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NL North/ NL East Season 13 Preview


New York Burros pullmeafredo (13th season) 112-50 (1st DCS Winner) 39M (+10M) 2.4M Cap Space. Key Adds: SP Pedro Seguignol (11-8 167so 3.10) RP Alfredo Feliz (0-1 5.40) RP Rich Lloyd (8-3 5sv 4.97), 2B Andrew Grilli (rule 5)Key Subtractions: SS Bip Williams (17hr 79rbi 10sb .296) 1B Scot Bowman(31hr 97rbi 11sb), SP Harry Ortiz (14-8 159so 3.40) RP (1-4 5 sv)Summary: A perrential powerhouse in the Nation League. The team stays young and talented year after year. Seguignol was a steal and a new Ace for the Dominant Burro’s rotation. Add in all-stars Ryan Perry and Shayne Nagy and they have a formable rotation to face any team. Cl Kevin Burke returns to slam the door with newcomer Feliz working the set-up. Offensively the team traded away a lot of firepower in Bowman and Williams, but should be able to compensate with the development of SS Louis Matos and 2B Bret Sager
Record: 110-52

Iowa City KAMIKAZES cliff357 (2nd Season) 77-85(3th) 80M (-18M) 4.7M cap space. Key Adds: SS Willie Tavarez (rule 5), 2B Jay Blum (rule 5), ss (Haywood Wynn (minors), C Tori Hanson (minors) RP Raymond Kielty (minors), RP Livan Campos (minors) RP Jose Rojas (8-8 6sv89so 6.14), SP Lucas Neagle (13-11 162 3.86), SP Gary Whiteside (12-12 154 4.61) SP Carlos Fuentes (8-8 4sv 107so 4.87), 1B Charles Coles (14hr 57rbi) Key Subtractions: RP Rolando Fernandez (7-6 5 sv 3.73) SP Bump Ford (3-14 5.71)RP Rich Lloyd (8-3 5sv 4.97) CL Derrick Fisher (28sv) Summary: Cleared out the bullpen and brought in a number of mid range starters to fill the gaps in the rotation. Fuentes, Whiteside and Neagle should all be upgrades for the rotation. Iowa will need to sendone of their starters to the pen to work late in games and close them out, who is not determined. The offense has the improving Brad Finnessey to build around in Center and two young backstops to work with including solid hitting Tori Hanson.
Record: 82-80

Pittsburgh Rolla Miners Threester (1st Season) 101-61 (2nd) Wild Card 114M (+1M) 21.5M cap Space. Key Adds: 1B Jordan Williamson (7hr 28rbi) RP Vic Toca (0-1 3sv 6.04), RP Antonio Lo(3-5 1sv)2B Livan Pascual( rule 5), 2B Herman Chance (rule 5), P Alan Chambers (rule5) Key Subtractions: Rp Chris Sears(3-1 6sv), RP RP Alan Stynes (3-1 4sv 3.64), RP Jeromy Jefferies (9-3 7sv), Rp Edgardo Vazquez (1-6 4sv), RF Cy Robinson (31hr 71rbi), CF Andre Thornton (10hr 41rbi) P Pablo Espinosa (5-4 4sv), P Wilson Marshall (10-5 3sv), DH Terrell Welch (.337 36hr 91rbi), SP Carlos Fuentes (8-8 4sv 107so 4.87), Summary: 13 men on the 25 man roster means a lot of holes to fill and not much on Free Agency to do that. Aging stars Julian Bonilla, Clarence Thompson, Jung Miyakazi and Don Perry will be asked to provide the offense at the start of the season., but I would not count on many of them being around through the trade deadline. This is team moving in a fresh direction and to do so means cleaning out the veterans and restocking the depleted minors.
Records: 70-92

Atlanta Braves warrior0510 (13th season) 74-88 (4th) 80M (-10M) 1.3M cap space. Key Adds: P Blake Blair (rule 5) Key Subtractions: SP Matt Dougherty (7-14 132SO 4.98) Summary: Shayed put in the off season, not adding much to the team, but losing a quality arm in Dougherty, Atlanta needs to make a move. The Offense will sputter behind Eugene Walker and Albert Gonzalez. They need one more premier bat to solidify the center of the lineup. Team will have a down season and could end up selling of pieces with the next classof prospects 2 seasons away.
Record: 65-97


Cincinnati Bowties kmueller (11th season) 96-66 (1st) 104M (NC) 17.8M Cap Space. . Key Adds: SS Alex Sanchez (rule 5), SS Pete Diggins (rule 5)Key Subtractions: P Matthew Pride (11-4 74so 4.88), SS Hades Sedlacek (.233), P Charlie Patterson(1-0 4.88), 1B Sean Fryman(17hr 63rbi), P Torey Samuel (5-10 5.82) Summary: Pitching is still intact, but the loss of Pride will be felt. The bowties have been extremely quiet in the offseason. They need to bring in 1 quality arm from free agency. The offense is in place with C Brent Sheets and 2B Carlos Hernandez. The team has still 3 more spot to fill out the 25 man roster and will need to look at bringing in a defensive minded role player and one more big bat to possible stay on top of this division.
Record: 89-73

Milwaukee Blue Stockings jweiland (6th season) 74-88 (3rd) 50M (-1M) 1.6M Cap Space. Key Adds: C Kenneth Beirne (potentially blind)SS Tyler O'Neill(rule 5) Cl Matt O'Malley (36sv 4.95) Key Subtractions: P Tori Walker(1-5 6.52) RP Doug Perry(3-2 9sv), Cl Enrique Martin (30Sv 5.21) C Rudy Shouse (.216) 3B Dennis Robinson(.299 2hr 24rbi) Summary: The roster is set with a youthful and quality starting pitching staff and a well grounded bullpen with the additions of closers Martin and O’Malley. The pitching is much improved., The outfield trio of Arthur Worthington, Harvey Carson, and Scott Clarke. Still a few holes in the lineup, but they should have no shortage of run support this season.
Record: 86-78

Chicago Pride ggd1022 (2nd season) 31-131 (4th). 91M (+10M) 1M Cap Space. . Key Adds: SP Albert Telford (11-13 150so 4.51) SS A.J. Gabriel (.171) SP Steven Latham (1-2 4.33) SP Graham Green (13-6 151SO 4.49) SP Sherm Taylor (5-8 109so 6.65) SP Vladimir Rodriguez (13-11 158so 4.35) CL Ellis Watson (6-6 39SV 3.73) RP Cesar Mendoza (9-8 7sv 2.85), C Rudy Shouse (.216) 2B Vicente Montanez (15hr 59rbi 21sb) P Jose Astacio (4-2 4.71) RP Frank Figueroa (7-9 1sv 6.32) LF Bernie Martinez(rule 5), P Billy Rizzo (rule 5), C Kyle White (rule 5), SS Fausto Diaz (rule 5) , 2B Wally Kennedy (rule 5), 2B Rube Hebert (rule 5) CF Al Rincon (minors) CF Tony Ordaz (rule 5) Key Subtractions: SP Bump Loiselle (0-3 5.51)SP Kelvim Sellers (2-4 2.71) SP Harry Silva(3-14 3.71) 2B Mac Parkinson (.270 7hr), C Jacob Kwon (22hr 65rbi), SS Joel Murphy (94 hits .288) RP Joey Dispenza (3-5 8sv 15.18) SP Sean Washington (3-5 5.12) SP Cookie Benitez (4-15 5.68) Summary: The Pride shook things up in the off-season and lost most of their draft board. They revamped the whole starting rotation bringing in Quality pitchers in Rodriguez, Graham and Telford. They also bettered the bullpen with All star Closer Watson and key setup man Mendoza. Pitching should be strong enough to carry this team for a while this season. The Hitting is led by youngsters 1B Bo Glanville and LF Timothy Sutton. Those two have a short window of opportunity with the aging pitching staff and supporting cast. This will be an expensive season in Chicago and a big cost if these Free Agents fail.
Record: 85-77

Philadelphia Balboas booshie73 (12th season) 76-86 (2nd) 74M (+11M) 7.9M Cap Space. Key Adds: 2B Miguel Bennett (rule 5) Key Subtractions: P Jose Astacio (4-2 4.71) P Timothy Ventura (5-9 6.44), RP Roger McMasters(5-2 8sv)SP Al Brito(2-6 6.47) RP Alan Stynes (3-1 4sv 3.64) Summary: The pitching staff brought in no one new and lost a number of solid relievers. This leaves the pen in the hands of struggling star Babe Rose to close the door in tight games. 3B Javier Martin and SS Wade Price should be able to build on last season’s hitting and compliment 1B Eugene Price’s presence this season. Hitting will not be the issue in Philly. With a decent budget surplus they have room to upgrade through trade or free agency.

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