Monday, December 8, 2008


1. New York Burros
Last Week: 1
Record: 77-35 (13-6)
Expected Win %: .678
Skinny: Bob Mann's 3rd season seems to be his charm. He is on his way to 20 wins with a sub 3 ERA. And he is still not arbitration eligible.

2. San Diego Surf -
Last Week: 2
Record: 70-42 (11-8)
Expected Win %: .610
The Skinny: Overlooked for 6 seasons in the Minors, including by my team. Seop Wan could be the NL Rookie of the Year. He's 6th in the league in run (86) and 3rd in SB (44) and is batting .306

3. Texas Outlaws-
Last Week: 3
Record: 70-42 (11-8)
Expected Win %: .581
The Skinny: after a successful 4 year stint in San Diego, Clay Etherton seems to have lost his way. First in Anaheim and now in Texas. Texas needs him to regain his throw if they want to compete.
4. Burlington Ballbusters-
Last Week: 5
Record: 68-44 (11-8)
Expected Win %: .619
The Skinny: talk about a turnaround they are only 2 games from last season's win total (70) With 50 games to go I bet they make it.

5. Cincinnati Bowties -
Last Week: 4
Record: 68-44 (12-7)
Expected Win %: .614
The Skinny: top 2 strikeout guys in the NL pitch here with Alex Wang and Clarence Patrick with 10 SO leads over the next closest pitcher.

6. Cheyenne Marmots-
Last Week: 7
Record: 63-49 (13-6)
Expected Win %: .531
The Skinny: 1 more stolen base and Chris Durbin has 100 for the season. This is 3rd straight 100 SB season. That would be some kind of record for Ryan.

7. Colorado Springs Organizational Filler-
Last Week: 6
Record: 61-51 (12-7)
Expected Win %: .584
The Skinny: his record doesn't show it but Hi Telgheder is pitching well enough to lead the league is many categories. He is also Arbitration Eligible; he is going to get expensive soon.

8. Atlanta Braves-
Last Week: 9
Record: 62-50 (10-9)
Expected Win %: .524
THE SKINNY: Eugene Walker is one huge reason this team continues to hang in there. His skills are not that of a SS, but as a dominant 3B though.

9. Philadelphia Balboas-
Last Week: 8
Record: 57-55 (9-10)
Expected Win %: .564
The Skinny: RP Orlando Martinez has pitched for 5 seasons has never started and has never thrown less than 100 innings. Pretty impressive reliever.

10. Richmond Revolution-
Last Week: 10
Record: 54-58 (12-7)
Expected Win %: .506
The Skinny: you know you have a good lineup when you can have power hitting DH Aaron Stone sit on your bench with 2 years left on a 3 year deal.

11. Houston Labs -
Last Week: 12
Record: 46-66 (8-11)
Expected Win %: .479
The Skinny: Calvin Coco has been unreal this season. As a rookie he is 7-3 with a 2.10 ERA on a team that is 20 games under .500. Pretty impressive.

12. Florida Marlins -
Last Week: 11
Record: 49-63 (7-12)
Expected Win %: .441
The Skinny: Chili Down's 11 negative plays lead the NL. More impressive is that he has done this in only 42 games. Note to Florida he might not be ready for 2B yet.

13. Rochester Raging Reverends-
Last Week: 15
Record: 39-73 (8-11)
Expected Win %: .402
The Skinny: David Bennett seems to have finally gotten use to the big city of Rochester. His batting average, HR, and RBI's are all up this season to close to career highs. He's still not a guy you want to build a team around.

14. Milwaukee Blues -
Last Week: 13
Record: 40-72 (7-12)
Expected Win %: .367
The Skinny: they need to go 32-18 to match last year's record. I don't see it happening.

15. Minnesota Maulers
Last Week: 14
Record: 36-76 (5-14)
Expected Win %: .310
The Skinny: The trade that brought them, William Stewart should be a good one, but right now Stewart is struggling at the plate batting 50 points lower and is being caught way more frequently when stealing.

Last Week: 16
Record: 28-84 (5-14)
Expected Win %: .242
The Skinny: they need to go 35-15 to avoid their 1st 100 loss season.

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