Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NL Power Rankings Week 2

1. New York Burros
Last Week: 1
Record: 28-11 (12-4)
Expected Win %: .717
Skinny: hottest team in baseball right now. With a pitching staff ERA under 3 (2.77) and Opponents only batting .235 the Burros have exploded to a 10 game win streak, including 2 complete sweeps of usually tough Cincinnati. The matchup to watch for is their 3 game set with Colorado Springs on 11/14.

2. Texas Outlaws-
Last Week: 3
Record: 26-13 (11-5)
Expected Win %: .530
The Skinny: with an easier week ahead the Outlaws should be able to build on their win totals. Their expected win percentage dictates a letdown soon, last season they maintained a playoff spot and a division lead until late in the season. Texas needs to make sure this does not happen again.

3. Colorado Springs Organizational Filler-
Last Week: 2
Record: 24-15 (8-8)
Expected Win %: .688
The Skinny: Toughest week in the NL is coming up for CSP. Drawing 5 straight series versus season 9 playoff teams. Lucky most are home games where they sport a killer .329 batting average.

4. Burlington Ballbusters-
Last Week: 5
Record: 24-15 (11-6)
Expected Win %: .566
The Skinny: second hottest team in their division and a solid week against lowly opponents such as Omaha, Min, and Milwaukee have inflated their win total. A win is a win though and with them the team rises. Against Texas they got swept. Upcoming series versus San Diego, Philadelphia and Florida, Should measure how real this team is. One thing the team will need to address is their abysmal hitting at home, where they bat a sad .231.

5. San Diego Surf -
Last Week: 7
Record: 24-15 (12-4)
Expected Win %: .660
The Skinny: Closer Enrique Martin has struggled mightily this year sporting a 10+ era and a OBA north of .320, he has not been his usual effective self. On a milestone note Thomas Campbell hit his 400 and 401 homeruns last week and is only 85 hits shy of 1500 for his career.

6. Cheyenne Marmots-
Last Week: 6
Record: 25-14 (12-4)
Expected Win %: .633
The Skinny: The definition of a dream lead off hitter is batting .370 with 37 swipes and 7 homers. Ricky Henderson has nothing on Chris Durbin.

7. Cincinnati Bowties -
Last Week: 4
Record: 21-18 (7-9)
Expected Win %: .563
The Skinny: take out their 7 games vs New York and the team was a respectable 6-3 for the week. 7 games versus Cheyenne this week could make or break the week for the each team. One guy that has been showing up in force for the Bowties is 39 year pitcher Matt Pride who sits on top of the NL with a 1.21 ERA and an OAV of .189. Not bad old timer.

8. Atlanta Braves-
Last Week: 8
Record: 20-19 (7-9)
Expected Win %: .476
THE SKINNY: Atlanta’s Catchers are making the games interesting throwing out a league best 45% of potential base stealers. In a League filled with base stealing threats this is amazing. Opposing managers should take note.

9. Richmond Revolution-
Last Week: 10
Record: 19-20 (8-8)
Expected Win %: .511
The Skinny: Rookie LF Nipsey Diaz is struggling batting on .219 with4 homers and 5 stolen bases, If and when he figures it out, the revolution could be a big factor in the playoff race.

10. Philadelphia Balboas-
Last Week: 11
Record: 18-21 (10-6)
Expected Win %: .468
The Skinny: SP Andy Washington is struggling to find the rhythm that leads him to 10 victories in season 9. Already 0-7 with a 6+ era in a pitching dominant league, he might need to be reevaluated and checked for an injury.

11. Florida Marlins -
Last Week: 9
Record: 19-20 (7-9)
Expected Win %: .415
The Skinny: A tough week has Florida dipping in the Rankings, Robert Price has struggled to fill the 5th spot in the rotation and seemed more comfortable in long relief. Congratulations to Paulie Duran and his 1000 career hit and soon to be congratulations to OF Kurt Kotsay who sits 9 stolen bases from 200 for his career.

12. Rochester Raging Reverends-
Last Week: 12
Record: 15-24 (7-9)
Expected Win %: .388
The Skinny: Already involved in 18 1 run games which they have split 9-9 and have had 2 extra inning games. A lot of drama in Rochester for 11 of their 15 wins. They need to get more quality starts out their men, 5 for 40 is completely ridicules.

13. Milwaukee Blues -
Last Week: 14
Record: 13-26 (4-12)
Expected Win %: .389
The Skinny: Featuring one of the worst performing bullpens in the NL they are allowing 60% of inherited runners to score, it could be worse, could be Minnesota I guess.

14. Houston Labs -
Last Week: 16
Record: 12-27 (6-10)
Expected Win %: .449
The Skinny: 4 key injuries have hampered hopes in Houston. The Worst 2 effect a solid rotation with Perkins and Urbine unable to compete. This could be a tough month for the Labs. Their expected win % still shows a competitive team.

Last Week: 13
Record: 12-27 (4-12)
Expected Win %: .336
The Skinny: I remember a time when Fregoe’s teams lead the league in all offensive categories. Heck look at the all-time team leaders and you would see Colorado everywhere. Now they sit on the bottom with a .253 BA and 3rd from last with 33 dingers. Times have changed.

16. Minnesota Maulers
Last Week: 15
Record: 12-27 (3-13)
Expected Win %: .259
The Skinny: I would still argue their pitching is better than the 6.84 ERA they are posting, Ownership needs to wake up and set this rotation and staff correctly. Mike McMillan has appeared in 31 out of 39 games for Minnesota, I’m sure it’s not the result of his stellar 16.20 era and OBA of nearly .400.

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