Monday, February 7, 2011

S19 Dolls Preview

New York Dolls

S18 record: 83-79
Finish: First place, NL East
2010 final payroll: $ 94 million
Estimated 2011 opening day payroll: $95 million

Offseason action:
No major changes to the ML Roster

Reality check:
The most potent offense in the National League. Homerun Threat Kenneth Springer who has hit no less than 44 homerun in 5 seasons. Expect more of the same from him in season 19. Add in bats like Brett Sager, Rico Sanchez, Josh Vitiello, and Shayne Owen and who do you pitch around? This offense is loaded before you even get a chance to look at superstar Shortstop Benito Escobar who cracked over 40 homerun last season after 4 seasons of below 25hr production. Check this team for enhancements, someone. Hall-of-Famer-to- be Matt Shave looks bored here in New York, because this offense doesn't need him. At 10M a season he is just taking a paycheck to sign autographs. He is signed through S20 so he might get dealt this season to control payroll. Steve Biemel after 3 seasons in the minors at 4.4M a pop finally made the Ml roster in season 18 and was rewarded with a 400K extension to play this season. Something is mixed up somewhere. Arnold Kline is the closest this team has to a catcher, but like his pair of backups Bart Hogan, and Chris Bush, he is mostly a DH playing in the field. Both 2B James Pribanic and RF Logan Berroa are ready for the ML this season and should push some of the veterans for ABs.
The Rotation is set with the 4 horseman of Shayne Nagy, Dick Lewis, Eugene Buckley, and Alex Alomar. The 5th spot is filled by Allen Roundtree, but there is an open competition for the position. Prospects Juan Belliard and Tony Azocar should fight for time in the spring to get a promotion. Azocar is coming off a major elbow injury and we will see if he is recovered enough to compete. RP Peter Richard will be coming off a similar injury and be fighting for a bullpen spot this season. Long Relievers Sam Terry and Gary Saunders are both set in those roles. Lloyde Duran made the successful jump from AA and looked pretty impressive. Closer Mendoza might have some competition in the late innings. Mendoza has been very successful in that role, but Duran gives the Dolls another option. Ricardo Lee and Geronimo Rosado fill out the rest of the bullpen.
This is a team that is built to win and they really could shed some payroll and still be one of the elite teams in the NL. Last season's record is not indicative of this teams talent level and they should be not only playoff bound each year, but top of the class in the NL almost every season.
Summing it up with a Quote:

Matt Shave
New York
Age: 36B/T: L/L
Born: Coral Springs, FL
Position(s): RF/1B/LF/DH
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"3000 hits will be no problem, if I can get the play, man" RF Matt Shave.

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