Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NL Power Rankings Week 2


1(1) Cincinnati Bowties 31-16 (13-12)
P Ralph Ainsworth hasn't been an all starin many years he gives up alot of hits walks to many guys and doesn't strikeout to many, but hell if he's not having a great season

2(4) Chicago Ballbusters 35-11 (19-5)

#1 in HR and RBI attributed to 1B Clarence Thompson's swift bat. I Still remember when he was traded in season 9 and the contreservy that surrounded it. lets compare those players now.

3(3) New York Burros 30-17(16-9)

the last time NY didn't lead the league in pitching was season 6. Currently they sport a team ERA of 3.30. They still look to have difficulties at Closer blowing 9 saves (14-25)

4(6) San Diego Surf 27-19 (15-9)

Deon Dunn's shoulder injury might explain his difficulties with hitters this season. As a result the Surf will shut him down for 21 days. The Team should be able to hold their ground without him for the time.

5(2) Santa Fe Blaze 26-20 (8-16)

only NL team with a team batting average over .300 (.314) so obviously thats not the issue in Santa Fe.

6(5) Colorado Springs Organizational Filler 24-23 (12-13)
OF Jesse Walton has adjusted his swing reducing his power numbers, but is batting .388 on the season. He is still of pace for 35 dingers and 110 RBI

7(12) Cheyenne Marmots 29-18 (21-4)

Biggest leap up the rankings this week. Cheyenne ran 12 in a row in the span including sweeps of Sante Fe(twice) Florida, and Phildelphia.

8(7) Milwaukee Blue Stockings 24-22 (12-12)

Miller park is reporting the team is saving almost 20% on cooling costs this season with all the swings and misses in Milwaukee. Averaging over 8 wiffs a game. Ouch.

9(9) Atlanta Braves 24-23 (13-12)
SS Albert Gonzalez is having a career year batting over .300 with a 18 Hr and 33 sb pace. All career highs

10(8) Richmond Revolution 22-24 (10-14)

Jamie Martin's elbow injury will take some wind out the revolution. He has been a workhorse in Richmond for the past few seasons.

11(13) Florida Sting Ray 21-26 (12-13)

with RF Tony Lopez slated to return this week, Florida rises in the power ranking.

12(10) Philadelphia Balboas 21-25 (11-13)

Only 3 1 run games this season means nothing has been close for Philly, neither the wins or the losses.

13(11) San Antonio Alamos 18-29 (9-16)

the Team is playing over 100 points lower than their expected Win percentage. This is a pretty good sign of a turn around. You would hope.

14(15) Iowa City KAMIKAZES 19-27 (14-10) Along with CF Brad Finnessey's injury IC has to deal with the often injured Vinny Hernandez, Defense is going to be soft the next few days for the Kamikazes. This week should be a tough one for Iowa.

15(14) Colorado Mile High Club 13-33 (6-18)

the loss of P Ronnie Leach is costing Colorado their best pitcher for the week. pitching does not get any easier in Colorado for the Mile High.

16 (16) Detroit Lucky 8-39 (5-20)

new owner should be able to turn around a franchise with solid talent and make them more competitive. They might want to evaluate the fielding issues to start.

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