Friday, March 26, 2010

10 Questions with Mile High Club GM Fregoe

Q: It has been 7 long season since Colorado has been relevant in the NL, What has management done to turn things back around for good in Colorado?
Well..... I made a ton of mistakes during my first few seasons. I over extended my player payroll and my scouting was terrible. It didn't help that my draft picks were in way towards the end of the first round. So late picks and terrible scouting is a recipe for disaster. I paid big contracts to veterans and it cost me. Once I realized this it was too late. I knew I would stay with this team for some time so I decided to try and make one more run and then take my time fixing the mess I created. So it has taken me some time to rebuild but I fully expect to be in contention soon. I have a very nice stockpile of young talent and through trading and minimal Free Agency I should be able to make Colorado relevant again soon. I actually should have waited a season a two before I moved some of my players to the big leagues but I also felt that it was the right thing to do.

Q: What has been your proudest moment with the Mile High Club? What has been your biggest regret?

A: I have a ton of regrets. Trading away Edgardo Almanzar has to be right up there. I also probably should have waited one more season before I moved up White and Martin.

My proudest moment has to be the WS even though it did cost my minor leagues dearly. Vic Mullins be inducted in the HOF was also pretty sweet. Lucas Martin might make it up into the list as well. Oh and when my pitching staff was I think top 10 or close in Colorado one year. I was very proud of that.

Q: The Move to Omaha, How much did that effect Vic Mullen and the Murder Rows statistics being outside the thin air?
Well I made that move when Vic was for all intensive purposes done.... I made the move because I was going to make a change of philosophy and try and play Def and focus on pitching. Then I realized I could still do that in Colorado and moved back.

Q: Which Mile High Club player, past or present, have the fans in Colorado been most fond of, and why?
Vic Mullins has to be the man here, However some other fan favorites have been - John Overby, George Harding, Mateo Johnson, Diego Santigo, Trinidad Beltran, and Luther Mathews. Mullins was just a stud and he came to play every day. He looked to hit bombs but most importantly he wanted to win and he helped he young guys.
Overby was the ACE.... When he started we sold out the place every time.
Now I fully expect
Lucas Martin, Terry White, Delino Frias, and Yorvit Vincente to be add this list if I can keep them all in Colorado somehow.

Q: Which Mile High Club player, past or present, the fans have the highest hopes for, only to have them dashed by poor performance?
A: Pretty much every pitcher I bring up to early... ha-ha one guy I would say maybe fits this question might be Diego Santiago. Even though he was a huge part of our early success his injuries really limited his success and had a huge impact on his numbers.

Q: Which NL team do you consider to be your biggest rival?
A: This is a very simple question. The New York Burros. He always has a great team. He constantly trades away vets and keeps his payroll super low. It's a great strategy I just don't like it when it comes at the expense of new owners. It hasn't been as bad lately but I also haven't been paying too much attention to all the trades that are going on either.
I know he will take exception to this but just the way I see it. But I also have to tip my hat to him for getting it done season after season.

Q: What prospect in your system do you have the highest hopes for?
A: HAHA they are already in the Majors..... Martin, White, Vincente, and starters Royce Hurst and Steve O'Malley. In the minors I really need to Jose Pena to become a big league CF. I have a few young potential defense studs with no bats at SS that I would like to see become relevant for the big squad.

Q: What players on your team (past/present) have had the best nicknames?
Vic "muscles" Mullins, Clarence "Judge" Thompson, Luther "Lucifer" Mathews

Q: What player on your team has the best theme music?
Vic Mullins.... Simply the Best

Q: In closing, please list the players who have played on your team that you feel are Hall of Fame worthy?
Edgardo Alamanzar, George Harding, Trinidad Beltran, I know John Overby will never get in but I would love to see him there. Maybe even Aaron Stone... he never played full time but he hit the shit out of the ball. Maybe Mateo Johnson should get a look.

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