Friday, April 9, 2010

Season 15 Playoff Primer

#3 Chicago Wolves (93-69) Versus #6 Madison Massa's (91-71)
HISTORY LESSON: Madison leads the Season Series 7-3. Madison is the S14 World Series Champs. Chicago has been to the Playoffs 2 times in the past 5 seasons and not since season 13. Injury Report: CHI: Cristobal Jacquez(1b) Should miss the first 2 games. MAD: Craig Cooper (3B) OUT Rich Lloyd (RP) OUT
Why Chicago Should Win: The team is solid from top to bottom they are fast and athletic and should give Madison's Battery a workout trying to throw out guys. Playing Small Ball might be the best way for the Wolves to claim victory. They need to run all day and make Madision's starts work to get to the Pen. SP Harry Ortiz is silently having a hell of a good year and Chicago's Bullpen should be able to slam the door if they get a lead to work with.
Why Chicago Should Lose: The Wolves are physically exhausted and playing a well rested Madison team. The injury to Cristobal Jacquez hurts the team at the start of the series his return might be the difference matter at the end of the series. No True go to hitter in the lineup, means there is no one to throw this team on their shoulders and win the game for the Wolves.
Why Madison should Win: Madison has 3 World Series and as a team has never won less than 90 games. They are Anchored in the middle of the lineup with sluggers Matt Shave and Brett Sanders, The Injury to Craig Cooper will hurt the team's offensive production, but the Massa's are deep on the bench for potential hitters.
Why Madison Should Lose: Cooper's injury hurts the team where it counts at the corner, Although Cooper's offensive might be salvage with Gil Rhodes, his defense will be hard to replace. Madison has struggled all season to find consistency in the Bullpen, Even with a scaled back rotation the late innings might be their down fall. Hugh Richardson was a disaster last season in the Playoffs and carries a full run higher ERA going into extended play this season.
Prediction: 3-1 Madison
Winner Plays #2 Seed Toledo Holy

#4 Louisville Loudmouths (78-84) Versus #5 New York Bombers (94-68)
HISTORY LESSON: New York Leads the Series 8-2. New York has missed the playoffs twice in 15 seasons and has made to World Series appearances. Louisvillehas made the playoffs twice in 15 seasons and has never had better than a sub-500 record.
Injury Report: LOU: Harry Puente(1B) OUT Jim Small(RP) OUT NY: Angel Beltre(RP) OUT Yorvit Castillo (C ) OUT
WHY Louisville Should Win: If they become more aggressive on the basepath and start pushing runs across they have a chance at victory. The Object is going to be setting the table for the big boppers so they can score a lot of runs. They need to slug their way to victory.
Why Louisville Should Lose: Both Teams are exhausted but no one is worn more than Ivan Spehr who is the key to Luoisville's Lineup. He might have spent everything getting the team here. The Loudmouths will struggle at the plate if they don't watch their strikeouts. New York is capable of making you swing at the bad pitch and Louisville seems to like the bad pitches. Not a good combination for the Loudmouths. Louisville's pitching is way outclassed.
Why New York Should Win: They have the better team on paper Max Mills, Sergio Cuddyer, and Chris Dwyer can flat out rake. With the reduced pitching staff look for New York to be able to solve their bullpen issues and reduce pitch counts on the starters to keep them sharp in the post season.
Why New York Should Lose: The Starting Pitching staff underperformed this season and the bullpen struggled to find consistency, What should be an foundation to build the team on has this season been the anchor which is holding the Bombers back. The lose of Castillo behind the dish puts career backup Yamid Martinez into the hot New York Spotlight. Louisville should be able to exploit this.
Prediction: 3-0 New York
Winner Plays #1 Seed Wichita Sizzlers

#3 Colorado Springs Organizational Fillers(97-65) Versus #6 Salem Slammer(91-71)
HISTORY LESSON: Salem leads the season series 6-4 CSP has 7 playoff appearances. Salem has 9 playoff appearances
Injury Report: CSP: David Itou(rp) OUT Dennys Leonard(ss) OUT Ismael Perez(SP) OUT SAL: Aurelio Ibarra(LF) DAYtoDAY Josias Estrella(SP) DAYtoDAY
Why Colorado Springs Should Win: The Fillers have one of the most balanced offenses in the league. 12 Men with 10+ homeruns and a team batting average of .280. The Pitching is even better a team ERA of 3.6 and Ace Hi Telgheder leading the charge from the mound. They will be hard to get big hits on.
Why Colorado Springs Should Lose: Defense might be the key to beating CSP, Brinkley struggles at 1B, Montero is outclassed at Short, Bravo Struggles at decision making at 2B. This might be the Fillers biggest exploitable weakness. The Lose of Starting pitcher Ismael Perez also is costly.
Why Salem Should Win: Both P.T. Schoeneweis and Michael Foster are having career seasons and are overlooked as true pitching threats. If they hold together and keep the games close Salem has a good chance.
Why Salem Should Lose: Fast team, but they run very loose. Mistakes on the basepath have cost them a number of runs this season and maybe a number of games. High Walks alos have hurt the team they need to minize these mistakes if they stand a chance
Prediction: CSP 3-2
Winner Plays #2 Seed Memphis Amon-Ra

#4 Columbus Horseshoes(90-72) Versus #5 Cheyenne Marmots(94-68)
HISTORY LESSON: Cheyenne won the regular season series 6-4
Injury Report: CHEY: Julio Amezaga(SS) OUT Michael Martin(RP) OUT CBUS: NONE
Why Columbus Should Win: Although Worn Bo Glanville has a great chance to be the NL MVP, he is definitely the team MVP and can carry this team's offense when needed. Midseason Hideo Tamura is the real deal and a change of scenery has shown that. The rest of the rotation has underperformed and will need to get on track for Columbus to compete. Watson is the best closer in the game if they hand him a lead good night Salem.
Why Columbus Should Lose: Fatigue has beyond set-in in Columbus. They needed to rest Bo Ganville, Sergio Koplove and Aaron Fox, instead they played them everyday an inkury to anyone of them and Columbus's light is out.
Why Cheyenne Should Win: Durbin is an all-everything type of player and he comes in mad. He finished 1 hit shy of 200 and 7 SB shy of 100 this season. He is going to have something to prove against Glanville for the MVP vote. He is rested and surrounded by the better talent. Do not discount a rotation which will be Soto, Feliz, and David Estrada.
Why Cheyenne Should Lose: The bullpen is far from guaranteed this season. Unlike Columbus they have no sure fire guys to depend on with the lead late. If the game is close Cheyenne will be sweating bullets
Prediction: 3-2 Cheyenne
Winner Plays #1 Seed New York Burros

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