Tuesday, February 16, 2010


  1. Wichita (-) – 2B Vic Castilla already has 18 SB's to lead the league His team is scary good and will be hard to overtake at the top of the rankings.
  2. Memphis (-) – SP Johnny Powell is a good pitcher, but this start is just unbelievable. 30 innings 1 ER, 22 SO and 4 walks for .30 ERA.
  3. Toledo (-) what pisses me off most about Albert Frazier is that he refuses to negotiate in the off-season and then has the nerve to sign with my division rival. Oh Well, Pitching and hitting their way to lead the tough AL North, Plowed over Madison and New York with no issues in Conference play.
  4. Philadelphia (-) – Last season the pitching came alive and carried the team this season the hitting has been on fire. Cracking extra base hits at a league topping rate.
  5. New York (NL) (-) – Rebuilding year my ass, Shayne Nagy anchoring the usual all-star pitching has already amassed 2 complete game shutouts on his way for early consideration for the Cy Young.
  6. Montgomery (-) – SP Francis Charlton trying to earn every penny of his bloated 20M contract. He has done well with a 2.62 ERA and 4 wins for 4 in starts.
  7. Washington D.C. (-) – As a team they have struggled to find consistent bats, but yet they sit on top of their division. I predict a big fall next week.
  8. New York(AL) (-)- Here's a team which gave up more in the off-season from their ML squad than they returned with while all the teams around them stocked up there ML teams, yet they still are near the top of the Power rankings, It's that NY Magic.
  9. Milwaukee(-) The lack of quality Japanese translators in the Greater Milwaukee area has slowed any attempt to figure out what is wrong with duo Hideo Tamura and Daisuke Yoon. Both seem to be pitching well below their capabilities.
  10. Pittsburgh(-) –Tim Garcia and Pedro Sequignol on the same team! 5 years ago I think this would have been scary, but even a 42 year old Garcia can still pitch circles around most batters. It will be interesting to see how the bullpen holds up this season. If they do this could be a team poised to compete again.
  11. Columbus (-)- 2B Bernie Martinez seems to have lost his swing at the start of S15, they need his bat with the team has any hope of catching the surging Balboas
  12. Texas (-) – SS Aurelio Espada has been passed around the last 3 seasons, Hoping to hit his way into a home this superstar he leading Texas's offensive charge with 7hr 5SB while batting over .317 on the season
  13. Madison (-) - Offensively Madison has fallen to the middle of the pack, with Spring Training acquisition Matt Shave this should not be the case for long, Look For Madison to break out of the sub-500 record and turn things around quickly.
  14. Colorado Springs (-) SS Santo Montero seems to finally be adjusting to ML pitching rising his average to .171, still CSP needs to have a short leash or this division could be gone.
  15. Austin (-) – FA Acquisition Hugh Prokopec has always been fast averaging more than 100 SB a season, but this season he has found a bit more pop already hitting 4 HRs his career high is 16.
  16. Chicago(-) 1B Cristobal Jacquez has shown he has 40+ homerun power in the past, but has never hit over .300 in a season. Currently he is #1 in the league in HR (9) and batting a sizzling .364
  17. Cheyenne (-) – 8-2 at home and 0-6 on the road. Need to solve the road whoa if they want to stay contenders in the NL West. Babe Allen is struggling at Closer already 2-6 in save opportunities.
  18. Colorado (-) - Currently leading the NL West, but showing huge holes in blowout losses to CSP and Salem early in the season. SP Aaron Shiell seems to have found a way to pitch in the thin air going from a +6 era to a sub 3 this season.
  19. Atlanta (-) Dickie Tartabull seems to have worked out of his funk from S14 and is playing up to expectations if not beyond. Leading the team in all batting and running categories. He is the new face to Braves baseball.
  20. Norfolk (-) - SP Marty Hooper's 5 year 44M deal looks good right now.
  21. Salt Lake City (-) a team who dwelled near the bottom of the power rankings last season, seems to found new life in a fury of offseason moves and trades. SS Fritz Lowe's injury could derail his hot start and deflate the Assault's rise.
  22. Salem (-) - SP Josias Estrella has not taken kindly to Salem as he is being teed off left and right. 11.30 ERA.
  23. Monterrey (-) - INF Sam Miller's leash is off this year and he's back to his old thieving ways. Watch for him to steal 50+ this season.
  24. Minnesota (-) - all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average. The baseball team though might not quite live up to that standard
  25. St. Louis(-) Gerald Monroe (1), Spike Meusel(2) and Stephan Driefort (5) are among the league leaders in Strikeouts, a situation which needs to be corrected soon.
  26. Kansas City (-) – CL Jose Jose although he has not gotten much of a chance this season has shown little life left in his multi-million dollar arm.
  27. Las Vegas (-) – it always scares me when the man of glass (Vinny Hernandez) is a team's leading AB man and counted on so heavy in an offense. He's to hoping his bionic body can hold up to a full season of wear and tear.
  28. Louisville (-) - Happy Gilmore said it best " stop staring at me Swan"
  29. Durham (–) RP Luis Carrasco has never found much success pitching in Durham this season is no exception in 8 IP he has given up 22 hits and 12 runs for an ERA of 15.43
  30. Burlington (-) – LF Fergie Ryan's Torn Ligament might destroy an otherwise promising career. 80+ stolen bases over the past season and half and a preseason injury might take a good chunk of his speed for the future. He will see next spring how he adapts.
  31. Florida (-) – Looking for pitching help with a team ERA of 6.40 they have identified the issue.
Toronto (-)
  1. - Could be considered an abandoned franchise- 2 years in a row this is getting bad. Team ERA of 20.83 and Clarence Patrick still pitches here.

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