. The defense should be able to steal a few hits this season and save some runs. The catchers aren't going to provide much outside of offense
Rotation: Perry, Ritz and Dunn are all proven commodities, Dunn might only be able to give Washington 5 innings but should be a good 5. How Theo Gibson was survived in this league until the age of 34 is one of the biggest mysteries of life. They add one more starter and this rotation is set-up
Bullpen: McRae did a good job last season closing games, but Washington say room for improvement and brought in Ny2 Closer Kevin Burke to compete for the job, 2 Capable relievers with proven track records is never a bad thing. Wall and Montanez finalize a good late inning bunch.

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