Friday, July 30, 2010

Free Agency Day 2

The second Wave of Free Agent Signs are in. Teams are shoring up their pitching staff early in the day as touted names are signing ealy to get in uniform and settled before the preseason starts.

SP Trenidad Durham- Kansas City lays claim to prized Free agent hurler Trenidad Durham. "I'm glad to be in Kansas City" stated Durham wearing a novelty David Seanez Moustache Team officials hope he will be a consistant presence in the rotation. His consistantly is noted the past few years with an under 4 era. The McCoy's hope he brings some of the Mojo to their rotation. "I am doing everything in my power to get David Seanez another ring," said GM Raucous. Critics are concerned with the length of the deal, a 5 year 25M contract, noting that Durham's work ethic might make the last 2 seasons a hard pill to swallow. Team official quickly wheeled out Kevin Hatcher who after putting in his dentures said "No Comment"

SP Pat Wight- Durham Bulls continue to be aggressive early in Free Agency landing 29 year old starting pitcher Pat Wight. Pat has found a lot of success in his time with the Tucson franchise as a spot starter and long reliever, he should now get a chance as a starter in the Bull's rotation. Wight signs a 3 year 15 million dollar contract to steady the Bull's efforts.

SP David Hernandez- Mexico City Milfs resign "wild Thing" Hernandez to a 4 year 21 million dollar deal. Hernandez found success last season for the Colt '45's (now the Milfs). Insiders say the team always intended on bringing Hernandez back, but the details took a little longer to work out than expected. Scouts say that David can be a domaninate pitcher controling the game at times, but also can struggle to find the plate the next moment. Fans are mixed on Hernandez.

2B Bo Nitkowski-KC McCoys last season was not signed until the start of Sring Training becauseof his high demands and his desire for a multi-season deal. Teams Bulked at this and put Bo in his place, well Bo knows baseball and will bring that expertise to KC for the next 2 season (2 years at 8.6M) He is no longer a base stealing threat at this point in his career, but he should deliver of the clutch hits. Bo always starts the season as a role player, but seems to find his way into the everyday lineup.

SS David Lockwood- Same city different franchise. Lockwood fell out of favor in the city of brotherly love the last few seasons, but here he is still in the city with a new team signing a 4 year 32M deal. GM ewells54 was looking to add a defensive player who had wheels to complete the new look franchise. With lockwood they should have no problem crushing the last 5 seasons stolen base totals combined.

LF Charles Coles- "we needed a player who could do a little of everything, Someone that was a grinder who got the job done night in and night out with out the need for recognition." said Team Officials in SLC. Cole certainly is a player who has got the job done the past few seasons, he is under appreciated as a hitter and should be a fine stable force in SLC for the next 2 season. SLC signs Coles to a 2 year 12.1 million dollar deal.

Philadelphia Stars fans are in an uproar this evenings has the Stars dedicated 10 million dollars the next 3 seasons (30M total) to two minor league players. 1B Alex Galvin and P Adam Miller join the team with a lot of expectations from both the team and the experts. Both players land their 1st l deal and have been viewed no better than 4A injury replacements.

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