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season 13 Preview Al West/ Al South

Season 13 AL WEST Preseason Projections

Wichita Sizzlers
zsiegri (7th Season) 111-51 (1st) World Series Champs. 80M Payroll(-8M) 2.1M Cap Room. Key Adds: NONE Key Subtractions: 2B Vicente Montanez(.253 15hr 53rbi 21sb) Summary: Only lost 1 player who played part-time for the world champs. With the 4 horseman in the rotation (Wang, Garcia, Cox, Wright) They will be hard to get to in the early innings. Mathews will slam the door in the late innings. A team would need to get to this team in the middle innings will the limited cap room remaining Wichita is going to have to look to the farm and bring up prospects Brandon Murray and Santiago Valdez to get the game to Mathews. Ubber-Prospect Jose Frias should also see ML time this season and could take a spot in the starting lineup.
RECORD 106-56

Kansas City McCoys raucous (12th season) 87-75 (2nd) Missed playoffs 104M payroll (-4M) 3.6M cap room. Cap Room. Key Adds: 1B Adrian Cassidy (.327 68hr 163RBI) Key Subtractions: CL Charles Hernandez (5.19 27/34 saves) 1B Al Vazquez (.324 22hr 91rbi) Summary::The aquision of Cassidy sealed Vazquez’s departure. With a lineup which will feature All star David Seanez followed by Cassidy and Dude Reed, this will be a formable lineup. The starting Pitching should hold its own, but the bullpen is less than stellar without a tried and true closer.
Record: 89-73

Las Vegas Gamble cjmaxlax (9th season) 85-77 (3rd) 80M (-2M) .9 Million Cap Room. Key Adds: CF Brandon Mercedes(.278 22sb) Key Subtractions: 2B Roosevelt Williams(.258 32sb) C Barney Sheffield(.266 7hr 50rbi) C Al Mesa (.311 4hr 44rbi) LF Kirk Johnson(.328 10hr 14sb) SP Kenny Marte(4-9 5.83 62SO)SP Al Owens(9-7 5.07 106SO) Las Vegas isn’t going to be able to make to many more moves as they are but up against the cap. The team as it stands is not going to win this division, but might compete for a playoff spot. The starting pitching is adequate, but unspectacular and will not win to many games. Del Prieto needs help to make the offense roll and without a lot surround him the offense is going to fizzle.
Record 81-81

Salem Lites repsher (2nd Season) 64-98 (4th) 67M (-25M) 2.7M Cap Room Key Adds: C Fernando Cruz (No ML) SS Carlos Zapata(.226 4hr 19RBI) Key Subtractions: SP Jung Martin (5-13 4.60 113S0) SP Andy Washington(9-10 5.25 136SO) RF Johnny McNeil(.312 25SB) Summary: With 6 open roster spots the team has a number of holes to fill. Zapata is a good option at SS and should fill a deficit there for the season. 2B Sal Myette might be pressed into duty at CF or could be an everyday option at 2B. SP Don Shelby and Bruce Spencer might also get their shot in the majors this season. CL in waiting Neil Young still might be to inexperienced to make the big league jump this year, but he is the best option the team has to shore up the bullpen. With limited cap space the team will not be able to bring in to many FA options to fill the voids
Record: 63-99.

AL SOUTH Preseason Projections

Oklahoma City Chickens
edric (11th season) 108-54 (1st) Division Title 111M (+4M) 3.9 Million Cap Room. Key Adds: NONE Key Subtractions: SP Benito Lee(17-4 4.55 118SO) RP Cesar Mendoza (2.85 7sv 128So) Summary: Potent hitting led by perennial all-stars Matt Shave and Harry Vosberg. As a team the hitting is strong top to bottom. The pitching should also hold its own, but aging Greg Arnold and Francis Charlston are going to have to go deep in games if the team is going to go deep in the playoffs. With 4 slots left on the 25 man roster, the team could still have the room to go after 1 more horse for the rotation or shore up the middle relief with one superstar.
Record 102-60

Louisville Loud Mouths rdorrian (3rd Season) 79-83 (3rd) 80M (-4M) 5.5M Cap Room. Key Adds: P Steve Daniels( rule 5) P Gustavo Redondo(rule 5) Key Subtractions: P Jesus Uribe(5.81 2-2 11SO) 1B Charles Cole(.255 14hr 57rbi) Summary: The additions of Daniels and Redondo are downgrades from Uribe for the pitching, but the Loud Mouths still field a solid rotation and bullpen. The offensive is led by the youthful trio of Ivan Spehr, Sean Swan and Louie Rosario. All are a year older and better. With a wide array of support the team should be able to stay close in games. In a weaker division they could be a playoff team, here they might settle as an 85 win team.
Record: 85-77

San Juan Sixburghs steelforge (2nd Season) 81-81 (2nd) 68M payroll (-17M) .8M cap space. Key Adds: None Key Subtractions: RP Antonio Lo(4.78 49SO) , C Danny Poppell (.248 11hr), RP Ricky Shaw(3.96 4sv 86SO) , LF Delino Ordaz (.296 31hr 94rbi). Summary: Late season's suprise team, San Juan lost a few relievers, but outside of Lo no one super contributor. Stubby Cyr and Aaron Fox are the catilysts for this offense, the Starting pitching should be able to keep the team solid throughout the season, but they still need one more piece for the lineup to move them over the .500 hump. With no cap space they might have to look to the minors and bring up speedster OF Felix Kim

Record: 77-85

St. Louis Rustlers PeteInHall (2nd season) 69-93 (4th) 67M (-12M) 8.7M cap Space. Key Adds: NONE Key Subtractions: RP Don Witte (4.43 4 saves 80SO), SP Alex Delgado(4.41 8-13 109SO), 2B Lance Vernon (.301 32SB 79rbi). Summary: 4 spots still to fill in the majors and some major holes to address. Witte and Delgado are solid contributors that will not returned. With there loss the rotation takes a step backwards. Orlando Frias is every much the closer the team should be building its bullpen on. The bullpen wil be the strength if and when the team hands them the lead. Albert Frasier and Albert Sanchez probably are better suited as trade bait to search for the next great star. Because this will not be the year of the Rustlers. Everyone in the farm is 2 years away they should be targeting prospects in that range.
Record: 61-101.

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