Monday, July 26, 2010

Season 17 winter meetings Rumors/Thoughts and Free agents

News from the winter meetings is starting to filter out as the GMs gather for their annual winter Meetings. Today Ryan World News will take a look at the Top Free agents available and where they might land and for how much.

Starting Pitching

SP Alex Wang (R) AGE 36
Past Contract:
coming off a 5 year 103.1 Million Dollar deal.
HARDWARE: 7 time all-star 5 time Cy Young Winner

Everyone wants a pitcher like him although he's 36 he still has plenty of steam and should be dominant for the next 3 seasons and above average for the next 2 following, if he has the right training and medical budgets supporting him.
Price Tag: 18-25 Million a season should sign a 4 year to 5 season deal. Plus a Type A picks compensation to Tucson
The Suitors: Look for everyone wanting to have Wang playing for them, but only a few teams will have the budget. Top 3 Teams might be
Salt Lake City Prospectors who need a sure fire ace to lead an average pitching staff. They have the cap space to play deep into the bidding. Coming off an 88 win campaign says this team is ready to take the next step and take this division. What better way than taking the rival's Ace
Florida Sting Rays- Their payroll would need to budget for a big contract like Wang, but they have been riding the line of mediocrity for awhile. They have made efforts in the past to land Big Veteran pitching help in the way of Lucas Neagle, They might be ready to commit to an Ace something they have not had since Francis Charlton
Tucson Mail Order Cowboys- if I was Tucson I would do whatever it takes to keep this pitcher, you already had the 20M once why not do it again. Type A compensation be DAMNED

SP Francis Charlton (R) - AGE 34
Past Contract: coming off a 5 year 21 million dollar deal
HARDWARE: 3 time all-star 1 time Cy Young Winner
Step down from Wang, but still an Ace in all regards Last season's Cy Young winner. He has spend a majority of his career on teams that struggled do find .500 the past 4 seasons he has found success on championship teams, but consistency has played in Wang's shadow in the American League until last season.
Price Tag: 12-15M a season 3-5 year contract
The Suitors:
Madison: Only the 2nd man ever to
Florida Sting Ray- Bringing Charlton back might be a natural fit, he has a history in Florida. Florida has a history of bringing old proven stars back for a second go around. Florida has a need for an Ace. Why not bring back a comfort?
Louisville Loud Mouths- They already have 2 good up and coming pitchers why not splurge and get an all out Ace.

SP Pat Wight (R) AGE: 29
Past Contract: coming off a 1 year 1.5 million dollar deal
HARDWARE: 1 time All-star
At 29 he's still has a lot left to give a competitive team, probably better suited as the #2 or 3 starter, he can't be overlooked as a great pickup to stabilize a team in need of pitching. His low stamina will keep his price down and suitors to a limited number
Price Tag: 5-8M a season 3-5 year contract

The Suitors:
Philadelphia Stars- if the team wanted to move to a tandem rotation with its low stamina guys Wight fits into the scheme well he's also young and flexible in his usage
Atlanta Braves- do I dare throw the Braves into the mix, why not they need major pitching help and a 29 year old veteran might be a perfect fit if the price is right.
Cincinnati Ramrod- need a perfect rotation complement to Maurer and Patrick Wight would be that #3 and he's still young enough to give a few seasons.

SP Alejandro Maradona (L)- AGE: 33 RESIGNED BY MADISON 2 year 11.6M
Past Contract:
coming off a 5 year 32.5 million dollar deal
HARDWARE: 2 time All-star
His Endurance might be the biggest knock on his talent. Look for him to give a team 6 strong innings and have to turn the game over to the pen. He still is a top guy to try to land for the price Price Tag: 5-9M a season 2-3 year contract
The Suitors:
Madison Massa's- had success in his mixed role with Madison, he's a great flex pitcher that Madison seems to enjoy making rotations out of.
Austin BUTCHERS - A team that sits on the verge of turning things around, but still have a minor league farm that is moving up
Houston Stone Cold Killers- here's a team that needs a low cost Ace, Maradona might not be an elite Ace but they could have him pretty cheap compared to the others.

SP Trenidad Durham (R) AGE: 31 Kanas City SIGNED 5 YEAR 25M
Past Contract: coming off a 4 year 20 million dollar deal
HARDWARE: 1 All star Appearance
Durham is the perfect top line starter for a team on the budget; he can fill a need and comes reasonably priced. His low makeup should keep a long term contract out of his reach, but a few season deals should be a great fit for a team needing to bridge the gap until the farm is ready
Price Tag: 6-9M a season 3 year contract
The Suitors:
Memphis Amon-Ra- they have the need for a great long reliever spot starter, Durham has a need for a chance at a Ring.
Houston Stone Cold Killers- Durham would be a good fit for a team that has not settled in a direction and could retool in a few seasons

SP Willie Hamill (R)- AGE: 36 RESIGNED BY FARGO 1 year 5.4M
Past Contract: coming off a 2 year 11 million dollar deal
HARDWARE: 1 Gold Glove
Been used as a long reliever recently, but should be converted back to an effective starter. He is older and most like not worth more than a 3 year deal by any team. He should have enough in the tank to guide a young team looking for a veteran presence
Price Tag: 4-7M a season 2 year contract
The Suitors:
Memphis Amon-Ra- Memphis has the pitching, but adding a small contract to replace the loss of Atchley might not be a bad idea.
Pittsburgh Pirates: Lew Crosby develops in the minors they need a stop gap until he's ready to roll Hamill might be the perfect 1-2 year contract guy to serve that role
Philadelphia Stars- another team that has a lot of 6 inning guys to many to replace to moving to a tandem rotation might get them through the next couple seasons until the staff can be changed

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