Sunday, August 9, 2009

AL Power Ranking Week 1

1. Wichita Sizzlers (16-4) World Series champs starting off right at the top of the heap, but Luther Matthews seems to lost a little flare already blowing 2 saves (7/9) with a 12.86 era.

2. Toledo Holy (14-6) 2nd best in the AL for pitching, the young starting core has an average age of 25.

3. Hartford Ascension (16-4) chicks dig the long ball. So do most of the Ascension’s wins there will be an issue is the team as pitching needs to catch up. 3-0 Perez has a 6.91 era and Owens sports and 8.08 ERA in 4 starts

4. Madison Massa's (13-7)- perfect 7 and 0 at home, and a miserable 6-7 on the road.

5. Oklahoma City Chickens (11-9) AL’s top pitching team is waiting for the hitting to wake up. Only Shave and Vosberg are hitting around .300 with Superstars DuBose and Olson off to slow starts.

6. New York Bombers (12-8) Outside of Everett Roosevelt, the pitching staff has stumbled off the block, expect that to be short lived.

7. Burlington Ice Storm (10-10) has registered a league low 3 quality starts out of 20

8. Kansas City McCoys (9-11) Cassidy and Seanez have yet to gem. Cassidy is doing his part hitting near .400, but Seanez has not found his killer swing yet.

9. San Juan Sixburghs (10-10) leading the AL in Strikeouts for a pitching staff with an average of 7.5 per game.

10. Las Vegas Gamble (9-11) top hitting team in the league, but still trying to find pitching Constancy to keep up with the high scoring games. Shea Harper the Gamble’s most consistent start is not going to give the team 30+ starts might not even be able to do 25 starts without going to the hill tired.

11. Durham Bulls (9-11) Starting pitching is better than the +5 era they sport, but the hitting is probably not as great as their team .278 BA indicates

12. St. Louis Rustlers (10-10) already has uncorked 7 wild pitches for the season

13. Salem Lites (8-12)- has only knocked in 78 runs as a team an average of under 4 runs a game.

14. Louisville Loud Mouths (6-14)- Hitchcock, Swan,Spehr and Ward are all on pace for 100+ strikeouts. Could be behind a slow start in Louisville.

15. Washington D.C. old school warriors (6-14) SP Darrell Williamson could be the first guy to have back to back 25 loss seasons. P Wilson Marshall is also off to a horrible start with an ERA over 12, but he should warm up and provide some stability in the long relief. 28 errors is the top in the league.

16. Fargo Fevola's (1-19)- A team currently seeking new ownership. The team is not as bad as the record would indicate.. SS Vic Gil still has not broken the starting lineup and 7M a season, I think he is being paid to be the starter. 10 pitchers on the ML roster is going as well as to be expected (8.38 era)

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