Thursday, January 8, 2009

All Decade Teams

Wow, Guys it has been 10 seasons and I thought I would put together an all Decade team. Fair warning I based by picks on performance over 10 seasons. So players who played less than 10 seasons did get some what weighed down.


C Neil Fletcher 37 6 time all start and former league MVP. in his day he was the most dominant catcher in the league even now as a shadow of his former self he can burn you.

1B Diego Santiago 36 4 time all-star and he is represented in the top 50 in all offensive categories except 3B and SB. a Career .333 hitter.

2B Freddie Reynolds 28 The Most prolific power hitter in the game currently. He has oer 500 career dingers and is a 6 time all-star. This former MVP and gold glover has had 4 70+ homer seasons. and he's only just reaching his prime at 28.

3B Dude Reed 32 4 time all-star and a career .320 hitter. Dude has been the center all the the linups he has been in. He is top 50 career in all offensive categories except SB where he's only in the top 100.

SS Scott Biddle 33 2 time all-star, Injury troubles have shortened Biddle's career stats, but he still manages to rank among the top 50 in all offenisive categories except HR's where he's still rank 98th.

LF Vic Mullins 37 Probably the most dominant player of his day. 4 time MVP and 7 time all-star. Mullins is second in Career Homeruns and 1st in career RBIs with a ridiculous 1440 an average of 144 a season for those poor at math. Also has 4 70+ homerun seasons.

CF Don Perry 32 5 time all-star. To call him and his impact underrated is an understatement. he is top 50 in everything but SB and is a career .310 batter.

RF Casey Kaline 30 Former MVP and 4 time all-star. He is the career 2B, 3B, and Runs leader and is 2nd career SB. Top 50 across the boards makes his the 1st team selection and he was ROY in season 1.

DH Bill Darwin 34 3 time all-star. Darwin is a career .325 hitter who has never hit less than 20 bombs a season. his patience at the plate has earned him over 1000 walks in his career.

SP Timothy Garcia 37- Most dominant pitcher in league history. Career SO, Wins and ERA leader. 5 Cy Youngs 7 time all star and should have League MVP honors.

SP Philip Baxter 35 3 time Cy Young Winner and 8 time all-star. Baxter was the Premier pitcher in the AL for the 1st 9 years and is now enjoying sucess in the NL

SP Greg Arnold 32 Former ROY and 4 time all-star he has 2 20 game winning seaosn to his credit and a career ERA of 3.75.

RP Chris Sears 34 2 timefireman of the year award winner and 6 timeall star. Sears has notch no less than 8 saves in every season.

RP Jose Chavez 32 former fireman of the year and 6 time all-star, Chavez is 2nd in career saves with 290.


C Bill Hayes 34 3 50+ home run seasons, and a career .292 hitter Bill is top 50 in hits RBI, and Runs.

1B Roosevelt Hanson 30 former MVP and Gold GLover this 3 time all- star has been an elite force for any team he has played for. a top 50 hitter in all categories except SB. He is a welcome addition to any lineup.

2B Luis Amaral 34 6 time all star and 2 time gold glover. Amaral is top 50 in all statistical categories except Homeruns where he still ranks in the top 100.

3B George Harding 34 6 time all star 2 time gold glover. HArding apitimizes grit at the corner. He hait no less than 44 dingers his list 7 seasons in the majors.

SS Darwin Alexander 32 an unheralded SS in his day who never had 1 breakout season. But he was consistant at the plate and in the field where he ranks in the top 50 in Run, RBI, HR, and 2B.

LF Trenidad Beltran 34 3 time all star and the career hits leader for the majors. Beltran sports a lofty .355 career batting average.

CF Tsuyoshi Gonzalez 31 2 time gold glover whose consistansy has him ranked in the top 50 in every category but HR and SB.

RF Matt Shave 27 Youngest member of the all decade team, but he is here for good reason 3 time MVP and an all-star every season he has been in the league. Shave has 4 60+ HR seasons and is a 1st ballot HOF.

SP Gus Tabaka 38 5 time all-star and 2 time 20 game winner. most wins in the AL for the decade, he does sufer from Jack Morris's HOF issue. Is it the team that got all those wins or was it the pitcher.

SP Michael Foster 30 3 time all star and sports a career 3.42 ERA and a lifetime BAA of only .248

SP John Overbay 35 former 20 game winner and 3 time all star. Overbay had the bad luck of pitching most of his career in Coors Stadium. Still ranks near the top in wins for a career at 127.

RP Darryl Sexton 35- 6 time all-star and a former fireman of the year. Sexton has been a dominant force for 10 seasons averaging 50 appearances a year.

RP Jose Jose 31- 4 time all star . Jose has made a career of stabilizing bullpens.

Honorable Mention:

C Luis Belliard 35
1B Sean Fryman 33
Carl King 35
Brace Miller 33
2B Ozzie Watson 36
Harold Valdes 36
Vic Ramirez 33
3B Alex Lopez 32
Pedro Roque 31
Jullian Bonilla 32
SS Vinny Hernandez 29
Albert Frazier 26
LF Del Prieto 27
Hal Taylor 31
Marc Grilli 33
Thomas Campbell 29
CF Mateo Johnson 29
Brandon Slocumb 35
Brady Borders 36
RF Brad Sellers 36
Clarence McDowell 32
SP Louis Suarez 37
Louis Madina 36
SP Lyle Becker 36
Graham Green 32
SP Kiki Soto 31
Bob Hatteberg 31
RP Ellis Watson 29
RP Jeff McKnight 36

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