Wednesday, April 14, 2010

League Championship Season 15

#1 Wichita Sizzlers (113-49) Versus #2 Toledo Holy (103-59)
HISTORY LESSON: Toledo took the regular season series 7-3 Wichita has 7 playoff appearances and has won one World Series. Toledo has made 8 playoff appearances and has been in one World Series.
Injury Report: WIC: TOL:
Why Wichita Should Win: The hitting has to drive wichita, so far they have had no issue with that. As a team they batting .325 against New York in the Conference finals and New York's pitching is far from shabby. Don't discount Wichita's Speed they can put a man in scoring position very quickly.
Why Wichita Should Lose: Toeldo has the edge on pitching. Outside of matching against Alex Wang, Toledo has the deeper staff. Wichita's Bullpen did not have a great opening series against New York, but the hitting powered their way through the series. Toledo's pitching might be able to slow the hitting down and JP Santago might keep the runners in enough check to limit opportunity and give Toledo the edge. This is a very tough match up for Wichita

Why Toledo Should Win: Buchanan and Chang were both in the running for the Al Cy Young, along with Angel Duran this staff is going to be tough on Wichita. Frazier seems to have been a great pick up for Toledo power a very high powered attck. If Toledo can get the middle of their lineup rolling they will put up good numbers and will win this series.
Why Toledo Should Lose: Wichita has the leaner meaner lineup through and through, While Toledo has guys that can drive in runs and get hits they don't have the lineup Wichita does. Wichita has many multi-dimensional players, someone Toledo doesn't have as much of.
Prediction: Toledo 4-3
Winner Plays winner of the NL League Championship

#1 New York Burros (110-52) Versus #3 Colorado Springs Organizational Fillers(97-65)

HISTORY LESSON: Split the regular season series 5-5. New York has been in the playoffs all 15 seasons, winning 4 World Series and 14 division titles both league bests. CSP has 7 playoff appearances.
Injury Report: CSP: David Itou(rp) OUT Ismael Perez(SP) OUT NY: NONE
Why New York Should Win: Pitching controled the 1st series, New York knows how to pitch and proved that they can set their rotation and control a game when the game is tight. This might be the most clutch team in the league. Don't discount clutch this time of year.

Why New York Should Lose: Hitting didn't show up in the Conference series, Springer did launch 2 bombs though but regulars Shayne Owens and Britt Sager struggled seeing pitches and provided nothing in the series. If CSP can get their hitting going in the tune of 4 or 5 runs New York might be in trouble to keep pace.

Why Colorado Springs Should Win: Pitching is on par with New York if not slightly better. They come off a series where they got to watch New York Go through a 5 games series. Those 2 days off might be the difference needed to get up the pitching staff to Colorado Springs advantage. They keep the Burros hitting in check and they could easily dominate the Burros. Kncoking around the starters is going to be tough making them work for their outs and pushing the pitch counts to get to better match ups might be the key to victory.

Why Colorado Springs Should Lose: Defense still has not shown to be the issue and in fact it has been a stregth, Hitting has been a rough go. One of these teams is going to break the slump and put on a hitting exihibition. CSP needs their bats to have this wakeup call eary if they can take the 1st game in NY they should roll to victory, Lose it and NY will have their pitching staff setup to counter and they might be in trouble deep.
Prediction: CSP 4-2

Winner Faces the Winner of the AL Championship Series

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