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Season 13 NL WEST/NL South Preseason Projections

Season 13 NL WEST Preseason Projections

Cheyenne Marmots djgaffer (9th season) 101-61 (1st) Divison title. 71M (-10M) 7.5M cap room Key adds: Key Subtractions: SP Brady Forest (5-4 3.89 64so) CF Tsuyoshi Gonzales (.294 11hr 63rbi) 1B Adrian Cassidy (.327 68hr 163rbi) Summary: lost their big bopper cassidy without adding anyone to take the big swings to the lineup. This gaping hole in the lineup will greatly reduce the teams output and put pressure on the aging starting rotation. Kiki Soto is a year more wild, but still an effective pitcher. The Marmot might be a team on the verge and a tough one for ownership they are good enough to compete, but are they good enough to win the league? Tough choice to me made if they sell now or buy the big bat they now lack. Chris Durbin's speed will be an asset either way.
Record: 91-71

Colorado Springs Organizational Filler voteforlou (9th season) 97-65 (2nd) LCS Winner. 63M (+16M) 11.9M cap room. Key adds:SS Aubrey Kell (.269 22hr 81rbi) Key Subtractions: SS Vic Gil (.238 43hr 117rbi) RP Santiago Frias (6.00 6sv 29so) 1B Steven Beimel (.307 13hr 67rbi) Summary: Last season's suprise team traded their star SS for another key defensive SS in Kell. They lose some offensive, but have abetter defensive option now. The starting rotation is one to be proud of with Ismael Perez a year better. Add him to Hi Telgheder and you have a potent 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation. 3B Walt Harris will be asked to contribute a big bat in his rookie season and should be able to hold a start position for years to come. This is a young and able team who has World series experience to boot. They get in a groove and watch out
Record: 104-58

San Diego Surf liamsar (10th season) 83-79 (3rd) 85M (+15M) 10.1M cap room. Key additions: RP Ramon Lim (Minors) P Eugene Norton (rule 5), DH Terrell Welch (.336 36hr 97rbi Key Subtractions: RP Frank Figueroa (7-9 6.32 66so) Cl Enrique Martin (30/39SV 5.21), RP Cedrick Kinney (4-1 6.27), CF Felipe Ortiz (.221 10sb) Summary: They have the cap room to add 1 more star level player. The team's bullpen took a huge hit in the off-season with the loss of Closer Martin. Ramon Lim is a borderline Major Leaguer. The offense is led by veteran Thomas Campbell and all-star SS Roosevelt Murphy. The Surf need one more solid bat to compliment these guys if they hope to score big in this league.
Record: 84-78

Colorado Mile High Club
Fregoe (13th season) 45-117 (4th) 46M (-10M) 5.8M cap room. Key adds: 2b Max Leary (rule 5) LF Norberto Romero (rule 5) Key Subtractions: DH Vic Mullens (525 career Hrs) RP Arthur Mattes (3-9 10.62) 3B Rod Lewis (.264 23hr 81rbi) C Alex Lee (.272 13hr 59rbi) 2B Roscoe Coleman (.289 14hr 41rbi) SP Jose Rijo (4-15 6.40 113so) RF Marc Brown (.306 6hr 36rbi) Summary: Ownership has declared this the last season of suffering for colorado fans. With the ghosts of stars past (mullens and Lewis) gone the team can start to move forward. The minors are stockpiled with top 10 picks from the past 5 seasons. For this season Albert Montanez should provide the pop to Jim Walker's speed. Max Leary should get regular time at 2B , as he is an ex-1st rounders picked up in the rule 5. Pitching is still going to struggle and will need a close eye to be competitive.
Record: 61-101

NL South Preseason projections

Richmond Revolution holer (7th season) 85-77 77M (+20M) 7.2M cap space. Key adds: NONE Key subtractions: NONE Summary: Stayed put in the off-season and brought back the S12 team as a whole. Nipsy Diaz is better and will fuel the offense along with all-star Robert Shultz. The team is young and full of talent, but still might not be at the next level. Should be a playoff team this season
Record: 90-72

Santa Fe Blaze Howlnwolf73 (2nd Season) 86-76 (1st) Division title 109M (+3M) 31.1M Cap room. Key Adds: SP Doug Tobin 8-8 4.66 108so RP Livan Pichardo 3-0 3sv 7.13 46so 1B Scot Bowman (.299 31hr 97rbi 11sb) SS Bip Williams( .296 17hr 10sb), RP Jesse Clark (8-8 10sv 3.48) Key subtractions: SP Pedro Seguignol (11-8 187so 3.10) RP J.R. Mabry (5-4 6.99 28so) 2B Ray Stanley (.263 36sb), LF Damian Lemon (.26517hr 62rbi 12sb) SP Howard Handworth (7-5 4.10 81so), C Al Mesa (.311 4hr 44rbi) CF Damion Eldred (.292 32sb), RP Carter Warden (7-3 3.86 56so), P Matt O'Malley ( 36Sv 4.95), RP Chris Murphy(4-2 6.43) Summary: Gave the radio sports talk guys a lot to talk about in the off-season by trading away all-star ace Seguignol and ace closer O'Malley. Obviously the team assessed ts position and saw a need to move to a younger team and plan for the future. Although the team is not void of talent they will struggle without their all-stars.
Record: 76-86

Florida Sting Ray shanmeg (13th season) 76-86 (3rd) 90M (-2M) 10.6 Cap Space. Key adds: RP Santiago Frias (4-5 6sv 6.00), RP David Perez (01- 4.73), SP Howard Handworth (7-5 4.10 81so) Key Subtractions: RP Sherm Taylor (5-8 6.65) RP Pepe Manuel (3-1 4sv 5.27) SP Jose Rojas (8-8 6sv 6.14 88so), 1B Wilfredo Sanchez (.252 12hr 55rbi Summary: Freddie Reynolds started slow in Florida, but finally lived up to his potential and will again this season, hitting behind Candy Zoltan will help the offense chug along, but it might not be enough. The rotation is weak in a pitching league and will not hold many offensive powers off the bases. The bullpen has built up nicely around Closer Stan Mason giving the 6 inning before the bullpen comes out will be the challenge.
Record: 80-82

Mexico City Dapper Sombrero Gents
umrminer11 (1st season) 75-87 (4th place) 105M (+30M) 26M cap space Key adds: LF Mark Pan (minors) SP Will Gonzales (6-13 111so 5.54) Key Subtractions: RP Junior Hara (8-4 2sv 6.34) Summary: Only improved the team in the off season. Hara was no longer a ML quality pitcher and Gonzales will give more in the rotation. The team as a whole can hit led behind LF Chris Dwyer, 3B Aaron Holt, and Rod Sierra. They do lack clear power and will need to manufacture runs in this system to win games. Pitching is also in short order beyond Corey Webb the team has a huge drop off in talent.
Record: 79-83

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