Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AL EAST/North S13 Preview


Hartford Ascension milbredhawk 76-86 (1st) 52M (+34M) 32.9M cap Space. Key Adds: LF Jin Lee (minors) SP Harry Ortiz (14-8 159so 3.40) P Geoff Basile (rule 5) LF Kyle Raymond (rule 5) RP Eddie Jackson (rule 5) Key Subtractions: SS Kid Tannehill (defensive backup) LF Ivan Gonzalez (defensive backup) RP Eduardo Castillo (5-4 2sv 96so 6.96) SP Jake Becker (10-14 127so 5.33) RP Willis Daniels (3-3 2sv 4.54) RP Willie Gonzalez (2-0 3.86) RP Wesley Matthews (12-3 2sv 87so 6.06) Summary: The lineup is stacked with superstar under 28 years old talent. Jin Lee joins all-stars Matthew Hurst, Calvin Lui, Dennis Lockwood and Clarence Morgan. The rotation is still lacking a proven arm behind Ace Harry Ortiz. Farmhands Doug Evans and Jose Blasco could step into the rotation right now, and contribute.

Burlington Ice Storm tbarden 74-88 (2nd) 87M (-1M) 4.2M Cap Space Key Adds: DH Julian Haynes (rule 5) SP Mark Russell (rule 5) SP Michael Owen (6-10 122so 5.52) Key Subtractions: CF Darrell Richardson (.261 8hr 61rbi) SP Norm Eckenstahler (0-3 6.34) SP Lucas Neagle (13-11 162so 3.86) SP Albert Telford (11-13 150sb 4.51) Summary: SS Steven Jenner, CF Johnny Stroud and LF Pedro Osuna lead the charge on offense. The Ice Storm is not have issues with scoring, but might lack the ability to stop others from scoring on them. Burlington will miss the steady arms of Neagle and Telford and will come up short barring a trade to bring an established ace back into Burlington.
Record: 71-91

Washington D.C. old school warriors Mjdolloff 45-117 (4th) 70M (+4M) 22.2M cap Space. Key Adds: RP David Montanez (rule 5) 2B Charles McEnroe (minors) LF Josh Vitiello (minors) 1B Trenidad Beltran (.323 16hr 71rbi) RP Henry Banks (minors) P Wilson Marshall (10-5 3sv 87so 4.24), RP Edgardo Vazquez (1-6 4sv 57so 3.81) Key Subtractions: SP Chad Goldman (6-21 119so 6.86) P Joe Mullen (2-5 2sv 6.25) SP Doug Ojala (9-15 6.57) LF Victor Mondesi (.266 19hr 76rbi) LF Luther Oliver (.246 10sb) 2B Ozzie Ono (.263 57rbi) RP Vic Toca (0-1 3sv 6.04) Summary: Rookies CF Heath Peterman and LF Josh Vitiello will be getting their knocks this season. Both are stars in waiting who will be asked to lead the charge in Washington. Outside of the dynamic Dou the offense is drab. 1B Trenidad Beltran is a swadow of his former self but will provide the team consistency. The pitching is still below average but shows improvement with the addition of Marshall to the Rotation over Goldman
Record: 70-92

Durham Bulls bigalric 56-106 (3th) 68M (-14M) 1.8M cap Space. Key Adds: RP Geronimo Rosado (rule 5) RP Willis Daniels (3-3 2sv 4.54) Key Subtractions: SP Will Gonzales (6-13 5.54 111so) SP Enrique Saez (5-9 5.70 100so) SP Bob Hines (0-12 7.58 78so) RP Clarence Adams (4-3 5.03) Summary: The team as a whole is unchanged from last season. A ho-hum team which lacks a current all-star the future looks brighter in a few seasons with Prospects 3B Theodore Grace and 2B Germany Barker next season charging the offense . Prospect Horace Walton might be an upgrade to the rotation right now. With SP Dan Riedling the closest thing they have to an ace. Record: 51-111


Toledo Holy factorganize 103-59 (1st) 71M (+2M) 2.3M Cap Space Key Adds: SP Hal Buchanan (10-10 114so 4.99) CF Stubby Cyr (.281 41hr 126rbi 14sb) RP David Suzuki (rule 5), RP Al Martinez (rule 5) Key Subtractions: 1B Lee Adkins (.280 25hr 85rbi), SP Michael Owen (6-10 122so 5.52) SS Aubrey Kell (22hr 81rbi), 2B Tyler Sele (14hr 47rbi) Summary: solidified an already strong team with the addition of all-star bat Cyr and former Cy Young Winner Buchanan. Both upgrades over the guys before them. This is still a team of constant flux don't be surprised to see it shaken up again for no reason. Team is already a young talented contender
Record: 105-57.

New York Bombers Bernie10025 102-60 (2nd) Wild Card 93M (+4M) 2.5M Cap Space Key Adds: RP Jeromy Jefferies (9-3 7sv 4.15) Key Subtractions: RP Robert Sefcik (3-3 1sv 3.76), RP David Perez (0-1 1sv 4.76) Summary: The hitting features 3 all-stars all under the age of 28 in 3B Max Mills, 2B Carlos Feliz, and CF Jason Tankersley. The pitching staff is all back and should continue to excel. They should again be in a battle for the Division with Toledo Record:101-61

Madison Massa's btkantz 99-63 (3rd) DCS Winner 84M (-5M) 10.1M Cap space. Key Adds: SP Benito Lee (17-4 118so 4.55) Key Subtractions: LF Dave Stovall (12hr 50rbi 5sb) CL Ellis Watson (6-6 39sv 3.76) 3B Glenn Osik (14hr 33rbi) 3B Scott Biddle (.278 12hr 71rbi), CF Walter O'Brien (.263 11hr 51rbi) P D'Angelo Mercedes (7-6 84so 5.46), SP Hal Buchanan (10-10 114so 4.99) Summary: gone are former all-stars Watson and Buchanan. In are Tarrik Mcgee and Bento lee, bith downgrades over their predisessors. The Massa's lean heavy on their offense which is driven by all-star 3B Craig Cooper. 1B Casey Kaline as been a career Massa and should continue the season scrapping out the hits. The guys behind the Dish though struggled to get through a complete season and depened on Scott Biddle to get a spot start on occasion, Without Biddle there may be an issue..
Record: 93-69

Fargo Fevola's themagicman1 64-98 (4th) 85M (+9M) 8.4M Cap Space Key Adds: SS Vic Gil (43hr 117rbi) Key Subtractions: SP Cecil Smart (7-15 132so 4.92) SS D.T. Hutch (10hr 29rbi) Summary: Upgraded the offense at SS with the addition of Gil at short. The bullpen is one of the better in the Al North with Wade Hammonds and Artie Luebbers eating up a lot of innings. They will need to be on their game because the starters outside of Marty Hooper are extremely weak. The offense will struggle to score enough to overcome the leaky pitching. Prospects SP Harvey Harville and C Trenidad Beltre might be ready to add some depth, but they are far from the answer in Fargo.
Record: 63-99

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