Friday, February 5, 2010

NL North S15 Preview

NL NORTH Season 15 Preview





Columbus Horseshoes



Might be the favorite in the NL this season

Milwaukee Blue Stockings



The pitching staff is what to love, one more consistent hitter and they could become the league sweethearts

Philadelphia Balboas



Without their ace the Balboas will struggle to hold opponents down

Toronto Terriers

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Already on AI control that's not a good sign at the start of the season for the 2nd straight season.

Philadelphia Balboas
74.8M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: Power, Speed and good overall hitting should put Philly in the position to score enough runs to overcome pitching whoa
Defense: Miguel Bennett is the only defensive liability the Balboas have to worry about in the field daily. The Most glaring weakness might be with throwing out runners stealing second in the NL. Speed is king and the Balboas will struggle to contain that.
Rotation: With Ace Adam Parish still recovery most of this season, the Balboas rotation is remarkable pedestrian. Philly will not be able count on pitching to win many games for them this season.
Bullpen: JP Ordonez is a solid closer and could be the Best in the NL, top setup man Torrey Darnell makes sure the game is close when he gets the rock; beyond them the bullpen is very thin.

Milwaukee Blue Stockings
50.7M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: The Blues have never been shy of the Strike out, this year will be no exception, but the Addition of Hocking at C is a good pick up both offensively and defensively. Matthews, Estrada and Carson Need to fuel this offense and injury to anyone of those guys even for a short time will derail this team.
Defense: solid unit who will perform well behind a great pitching staff, There are a few players that make the Blues for the purpose of being a good glove
Rotation: The Blue Stockings have the best young rotation outside of New York; they still have developing to do. I am pretty sure though that they are quite capable of leading Milwaukee to the Promised Land this season.
Bullpen: Yoon and O'Malley are the stars of the pen, but they are surrounded by AAA talent, on nights when they need to rest Milwaukee could be riding a roller coaster

Toronto Terriers
67.0M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: Brent Sheets is a 1 man show now with the FA departure of Carlos Hernandez. Power is very much lacking, where the offense is going to come from is the question at hand. This is the team that will have to thrive with the small ball and hope Patrick can pitch everyday
Defense: many holes to fill on defense, no true CF, and both the 2B and the 3B should be playing in the corner OF at best. A little shuffling and they might be able to piece a lineup together
Rotation: One of the NL's best pitchers is Clarence Patrick; behind him is a whole lot of nothing. There are a few arms at AAA that could be called up but rushing Junior Martin might not be in their long range interests at this point. There are still a few FA pitchers who could give the void.
Bullpen: Howard Neal returns as the stopper in Toronto. The hope for the Terriers might be on how well Jeff Watson comes back from his shoulder injury, the rest of the pen is average to below average. The longer the starters can pitch the better the pen will be which might be the problem.

Columbus Horseshoes
101.3M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: Bo Glanville, Oscar Baker and Sergio Koplove are offensive juggernauts offensively they could be the best in the NL outside of Colorado
Defense: The Horseshoes have the defensive studs most teams are looking for even if they sacrifice for offense to start the game the bench will have the defensive subs.
Rotation: Rodriguez is an unappreciated workhorse, Webb can be successful as he has shown, the rest if the pieces should fall into place and gel as a fine rotation
Bullpen: Watson is most likely HOF bound. 1 more all-star nomination and he is automatic. 2 solid setup guys doesn't lead to the best pen, Columbus should look to add 1 more

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