Saturday, March 13, 2010

Power rankings Ryan Week 3

  1. Wichita (1) – Sp Alex Wang could sit the rest of the season and still win the Cy Young in the AL he has been that good. 19-1 1.91 ERA. RATING 566
  2. Toledo (2.) Albert Frazier should get meet auto nomination status this week to the Hall with his 500th HR. He just needs 1 more. RATING 521.5
  3. New York (NL) (3)– The Question that haunts me, does NY give Trenidad Beltran a chance to play in the Bigs when rosters expand so he can add to his career leading hit total (2611) before he surely retires? Rating 508.25
  4. Cheyenne (6) –Kiki Sota collected Win #200 this past week, welcome to the club. Member #4. Chris Durbin should collect his 10 stolen bases this week and break career base 1000. RATING 486.75
  5. Madison (9 ) Moving steadily up the charts, but hardly overpowering anyone, relief pitching has been far from stable and could could cost the team in the playoffs. RATING 473.75
  6. Colorado Springs (11) The Bullpen situation still concerns me. How does York Bradford blow 7 saves and still have an era under 4? . RATING 453.
  7. Philadelphia (4) Heres a good indicator that your team is in trouble
    RATING 429.395
  8. Salem (8) - 1B Thomas Campbell has hashed out one of the most underrated Hall of Fame career's ever imagined. He has silently won 2 MVPs 5 All star nods, and a few silver Slugger awards. This season I would expect him to add a gold glove for his 1st base playmore than 50% of your starts are not quality starts for the pitchers.
    RATING 429.375
  9. Austin (10) in the wake of one of Austin's best seasons Calvin Coco is having his worst season. He should recover and really could be the final push for the playoffs. –RATING 411.875
  10. Chicago (12) This might be the best fielding infield the league has seen in a long time each guy has plus plays and limited Errors you need to beat this team with legitamate offense everyday. RATING 408.875
  11. Memphis (7) – Devistating arm injury to starting pitcher Elvis Borland might spell the end forMemphis's great season. They now rest their hopes on unproven rookie Wilson Dolan. RATING 399.5
  • Florida (5) – SP Albert Maurer is pitching like a man possessed, he's 15-5 with a 3.35 ERA for the season well exceeding his career numbers.RATING 393.875
  • Colorado (14) - RP Andres Osuna still has not played himself out of a job. He's 3-4 with a 10+ era. RATING 382.5
  • Las Vegas (17) – Vinny Hernandez, makes the most intrigueing case for the Hall of Fame of anyone who sits on the fence. Injuries derailed him from superstardom but here he sits in the top 50 of almost every statistical category. (He's 58 in HR). He has been a silver slugger 1 time and never an all-star. Let the debate begin. RATING 379.5
  • Monterrey (23) – The Metro's are in desperate need of pitching help. Their Pen is so shallow that they have had to lean on guys like Felipe Gabriel and Alfredo Feliz who have no business getting quality innings in Pro Ball.. RATING 352.625
  • Norfolk (13) –C Tori Hanson has been a nice suprise in his 3 seasons he averages no less than 20 hrs and 70 RBIRATING 336.625
  • Columbus (16) STEROID ALERT: 1B Bo Glanville has taken his game to another level this season batting 50 points higher than his career average and already closing in on his Career high HR totals. RATING 313.875
  • Milwaukee(18)- A number of big trades before the deadline and this is a new look team, bt have they addressed their issues in Milwaukee, as the season drags on we will see. RATING 300.375
  • New York(AL) (15)- only 1 season removed from a 40+ save effort for Wichita Luther Matthews looks to be a shadow of his former self battling a near 8 ERA and 2 for 5 in save situations. RATING 298.375
  • Salt Lake City (21). 3 starting pitchers have been lost to injury in the past 2 weeks, there goes this feel good story, still looking like a pretty job turn around job for a noob. RATING 279.875
  • Texas (25) – Offensive has been very dry as indicated by Part-timer Eric Ford almost leading the team in offense this season. The Sparkplug to the offense should not be a guy in his twilight. RATING 259
  • Kansas City (20) – 10 more RBI and Freddie Reynolds makes 2000 career RBIs RATING 255.625
  • Pittsburgh(19) 3B Shaggy Inglett's jump from Rookie ball to ML action has not gone as smnoothly as hoped. He has struggled in the field in the tune of 23 erros and a 93% fielding record. He has also struggled at the plate and running the field. On this team the learning curve will be sharp. RATING 245.5
  • Washington D.C. (26) –Winning at home and losing on the road, Washington needs to straighten out those road whoas if they want to continue above .500 RATING 243.125
  • Montgomery(24) The Papers in Montgomery are all over Ace Francis Charlton who after a mini meltdown sports a 4.21 ERA with a OBA of .273 –RATING 235.125
  • Louisville (27) – 1B Stubby Wilson will probably never win many awards but what he gives a team is one hell of an effort at the plate. IN everyday action he is on pace for 30 HR and 100 RBI all while batting near .300 on the season. RATING 231.75
  • Minnesota (22) - CF Nicky Stewart is having a fine softmore season projecting to career highs in almost every statistical category. He has been a reason for the team's near .500 record. RATING 216.875
  • Burlington (28) – SS Steven Jenner's injury forces the Storms hands and makes them play defensive stud Brent Shefield for the next week. Jenner has never been one for superior hitting but he does seem to provide a solid offensive spark that they now lack. RATING 204.125
  • St. Louis (29) – The pitching has shown such poise in st. Louis they keep the games so close, but the Offense has been beyond lackadazical. They might look to shake up the order some to find a spark. RATING 147.5
  • Durham (30) All and all I don't believe the pitching is as bad as they have performed I think more likely they are being asked to pitching over their limits. In limited pitch counts Graham Green and Carter Warden have had past success. RATING 129.75
  • Atlanta (31). Plain and simple D'Angelo Cervantes should not be a starting Shortstop, I'm not sure he should be a starting Left fielder. RATING 75
  • Toronto(32)- It is looking like we needed to replace the replacement owner from lack of interest. Sad state of affairs in Toronto, The new owner has been aggressively moving players and trying to field a competitive team resulting in a winning week. RATING 38.25
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