Saturday, March 27, 2010

Power Rankings week 4

  1. Wichita (1) – Everyone should be watching Edgar Tarraga as he might be the 1st member of the 50/50 club in Ryan league history. he needs 5 Hr and 5 Stolen Base to do it. Magic Number 3
  2. New York (NL) (3)– SP Sam Terry wins ROY last season as a utility pitcher. This season he steps up to be pretty close to the premier pitcher in the NL. Credit Pitching Coach Calvin Moore who has a 92 Pitch IQ. Magic Number 4
  3. Toledo (2.) Hal Buchanan once again is having a career year silently as Alex Wang runs away with the Cy Young. Buchanan might never et HOF consideration because of his reletive high ERA 3.92. Career 4+ in Madison, but he should get a few good looks. Magic Number 16
  4. Cheyenne (4) – Chris Durbin's consecutive streak of 8 straight 100 stolen base seasons is under threat with 30 games left he is sitting at 75 Stolen Bases. Watch for him to try to steal a few extra in the coming weeks. Magic Number 22
  5. Colorado Springs (6) Hi Telgheder still has not won a Cy Young this might be his year. if he gets over 20 wins he should be a lock over NY's Sam Terry. Magic Number 21.
  6. Memphis (11) – An Injury to cleanup man Kimera Newman hurt the team, but it comes at a good time as Memphis moves to a 11 game divisional lead and should be a lock for the playoffs. A rested and Angry power man is a good thing come playoff time. Magic Number: 19
  7. Madison (5 ) using the Jim Leyland School of managing by resting all his stars every other day for the playoffs. If they arn't to careful they might rest their way out of the final playoff spot in the AL Magic Number 23
  8. Salem (8) - Tough Week on the road with NY, Florida and Austin. They have a tentative hold on the last spot in the playoffs and really need to show up against these teams. Magic Number 27
  9. Austin (9) –Here they sit 10 games out of a playoff spot, every resourse I have says they are better than their record. This might be an uphill climb, but I think Austin barring injury can make it in this season. Tragic Number 20
  10. New York(AL) (19)- Reletively easy road week ahead with Durham, Montgomery and Texas. New York should be in good position going into the home stretch. Magic Number: 22
  11. Chicago (10) . Clarence Morgan is working on 4 more stolen bases to record his first 30/30 season. Magic Number 24
  12. Philadelphia (7) Philadelphia has follen apart in recent weeks, They were once a lock for the playoffs and now sit on the outside looking in. this week will be crutial against Norfolk, Florida and Cheyenne. They need to take those series . Tragic Number 25
  13. Columbus (17) The NL MVP race is the most difficult race there is right now. 4 of the 5 candidates can make a great case for themselves and it really might come down to who best propels their team into the playoffs and beyond. Magic Number 28

  14. Florida (12) – Florida has been riding career seasons for Albert Mauer and Pedro Escobar and their young talent. This is not their season. Cracks are starting to show as the rest of the rotation is beinging to falter around them. Tragic Number 24
  15. Colorado (13) - 2B Lucas Martin is 7 Hr shy of the 40/50 club. Quite a great acomplishment for a 22 year old Tragic Number 14
  16. Las Vegas (14) – 10 different players have started a game for Las Vegas 9 of which have started more than 10 games. Hopefully they can find consistancy in the starting unit for a playoff drive. Tragic Number 22
  17. Texas (21) – CL Benito Cortez saves 23 out of 32 games not only loses the closer job, but is sent to AAA. Harsh treatment for a potential rookie of the year. Tragic Number 27
  18. Montgomery (25) – CL Luis Camacho has 8 blown saves and is walking as many as he strikes out. This has to be the last season of the Roller Coaster closing games. Tragic Number 27
  19. Norfolk (16) – If Norfolk gets to .500 on the season, the league needs to recognize this season as a success for a franchise that has been so bad for so long. If they hold on to their GM this team could be one of the better in the lauge in a few seasons. Tragic Number 15
  20. Milwaukee(18)- Most likely the streakiest team in the National League. One week they are throwing down 10 wins in a row the next week they are struggling to get a hit. The Blues always seem to be at the crossroads of greatness only to be splashed on the side of the road as Philadelphia and columbus drive right by. Tragic Number 20
  21. Pittsburgh(23) Why Pedro Seguignol is not in Cy Young Discussion is beyond me. He's a guy whose on a .500 team with a 15-3 record and a sub 2 era. HE'S ALL-DECADE FOR GODSAKE! Tragic Number 21
  22. Washington D.C. (24) –Huge injury for Washington as Josh Vitiello goes down hard on his leg, HIs hamstring injury might cost him some speed and baserunning in the long run, but next season his bat should still be strong. Washington could use him for their push to the Playoffs this season.. Tragic Number 24
  23. Salt Lake City (20). Starting to get their health back, but it is to late this season. They just need to have a good showing at this point and work to get Mike Crummack the exposure he needs to take the AL Rookie of the Year award.Tragic Number 16
  24. Kansas City (22) – LF Al Astacio's speed has not translated well into his 30's his Stolen bases have droped to almost 1/2 and his caught stealing percentage has almost doubled. Still 2 years left and 12 million dollars on his contract. Scary thoughts for the new season. Tragic Number 18
  25. Burlington (28) – Pretty similar to last season's team, but the records are polar opposites, they just can't seem to win the close games and struggle against opponents they should win eveytime against.Tragic Number: 16
  26. Monterrey(15) Monterrey is 3 moves away from winning this division next season. The talent is around. They make a play in Free Agency to the right guys and they might be hard to beat. Magic Number: 17
  27. Minnesota (27) - Minesota has a pitching staff which befuddles me, They should perform much better than they are and their is no rhyme or reason to their poor performances. Tragic Number 16
  28. Louisville (26) – Franchise history lesson, This team has never had a winning record in its history. It is unlikely that thins season things will change. Tragic Number 26
  29. St. Louis (29) – RF Gelald Monroe is 1 home run from the 20/20 club all while leading the league in strikeouts and batting .215 could be the hardest fought 20/20 ever. Tragic Number: 20
  30. Durham (30)- Durham is the Cubs of Ryan, They have the team that should be able to win games, they have the proven coaching. They just don't win. the only identifiable issue is extreme player fatigue, but still. Tragic Number: 6
  31. Atlanta (31). Since season 10 I have said this is the team to watch. 5 seasons later I am still watching and waiting. Maybe next season Atlanta Faithful. ELIMINATED FROM PLAYOFFS RATING 75
  32. Toronto(32)- ELIMINATED FROM PLAYOFFS. magic number for the 1st overall pick in season 16 is 10 losses.

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