Wednesday, February 3, 2010

AL South Season 15 Preview

ML AL South (Season 15 Projected Standing)
Texas Tornadoes mowbs69 93-69 Should be able to build off last season's success and continue to climb the win column
Montgomery Scott noel19 84-78 Only 17 men on the opening day roster expect some additions and subtractions to fill the roster.
Louisville Loud Mouths rdorrian 82-80 Small improvements but to many holes to be much better than .500
St. Louis Rustlers PeteInHall 55-107 There are some AAA teams that might beat the Rustlers consistently.

St. Louis Rustlers
48.3M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: solid offense is far and few between in St Louis. Perez can hit, but isn't the type of player you build a team around, Dreifort is the all-star but to expect him to be the feature player and hit more than .280 might be too much for him with little around him in the offense. Catcher Kevin Martin sat out last season and should step in and get a good amount of at bats in s15. That should tell you where this team is in the scope of things.Defense: The Rustlers will struggle in the field. Capable defenders are in short order and will not be able to cover the field without large holes somewhere. How the Rustlers configure their defense will be of interest during Spring training.Rotation: Newhouser, Forbes, Maxwell or solid long relievers but lack the stamina to be an effective starter unless you move to tandem options. The only decent classic starter St Louis has called home is Palacio. On a solid team he would be a #3 guy at best.Bullpen: Underperforming bullpen is the best description for the Rustlers relief. On paper the guys all look like they should be able to pitch well enough to control games, in reality, the pen struggles with almost every outing. If the bullpen is used appropriately and not overworked they should be team strength. Orlando Frias is capable of being an all—star every season in the pen.

Montgomery Scott
89.8M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: Montgomery is loaded with crushers. Shave, DuBois, Edwards and Leon would be cleanup guys almost anywhere. The team can slug top to bottom. And they will need everyone one of those runs if they expect to win. Defense: The Scott are playing a number of guys in new positions to fill out a lineup card, Dubois and Shave will find their new positions a challenge, pray the ball isn't hit their way a lot . Rotation: The Rotation is solid with 4 fine starters, but Charlton is well overpaid at 20M a season and it is his contract that cripples the organization. If they could move him the team would be able to address a lot of holes although they lose their ace. Bullpen: Luis Camacho is Major Leagues Ricky Vaughn in Ryan. Wild Thing can smoke one by you or miss the plate by 10 feet depending on the breeze. The bullpen is very thin currently and with no budget look for the Scotts to have to deal some players to add the needed depth.

Texas Tornadoes
76.4M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: Aurelio Espada is a superstar; he has a lot of specialists around him in the lineup. Expect him to be the feature guy who teams will look to bat around. Expect increased opportunity for Mondesi, Lee and Mouton who should be able to take advantage of weak pitching. Defense: Solid defensive core, the Tornadoes won't steal away a lot of hits, but they should make teams earn the runs they get. The Bench might be a little lighter than Texas wants it but they are better off than some teams. Rotation: The Rotation is set going into the season with solid contributors and quality inning eaters in Johnson and Millard. The wildcard might be how the team chooses to use Ronnie Leach who could be a capable starter if handled correctly and watched. Bullpen: Rijo, Coronado, and Cortez all have proven they can be dependable relievers, they should continue to play an important role this season. Late innings should be a strong point for Texas.

Louisville Loud Mouths
65.2M Estimated Opening Day Payroll

Offense: When the Loudmouths hit they will do well, against strong pitching they might be silenced and have long droughts, but against vulnerable pitching they should be swinging for the fences every time. Defense: Average to below average fielders, the Loud Mouth will struggle at times in the field and this deficiency might cost Louisville a few games in the stretch. Rotation: Middle of the road rotation with good upside, Fonville has always found great success without being a lights out pitcher. The rotation has good upside and should keep things close for Louisville.Bullpen: Jim Small is crazy good allow with a solid cast of relievers the Loud Mouths will be able to maintain leads deep into games

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