Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 1 Free Agency Signings

Opening day of Free Agency and a number of players signed quick contracts for S17.

Highlights of the day include:

SP Lou Lamb agreeing to return to the Salem Slammer with a 2 year 8.4 Million dollar deal. Lamb told reporters "My heart never left Salem, I was confident that the team and I would work out a deal so I could return." Lamb missed most of last season with a undisclosed shoulder injury. Slammer fans are excited to see him return to form that he showed early in his career. Scouts do project him to return to the form he has shown he last few seasons.

SP Magglio Salinas- Signed a 4 year 32.2 Million dollar contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Salinas just turned 29. Pittsburgh hopes to have landed a player that other teams might have overlooked. Scouts love his pitch selection and his workhorse mentality, but he has yet to translate that into an all-star season. The critics have complained that Salinas is nothing more than a middle of the rotation option with no strikeout Punch, will the questionable Pirate defense be able to handle the work

RP - Hong-Jin Xaio- To Atlanta Xaio through his interpreter said "It is most honorable that the stored Brave franchise has given me this great opportunity." Xaio has to be happy with his contract
3 year 12.6M lands hi an extra season. There is no denying Atlanta's need for Bullpen help and Xaio will be a step in the right direction and should make Atlanta's pen one of the strongest in the division. Now to correct the other deficiencies.

RP Wilson MacRae- Fans in Salt Lake City or dancing in the street this morning, with news that the Prospectors signed 27 year old MacRae. SLC did pay Wilson well for his services doling out a 4 year 28.1 Million dollar deal. Team Official said one of their top priorities was shoring up the pitching staff. "We evaluated the talent out their and all our scouts agreed MacRae was the best talent available."

RP David Brennaman- to Durham 38 year old Brennaman look to finish his career as a Bull. Brennaman has found much success as an inning eating middle reliever. He has been a force of consistence averaging a 5 ERA for his career. He should provide a strong veteran presence on a weak Durham franchise.

CF Stubby Cyr- to Madison "Cyr will allow us to put Danny Young back at his natural position of Shortstop for the coming season, Stubby brings a smooth swing and a great glove to Madison" Said GM Btkantz. Cyr signed a 2 year 8.8 Million dollar deal. "They showed interest from the get go and made me feel welcome in the city," said Cyr. Cyr is slowly slipping in his everyday durability but he should star 70% of the games for the AL Champs. His bat should also allow a little less on the heart of the Madison lineup.

1B Pedro Osuna- "We needed a crusher for this lineup," an undisclosed club representative said. Osuna comes at a huge price tag of 5 years 50 Million dollars. "there was no doubt, they wanted me," said Osuna as he pulled up in his new Gold rimmed Bentley. Osuna will add the offense in Baltimore, but they a few more pieces for this team to be competitive in season 17.

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