Monday, December 15, 2008


1. New York Burros
Last Week: 1
Record: 91-41 (14-6)
Expected Win %: .688
Skinny: 10 season of 90+ wins shows the dominance of this team in the NL. Should rack in their 8th straight 100+ win season as well this year.

2. Burlington Ballbusters-
Last Week: 4
Record: 82-50 (14-6)
Expected Win %: .629
The Skinny: Victor Vega and Chris Sears have to be one of the best 1-2 punch middle relief corps in the National league. Vega has 1.80 ERA, Sears checks in with a 1.38 ERA.

3. Cincinnati Bowties -
Last Week: 5
Record: 80-52 (12-8)
Expected Win %: .621
The Skinny: Brent Sheets has set career highs for RBI, HR, Runs, and BAVG so far. He is set the single season Cincinnati record for HR’s and should get both RBI and runs this season as well.

4. San Diego Surf -
Last Week: 2
Record: 79-53 (9-11)
Expected Win %: .595
The Skinny: 16-20 in 1 run games illustrates the teams whoa with late inning hitting and pitching. Missing component for this team’s success might be clutch hitting and pitching.

5. Texas Outlaws-
Last Week: 3
Record: 80-52 (10-10)
Expected Win %: .565
The Skinny: Friday at the park is Hawk Powell Day. Every fan under 12 gets a commemorative Hawk Powell Bat. (Hawk is top 100 in almost all statistical categories)

6. Cheyenne Marmots-
Last Week: 6
Records: 72-53 (9-11)
Expected Win %: .595

7. Atlanta Braves-
Last Week: 8
Record: 73-59 (11-9)
Expected Win %: .533
THE SKINNY: SP Jack Sanders’s days became numbered as his ERA soared over 6 and his walk total nearly equaled his strike out total. See you next season maybe.

8. Colorado Springs Organizational Filler-
Last Week: 7
Record: 69-63 (8-12)
Expected Win %: .584
The Skinny: SP/LR Alan Palmer has been a complete bust so far for Colorado Springs. With 2 years and over 10M still on his contract he is going to be difficult to move with his career numbers.

9. Richmond Revolution-
Last Week: 10
Record: 65-67 (11-9)
Expected Win %: .511
The Skinny: could finish the season with 2 30/30 guys Alfonso Julio and Theo Smyth.

10. Philadelphia Balboas-
Last Week: 9
Record: 57-55 (11-9)
Expected Win %: .563
The Skinny: 3 players with over 30 home runs and no one with more than 90 rbi. Very telling

11. Florida Marlins -
Last Week: 12
Record: 60-72 (11-9)
Expected Win %: .450
The Skinny: They have drawn the least walks in Major League Baseball history. The top guy here has 34 walks so far this season.

12. Houston Labs -
Last Week: 11
Record: 55-77 (9-11)
Expected Win %: .466
The Skinny: Team is running on low batteries and their sluggish performance is shining through. Many key players are playing tired and need to rest so get back into ideal playing situations.

13. Milwaukee Blues -
Last Week: 14
Record: 49-83 (9-11)
Expected Win %: .366
The Skinny: The fastest guy on the team Arthur Worthington has only 6 stolen bases. Might be time to give him the go light a little more.

14. Rochester Raging Reverends-
Last Week: 13
Record: 46-86 (7-13)
Expected Win %: .402
The Skinny: Rochester’s 24 quality starts are almost a ¼ of league leader New York.15.

Minnesota Maulers
Last Week: 15
Record: 43-89 (7-13)
Expected Win %: .326
The Skinny: if everyone else looses all their games they sneak into the playoffs. Okay they are playing for next year.

Last Week: 16
Record: 36-96 (8-12)
Expected Win %: .238
The Skinny: 1st team statistically eliminated from the Playoffs in S10

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