Monday, December 1, 2008

NL Power Rankings Week 5

1. New York Burros
Last Week: 1
Record: 64-29 (12-6)
Expected Win %: .685
Skinny: okay National Leaguet this is your chance. The Burros are down their Ace and anouther starter. Time to knock this team down a peg. Diaz and Ortiz are going to be a big downgrade. on the other side Bob mann is an incredible 9-1 at home with a 1.94 ERA

2. San Diego Surf -
Last Week: 3
Record: 59-34 (13-5)
Expected Win %: .626
The Skinny: their 40 triples are almost twice as many as the next closest NL team.

3. Texas Outlaws-
Last Week: 2
Record: 59-34 (11-7)
Expected Win %: .566
The Skinny: Talk about an aggressive run team. Texas not only leads the league in stolen bases but has been caught stealling more times than 5 NL teams have stolen bases this season.

4. Cincinnati Bowties -
Last Week: 5
Record: 56-37 (14-4)
Expected Win %: .618
The Skinny: extended their divisional lead to 10 games with a 8 game win streak and huge wins aginst their divison mates.

5. Burlington Ballbusters-
Last Week: 4
Record: 57-36 (11-7)
Expected Win %: .610
The Skinny: As a team Burlington Pitchers are giving up an average of less than 1 hit an inning. Pitching is carrying this team. The QUestion is how long will those old arm hold up.

6. Colorado Springs Organizational Filler-
Last Week: 7
Record: 49-44 (9-9)
Expected Win %: .570
The Skinny: Top power team in the NL has been struggling for 3 weeks now. They climb on spot only as a result of Atlanta's tough week. Other than Hi Telgheder someone needs to take the rock each week and show something consistantly, if this team expects to make the playoffs.

7. Cheyenne Marmots-
Last Week: 8
Record: 50-43 (11-7)
Expected Win %: .512
The Skinny: I still have not bought into Cheyenne, but each week they compete against teams I like better and each week they come out on top. Durbin is having a career year and could be MVP of the NL as he has had to carry this team while teammate Adrian Cassidy struggles to find his stroke.

8. Philadelphia Balboas-
Last Week: 9
Record: 48-45 (11-7)
Expected Win %: .579
The Skinny: should have no trouble staying above .500 the rest of the way. The Balboas' Reliver Babe Rose is a sparkling road warrior allowing a .204 BA on the road with a 1.85 era.

9. Atlanta Braves-
Last Week: 6
Record: 52-41 (8-10)
Expected Win %: .524
THE SKINNY: followed their best week, with one of their worst. Atlanta still has one of the best Bullpens in the NL allowing a league low 20 inherited runners to score out of 79.

10. Richmond Revolution-
Last Week: 10
Record: 42-51 (4-14)
Expected Win %: .489
The Skinny: as predicted I cursed them as they went through their toughest week of the season and knoicked their expected Win percentage under .500 for the 1st time all season. interesting note Louis Medina is 7-1 on the road with a 2.17 era, at home he's 1-7 with a 8.74 era. My guess is he's not a fan favorite.

11. Florida Marlins -
Last Week: 11
Record: 42-51 (6-12)
Expected Win %: .444
The Skinny: Another week another all-star is gone. Stan "the Man" mason packs his bags and heads to the AL. Florida is stocking its minors well for next time, but can we finally say they have given up on S10? Probably not.

12. Houston Labs -
Last Week: 12
Record: 38-55 (10-8)
Expected Win %: .507
The Skinny: Last weeks record is probably closer to how this team should be performing. With a long road ahead the team seems to be buckling down in hopes to overtake a wild card spot. As evident by the trade to get SS Preston Ward (7M) and Rod Sierra (6.9M)

13. Milwaukee Blues -
Last Week: 14
Record: 33-50 (8-10)
Expected Win %: .373
The Skinny: Milwaukee just needs 1 or 2 pitchers to step up and take control of a game. They have had no gamebreakers this season and as a result must be disappointed.

14. Minnesota Maulers
Last Week: 15
Record: 31-62 (7-11)
Expected Win %: .296
The Skinny: its hard to fathom that this team was in a playoff hunt at this time last season.

15. Rochester Raging Reverends-
Last Week: 13
Record: 31-62 (3-15)
Expected Win %: .296
The Skinny: Wheels have come off and frustration is setting in maybe. The Team has already sent top home run and RBI guy Fausto Guzman and his 5M salary to AAA to die.

Last Week: 16
Record: 23-70 (4-14)
Expected Win %: .244
The Skinny: leads the league in both runs allowed and in least runs scored as a team.

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