Sunday, February 13, 2011

S19 Loudmouth Preview

Louisville Loud Mouths

S18 record: 97-65
Finish: World Series Champions, AL South
2010 final payroll: $ 82 million
Estimated 2011 opening day payroll: $86 million

Offseason action:

Louisville could pass Sp Gustavo Redondo through waiver wires, but it was no huge loss for the world champions. Also gone is part-time starter C Wascar Solano who was a solid DH will try his catching skills out for the Pirates in Season 19. The Loudmouths did retain former Rp all-star Stan Mason who should continue to be among one of the leagues better pitchers and backup 1B Stubby Wilson. The Rule 5 draft brought in Al Lopez. Not much of a barnburner here.

Reality check

Coming off an all-star 1st half and a solid second half, Sean Swan tore the acl in his knee and will be shelved much of the season. Tough break for a guy who showed guts at the plate and in the field. Don't cry too hard for the World Champs as they have the players to replace him already on the team. Last season rookie Glen Lemon might get a shot as the starter at SS or in CF with the opposite position going to 20M man Kurt Morgan. Both are 40+ hr bats with solid speed and capable of hitting .300 on the season. Roger Post might be a weak defensive choice for 3B, but his offense is undeniable. Hitting 35 hr and just missing knocking 100 runs.

Sven Kinkade
Loud Mouths
Age: 24B/T: R/R
Born: Woodsville, NH
Position(s): 2B/CIF/OF/DH
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The real gem is at 2B Sven Kinkade could be in the talk for league MVP in season 19. A career .333 hitter he could knock in 130 RBI and slam 35HR.He has speed to get those extra bases as well. LF Theo Stearns showed he could be a 20/20 man and potentially could be a 30/30 man this season. The player that St Louis might be most excited about is rookie Catcher Emilio Batista, he has shown a clean glove and although he struggles at the plate at time he still could be a .260 type hitter with 25HR potential.

The Rotation gelled last season and played above their head in the playoffs. Achilles Perez was 17-6 last year and showed why he could be the team's ace. 17M man Tino Chang pitched well, but found himself out of decisions early because of pitch counts. If he can trust his fielders and throw the ball the way he is capable he might increase is win total in season 19. Mike DeJean is young and still growing, he probably is not good enough to be the staff ace yet, but has the potential to shine in a few seasons. He does already have a World Series ring. Neifi Lopez on the other hand is probable already a bon-a-fide starter. He showed good progress from season 17 to season 18 and should build on that momentum. #5 starter Pedro James is a hit or miss guy, when he has his command he strikes out the side when he's off he gets lit up. He still better than most other teams #5 guy.

Jim Small returns as the closer after hi all-star season. He gets a new setup man in former closer Stan Mason who is a great stabilizing force for the Loudmouth pen. Mason will join Arthur Wayne and veteran Bruce Hernandez. Hernandez has struggled more and more each season and the loudmouths have to hope he bounces back his season. Jiggs Baez scares the mascot, who refuses to work when Jiggs is on the mound.

Summing it up with a Quote: "I have working on the record for most consecutive free plays in a league" - Booshie73

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