Friday, February 11, 2011

S19 Mile High Club Preview

Colorado Mile High Club

S18 record: 92-70
Finish: Third place, NL West
2010 final payroll: $96 million
Estimated 2011 opening day payroll: $ 96 million

Offseason action:

All-star CL Mitch Matthews is gone to Memphis on a 1 year deal. Colorado did retain Edwin Wagner who might step into the closer role, a role he has held in the past. Relievers Billy Rizzo and Stevie Walker have past their usefulness in Colorado and are gone. Free agent pickups Alfredo Blanco and Tom Davis have never pitched above AAA. They might struggle to find a good start in Colorado but they will be given a chance to succeed here. Veteran relievers Torey Darnell and Damion Van Poppel have had career ERAs hovering around 5. This will not change much in Colorado

Reality check

Lucas Martin
Mile High Club
Age: 26B/T: R/R
Born: Frostburg, MD
Position(s): 2B/CIF/OF/DH
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2B Lucas Martin is an animal. Last season's NL MVP won the award hands down, but it wasn't even his best season. Martin everyday makes the city of Denver forget HOF'er Vic Mullens. A potential 50/50 guy it will be interesting to see him get there. Martin is surrounded by talent that will do what they can to help him. All-stars 3B Delino Frias and LF Terry White bookend him in the order. CF Jose Pena could be one of the better leadoff men in the game after showing his wares last season in his rookie campaign where he won rookie of the year honors. The rest of the lineup is equally as explosive. RF Harry Rojas hit over .300 with over 100 rbi from the 6th spot in the order. Both OF'ers Rickey Lanier and Del Prieto showed value last season. Prieto might be more valuable as trade bait to strengthen the pitching staff or continue as the team's starting first baseman
Team ace Yorvit Vincente suffered a major elbow injury in season 18 shortening his best start of his career. He finished 11-3 with a 3.06 ERA. He seems to be working back to form this season and though not back to 100 percent, he still should be considered one of the NL's best. Royce Hurst should be a great 2nd banana in Colorado where he has shown mixed results. Hurst does have the talent on paper, making it a reality has been a struggle since S16. Steve O'Malley has been a strikeout masters his whole career in Colorado watch for him to be a huge factor in season 19. Look for him to match some career highs. Pablo Javier should continue his workhorse role in Colorado, he might no longer be an everyday all-star, but he can still bring it. 2nd year man Scot Barnes struggles with his control, but still should be an effective starter. Colorado might not want a pitcher who puts extra guys on the bags all the time.

The Pen is a hodgepodge of guys that other teams dismissed, gave up on or never gave an opportunity too. Wagner should get a chance to close, other than that there might be no set roles.
Summing up with a Quote
" Ain't no way that fool is better than me, I eat Lucas Martin for breakfast" Vic Mullen- Colorado legend.

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