Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NL South S16 Preview

Project Season 16 Standings





Memphis Amon-Ra

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Lost the face of the organization, Nipsy Diaz, for the last few seasons to Free Agency, but Kell is the one they need to replace. Look for a down season.

Florida Sting Ray



Up and coming as they Rays mature. They still have to many faults to count in this season, but look for them to still push for the Wild Card. The lack of Cap space further limits their chances.




Without a Catcher and without a 1st or second tier option in Free Agency The pitching will struggle. They have the Cap space to make a few HUGE moves.

Monterrey Metros



To many holes to count in, they need a few more key clogs for this machine to work.

80.7M Current Payroll Estimated Opening Day Payroll remaining 30.3M
LF Bill Sodowsky C Craig Winn RP Edwin Wagner SP John Cho Offense: Still one of the fastest overall lineups, they can also hit one out of the park when they need to. The Butchers should be able to hold their own at the plate behind their talented Veteran 2B Edgardo Almanzar. Shaggy Pride will better serve the team in RF/LF allowing the team to bring in a cheap slugger for 1B. Defense: Rookie Earl Kennedy gets the call to cover Short, but don't think he will let too many balls by. He is going to be a solid contributor in Austin. The Butcher's still need to fill defensive holes in CF where Parrish isn't quite par for the course. They also need to find themselves a catcher, at this point any catcher. Rotation: Calvin Coco and crew should give Austin a consistent 6+ innings. There will be a healthy competition for the 5th rotation spot between Wes Harvey, Brad Robertson, Livan Bravo, Clayton Mills and Will Gonzales. The losers should fill out the bullpen or might be dealt for defensive help or a catcher. Bullpen: Albert Rincon pitched in less than 40 games in S15, a sign of his age. He is still a capable closer, but with only 1 true reliever around him in the Pen (Benny Miller) they might struggle pitches a lot of back to back games. If this pen gets overused they will be easy picking.

Memphis Amon-Ra
68.2M Current Payroll Estimated Opening Day Payroll remaining 10.2M
SP Elvis Borland SS Aubrey Kell RF Nipsey Diaz

Offense: The Offense has been scaled back from last season with the loss of Diaz and Kell. Both provided solid offensive numbers. Their bats will need to be replaced. Or more importantly Kell's Glove will need to be replaced. Defense: The Loss of Kell buts a huge hole at SS, They also have downgraded defense around the diamond. This pitching staff can control the game, but once in a great while a hitter is going to knock one in their direction. The question remains will they are ready? Rotation: Osvaldo Azocar showed he can pitch in the Ml last season and should return even stronger. Sp Mike Fitzgerald along with Pitchers Powell and Martin are coming off strong S15 Campaigns. The Loss of Elis Borland is tempered with the development of Wilson Dolan. If he succeeds they will be saying ELVIS who in Memphis and that would be a pretty big deal. Bullpen: Benito Hernandez still closes out the games with the best of the league. The Bullpen on the whole is one of the better in the league. They won't give opponents much to work with once they come on.

Monterrey Metros
61.5M Current Payroll Estimated Opening Day Payroll remaining 14.5M
KEY LOSSES IN THE OFF SEASON: RP Hector Almanza SP Brandon Roosevelt RP Alfredo Feliz UTIL Seop Wan 2B Ruben Fernandez. Offense: Julio Rios threw down an awesome rookie campaign and didn't get the Rookie of the Year; HE should enter this season mad and could throw this team on his back at times to get the "W". The Metros have only 1 sure hole on the offense and that's at 1B. A cheap free Agent there would be a good upgrade for an already good hitting team. Defense: Bob Shaw and Will Dorsey is not the tandem you want behind the dish. The defense has a few weak spots, but overall should perform average enough to keep the game honest, but had enough to frustrate the fans. Rotation: The rotation will be able to hold its own, but it does get a little spotty in the 4th and 5th rotation spots. Salinas and Yarnell are young and very capable. They will be joined by Rookie Ugueth Ortiz and try to give the Metro's a chance. They might pursue a top tier candidate from Free Agency to solidify the Rotation as the strength, If not they will have to hope the Offense can keep shooting out runs. Bullpen: Butch Hamilton did well as the closer, but he is really the whole bullpen The Metros need to invest in 1 more Type a reliever to balance the pen and allow Hamilton to properly rest and close games.

Florida Sting Ray
78.2M Current Payroll Estimated Opening Day Payroll remaining 1.8M
RP Archie Clinton UTIL Jumbo Guerrero
Offense: Florida returns the heart of their lineup in Candy Zoltan, Footsie Long, and Tom Randolph. Each is a multi-dimensional threat and a challenge to pitch to. Tony Lopez still offers a consistent bat in Right Field. The 2 biggest holes are LF and a Solid hitting Catcher. With Limited Budget I'm not sure Florida has the resource to go out and land a top tier Free Agent like Matt Shave or Thomas Campbell. Defense: Defense is up and coming and for the most part is team strength. Rotation: SP Albert Maurer had a career year, I don't think he can repeat it, but I do think he is a capable starter, teaming him with Veteran Lucas Neagle, and wildcard Darron Walker and you have the making of a sold staff, They will allow Florida to allow the offense to keep the games close. Bullpen: Pedro Escobar returns as the closer after another mixed season. He is truly the rollercoaster of the Rays. I'm not sure if he blows another 11 games you can keep him in that role. Carver and Evans add the only other stability to a very shaky unit. They need to find a premier guy to add to the mix as priority #1.

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