Sunday, April 11, 2010

Season 15 Round 2 Playoff Primer

#2 Toledo Holy (103-59) Versus #6 Madison Massa's (91-71)
HISTORY LESSON: Toledo leads the Season Series 7-3. Madison is the S14 World Series Champs. Toledo has been to the Playoffs 8 times in the past 15 seasons and appeared in the season 13 World SeriesInjury Report: TOL: MAD: Craig Cooper (3B) 1 game Rich Lloyd (RP) OUT
Why Toledo Should Win: better defense, better offense, better pitching. better record against. On paper they should easily win.Why Toledo Should Lose: Madison must play the match ups, they will have to find their opportunities and cash in. If the middle of madison's lineup can get going they could cause problems.
Why Madison should Win: They can hit and in their home park they are hard on opposing pitching. Matt Shave Brett Sanders and Craig Cooper should provide the offense to drive in alot of runs on Toledo's pitching half of you played part of their careers in Madison. Madison might be pretty farmilar with Telford, Buchannon, Cruz, and Miller.
Why Madison Should Lose: Madison might scale back their starting pitching and throw one of them into relief to cover for the glaring holes in the Pen. Jose Chavez has been solid, but far from shutdown as the closer, Tarrick McGee has been hit and miss this season. Toledo's hitting has crushed those guys this season.
Prediction: Toledo 3-1Winner Plays Winner of New York vs Wichita

#1 Wichita Sizzlers (113-49) Versus #5 New York Bombers (94-68)
HISTORY LESSON: Wichita took the Regular season series 8-2. New York has missed the playoffs twice in 15 seasons and has made to World Series appearances. Wichita has 7 playoff appearances and won one World Series.
Injury Report: WIC: NY: Angel Beltre(RP) OUT Yorvit Castillo (C ) OUT
Why Wichita Should Win: Alex Wang is a monster he will pitch when he can and most likely continue to be unhittable. Outside of that they had 3 MVP candidates this season. Tarraga almost made the 50/50 club . They can out hit you out pitch you and thats why they won 113 games.
Why Wichita Should Lose: Beat on Wichita's other starts is New Yorks bets chance. The others have been hittable, but Wichita has been able to outhit almost everyone. a good left handed pitcher might contain them enough, this might be Bob Mann's job to do.
Why New York Should Win: The hitting should be up to the challenge, although they are outclassed they still have enough firepower. Setting the pitching staff might be the key. They need limit the starters and play the match ups so they can get some wins.
Why New York Should Lose: They aren't going to be able to deal with Wichita's speed on the basepaths, so they need to work on eliminating the baserunners. If the starting pitching gets knocked around they are sunk.Prediction: Wichita 3-1
Winner Plays winner of Madison vs Toledo

#2 Memphis Amon-Ra(104-58) Versus #3 Colorado Springs Organizational Fillers(97-65)

HISTORY LESSON: Colorado Springs leads the season series 6-4 CSP has 7 playoff appearances. This is Memphis's 2nd playoff appearance.
Injury Report: CSP: David Itou(rp) OUT Dennys Leonard(ss) OUT Ismael Perez(SP) OUT MEM: Elvis Borland (SP) OUT
Why Colorado Springs Should Win: Glen Gibson shouod keep Memphis in check on the bases. CSP's starting pitchers are better skilled then memphis and if they can go deep Memphis will be in trouble.Why Colorado Springs Should Lose: Defense hasn't a problem in round one, but It might show up here where Memphis's hitting is more skilled and seasoned. Memphis is also more aggresive on the bases which might cause the Fillers to rush throws and make mistakes.
Why Memphis Should Win: 100 wins doesn't lie, Memphis is legitimate. They have the superior defense. The Amon-Ra's pitching is almost elite and they can mash the ball. Their Bullpen might be their best strength behind Benito Hernendez.
Why Memphis Should Lose: Similar to Salem that they steal alot of bases, but aren't the best on the basepaths they can't afford to give away baserunners and CSP's starting catcher Gibson is better than average at exploiting mistakes. Memphis also can go through streaks at the plate against good pitching, They can ill afford Cyrs and Kell to struggle these next 3 games. The pitching is also very young and might be to raw for the playoff pressure.
Prediction: CSP 3-2

Winner Plays Winner of New York vs. Cheyenne

#1 New York Burros(110-52) Versus #5 Cheyenne Marmots(94-68)
HISTORY LESSON: New York won the regular season series 8-2. New York has been in the playoffs all 15 seasons, winning 4 World Series and 14 division titles both league bests. Cheyenne has made 7 world series appearances never making it out of the 2nd round.
Injury Report: CHEY: Julio Amezaga(SS) OUT Michael Martin(RP) OUT NY: NONE
Why New York Should Win: Pitching has always been the key in New York this season is no exception, but maybe the pitching isn't quite as great as it has been in the past. Still runs will not be easy.Why New York Should Lose: If the hitting struggles aginst te starters look for Cheyenne to be able to control the game.
Why Cheyenne Should Win: The pitching is almost on par with New York and could out duel them on any given day. Cheyenne might also have the better overall hitting team . If they can get to the starts early they might be able to pile on the runs. Durbin should so be able to run pretty freely on New York.
Why Cheyenne Should Lose: If the starts struggle it will leave it up to a weak bullpen who posted an almost 9 era in the series versus Columbus

Prediction: NEW YORK 3-1
Winner Plays Winner of Memphis vs Colorado Springs

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