Thursday, July 29, 2010

Season 17 winter meetings Rumors/Thoughts and Free agents Day 4

News from the winter meetings is starting to filter out as the GMs gather for their annual winter Meetings. Today Ryan World News will take a look at the Top Free agents available and where they might land and for how much.


CF Kurt Morgan (S) - AGE: 27
Past Contract: coming off last season at 327K.
HARDWARE: 2 time all-star
Entering his prime, he should be one of the most sought after bats in the pre-season. Not sure why he did not get put on the 40 man roster last season. A rookie error will be another reward. His bidding might go very high
Price Tag: 8-14 Million a season should sign a 4 year to 5 season deal.
The Suitors:
Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) - a Team that needs a CF for the long Range and is building up a strong team. They lose nothing more than a second rounder. Smart move when you have the cap room and still get a #1 pick.
Memphis Amon-Ra (NL) - Why cut Cyr, unless you have a plan to get younger and better, with no one apparent in the minor league system they need to fill the hole at Center with someone.
Philadelphia Stars (NL) - Shoot for the moon and go after the best in class. They have no one that can play the field at CF, They need a big bat. Morgan would fill a number of holes in this offense.

CF Stubby Cyr- AGE 33 Signed Madison 2 year 8.4M
Past Contract: coming off a 5 year 36.5 Million Dollar deal.
HARDWARE: ROY (S5) 5 times all-star, 7 times Gold Glove Winner
Surprise cut, Cyr can still play Cf and was coming off a 24Hr 99rbi campaign. He should land a good deal. He is a consistent gold glover and because his option was not picked up he comes without any compensation to Memphis.
Price Tag: 5-10 Million a season should sign a 2-3 year
The Suitors:
Madison Massa's- last season they used a shortstop in CF. They need to find a true centerfield that they can count on in the field. Cyr and his 7 gold gloves would be the perfect guy. Mexico City Milf Mongers (AL) - Huge upgrade over Al Rincon, Cyr would be a better glove and bat for the Milf lineup.
Cheyenne Marmots (NL) - Hurzell should be at 2B and Zorrila should be relegated to defensive replacement or pinch running, Cyr would be a force in Cheyenne.

RF Robert Schultz (R) - AGE: 29
Past Contract: coming off a 5 year 35.5 Million Dollar deal.
HARDWARE: 1 time all-star
Coming off a career year he should be a hot commodity in FA. He has always been the #2 go to guy in the lineups he's been in. It might be time for him to stand up and deliver.
Price Tag: 8-11 Million a season should sign a 3 year to 5 season deal. Plus a Type A picks compensation
The Suitors:
Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) - at 29 he still has years to give, The Pirates are a few years away Schultz might be able to get them there quicker.
Mexico City Milf Mongers (AL) - need young established bats now. Schultz would be the centerpiece to the offense in Mexico. He would be a national hero if he produced his average stat line here.
Atlanta Braves (NL) - I love the idea of Schultz to Atlanta. He would add the big bopper the team needs to get the offense back on track and could be around for 3 seasons until the rest of the team came around.

LF Vicente Arias (L) AGE: 32
Past Contract: coming off a 5 year 36.6 Million Dollar deal.
HARDWARE: 6 times all-star 2 time Silver Slugger
Leadoff hitter for many seasons still has great speed and solid hitting a short contract would be ideal but you might have to pay the premium to land him. His struggles against Right handers are noted around the league but he still pounds the ball and has a career .289 Batting average.
Price Tag: 7.5-9 Million a season should sign a 2 year to 3 season deal. Plus a Type A picks compensation
The Suitors:
Florida Sting Ray (NL) - they like guys with 90+ speed; Arias would fit in with this lineup and add a big bat to a young lineup. They would look for him to go cheap to be able to fill their bigger needs.
Baltimore Bandits (AL) - Combine him with Alan Shields and you have a heck of a nice platoon.
Tucson Mail Order Cowboys (AL) - this has been his home franchise, he has been one of the go to guys and leadoff man for awhile, should get a look at bringing him back.

LF William Stewart (L) - AGE: 31
Past Contract: coming off a 3 year 23.4 Million Dollar deal.
HARDWARE: 1 time all-star 1 time Silver Slugger
Still a potential 30/30 guy even in his 30's, Stewart should find a solid market for his services. His type a designation will tame the market a bit for him and could allow him to go on the cheaper end of his demands.
Price Tag: 8-10 Million a season should sign a 3 year. Plus a Type A picks compensation
The Suitors:
Monterrey Metros (NL) - multi-dimensional, the Metros need a big bat and seem to like guys with quickness Stewart would fit the bill.
Durham Bulls (AL) - The Bulls need a hitter who can do it all, Stewart would be that guy, he might get exposed in their lineup though, unless they combine him with one other big bat.
Salt Lake City Prospectors (AL) - a team on the verge of being a playoff team, they need that 1 more bat, Stewart is that guy.

LF Enrique Chantres (R) - AGE: 32
Past Contract: coming off a 1 year 3.1 Million Dollar deal.
HARDWARE: 1 time Silver Slugger
41hr and 10 sb in s16 says he still has value as a cleanup guy. He ended up returning to CSP last season on a 1 year deal because no one wanted to bite on his Type A reimbursement. He should slide on a few radars this season and might get a pickup earlier
Price Tag: 4-6 Million a season should sign a 2 year deal. Plus a Type A picks compensation
The Suitors:
Colorado Springs Organizational Filler (NL) - his history with the team makes him a natural fit to return. If anything no one signs him again and CSP brings him back once more. CSP does need his bat and this would not be a pity party to bring him back again.
Houston Stone Cold Killers (AL) - plenty of cap space and a need for a big bat in the lineup should get some consideration in Houston for Chantres
St. Louis Brewers (AL) - need to add a bat Chantres would be a solid 1-2 DH for the lineup.

RF Doyle Twitchell (L) AGE: 28
Past Contract: coming off a 1 year 5.1 Million Dollar deal.
Struggled in his 1st season in salt lake at times, but played in all 162 games. He should be a sought after commodity. As a second banana he has found great success. He has not shown he can be the go to guy in the lineup.
Price Tag: 5-8 Million a season should sign a 4 year to 5 season deal. Plus a Type B picks compensation
The Suitors:
Durham Bulls (AL) - The other bat the Bulls need to complete the redone heart of the Bulls lineup. Twichell is the perfect protection guy in a lineup.
Norfolk Train Wrecks (NL) - they have a lot of age in the outfield and some new solid hitting young blood would do wonders for the stale offense.
Atlanta Braves (NL) - They needs someone young and potentially cheap so they can address a few holes this off-season. Twitchell is not going to be the answer, but he could be the key to solving the problem.

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