Sunday, May 31, 2009

NL Ranking Week 3

1(2) Chicago Ballbusters 52-25 (17-14)
Leads OPS by more than 40 points, but their division by a hangnail. Chicago needs to have a strong week against tough opponents (.588 combined Win %), They draw SD, Cinci, SFE, and CHY before the all-star break. This will be the week to see if they really are #1 in the NL.

2(3) New York Burros 52-25 (22-8)
Usually the resident are the #1 spot and former WS champ, They will be ready to reclaim the top spot if Chicago even breathes wrong against their opponents this week. A relatively easier week ahead in NY, where they dray CPS, CHY, MIL, and PHI.

3(1) Cincinnati Bowties 47-30 (16-14)
2nd in Pitching to NY, but they also are allowing the leagues least hits and 2nd in overall WHIP to Chicago. Pitching is still very much strong in Cinci.

4(5) Santa Fe Blaze 44-33 (18-13)
D'Angelo Martin's On the Job learning at SS for SFE is killing their fielding. Already leading the league in Errors and with 4 – plays, he is struggling to say the very least.

5(7) Cheyenne Marmots 47-30 (17-12)
Continue to climb even after losing unexpected overachiever Brady Forest for the season, Forest had found a pitching groove that anyone with his skills should not have found, His pact with the devil has apparently expired.

6(4) San Diego Surf 42-35 (15-16)
Prospect SP Amos Casey did an admirable job of filling in for injured Deion Dunn, but has only rewarded with a 2-5 record and a 4.44 ERA. Preview of things to come in SD I guess.

7(6) Colorado Springs Organizational Filler 44-33 (20-10)
Tony Bravo as a rookie is leading the Nl in Hitting. Don't even bring up the fact he also has 18 HR and 50 rbi and you can guess who is still a front runner for NL ROY.

8(9) Atlanta Braves 38-39 (14-16)
The Braves have to be disappointed in the production of FA pickup Erubiel Lecuona who is well below his career averages of .278 with 25 hr.

9(10) Richmond Revolution 37-40 (15-16)
Ruby Harris is showing a little more power this season, but again is only bringing a .250 BA to the table and striking out at an increased rate.Kind of a mixed bag for S12

10(13) San Antonio Alamos 36-41 (18-12)
As predicted the team had their best week and climbed up the rankings. Led my SP Corey Webb who has been lights out this season, the team's pitching has played well above their heads all season long

11(11) Florida Sting Ray 34-43 (13-17)
Add the Top Home run guy in League history, lose nothing major from the current roster, you do the math.

12(12) Philadelphia Balboas 34-43 (13-18)
A notoriously slow starting team, Philly doesn't look like they are able to come out of it this season. In the next week, they will need to decide which way they are leaning run for the playoffs this season, or play for the future and dump salary.

13(8) Milwaukee Blue Stockings 33-44 (9-22)
Been in a lot of close games 30 1 run games, where they have lost 2/3 of them, they change that up and they have a .500 record. To many close games for them to be 10 under .500. They have a couple small tweaks and they are in these games.

14(14) Iowa City KAMIKAZES 35-42 (16-15)
Playing competitively, but still just missing the climb up the Power ranking, If they turn a halfway solid week and Milwaukee continues to plummet they should see a decent climb next week.

15(15) Colorado Mile High Club 24-53 (11-20)
has ran the franchise since early May, Even their highly regarded prospects stacked up in AAA have only managed 14 wins this season. Come on Fregoe come back! You were one of the vocal brothers in our league.

16 (16) Detroit Lucky 10-67 (2-28)
Team is going nowhere fast With AI running the Show, pitching is burned out, Their savior Owner look one look at the state of the team and turned coat. First the Auto Industry, now this Detroit needs a Bailout people!

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