Sunday, February 13, 2011

S19 Organizational Fillers Preview

Colorado Springs Organizational Filler

S18 record: 103-59
Finish: First Place, NL West
2010 final payroll: $ 79million
Estimated 2011 opening day payroll: $80 million

Offseason action:

1B Adrian Cassidy is gone after a productive season in CSP, but he wasn't the future just a filler. Joe Wall spent 2 productive years with the fillers, CSP might be sorry not to have him back. Sp Pokey West is also gone. One of the most productive starters in season 18, he signed for a song in CHI 2 year 10.4M. Henry Barrett was retained, he might have been the cheaper option, but he's a step down. CSP also brought in fresh blood DH/1B Todd Scott is a solid hitter, but poor defender. 1B David Tatis was also brought in for competition.

Reality check
All-star Pedro Cela is a dream at the plate, but lacks the defensive prowess in CF, he needs to be moved over the 3rd at this point. Starter at 3B Walt Harris might improve the corner outfield and help the pitchers get more outs. 3rd year 2B Lewis Tucker could also move to the outfield and Cela might see time there as an alternative. CSP should organize his team around Cela if they want to succeed again. LF Manuel Gonzalez isn't going anywhere and powers a lot of offense from his spot in the order and field. Jesse Walton still has the skill to be the starter in RF, The best solution might be a trade to get an elite CF'er for the team.

Ismael Perez still is one of the more effective pitchers in the NL, lacks the strikeout punch and holes in the defense have kept him from reaching his potential. SP Henry Barrett was brought back to be a starter, but is a better choice for the pen as a long reliever or setup where he can pitcher more games. His stamina will limit his innings. Everett Roosevelt has the same issues. Victor Lopez threw 4 complete games last season. You have to love that kind of effort from a pitcher. Sp Tyler Throneberry played extremely well last season, but most scouts believe he will be due for a correction this season. Probably not a bad #5 guy though. The Bullpen will have their times. Santos Cedeno has shown good improvement the past 3 seasons and though he throws like a girl he gets people out. Eduardo Campos played himself out of his closer role by blowing almost half his save opportunities. He will have to relearn that position on the mound because it will not be handed to him. Rookie Joaquin Sosa will get a full season to see if he is really good enough to be here. Experts think he does. Last season Pep Dransfeldt finished the season as the closer and might get the chance out of the gate to keep the job. He has had his moments that have done the Fillers proud, but he has had the moments to make the fans cringe as well. York Bradford has also shown promise as the closer. He might be a more natural selection for the team and a smart gambler would bet on him to win the job in the spring.

Summing it up with a Quote:

Samuel Brinkley
Colorado Springs
Organizational Filler
Age: 35B/T: L/R
Born: Kalamazoo, MI
Position(s): DH/C
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" I know the Fillers have not forgotten he, they are just biding their time until they recall me" - Samuel Brinkley former starter (S9-S16) now working out in Rookie ball for 8K a season.

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