Monday, November 24, 2008


1. New York Burros
Last Week
: 1
Record: 52-23 (13-6)
Expected Win %: .701
Skinny: I'm tired of telling you all about the pitching here, it's good, it's the reason they win. It's what makes them the favorites. Also note Pedro Osuna is absolutely SICK. Looking back to Season 5, he has had for only 8M and a ML Contract. Cheap by today's standards.

2. Texas Outlaws-
Last Week
: 2
Record: 48-27 (9-10)
Expected Win %: .528
The Skinny:

Pedro Seguignol is a perfect 10-0 this season. The sad truth is he isn't even the best pitcher in the NL this year.

3. San Diego Surf -

Last Week: 3
Record: 46-29 (10-9)
Expected Win %: .615
The Skinny: Seop Wan has been hit by 17 pitches this season the record for a season is 24.

4. Burlington Ballbusters-

Last Week: 5
Record: 46-29 (13-6)
Expected Win %: .594
The Skinny: Might be a tough week ahead without All-star Ken Gibbs. Burlington draws CHEY, TEX, and RIC, before moving to easier prey. On the plus side the team sports a ML best 2.94 Home ERA.

5. Cincinnati Bowties -
Last Week:
Record: 42-33 (11-8)
Expected Win %: .574
The Skinny: Early triple crown alert Brent sheets 2nd in HR (30) 1st in RBI (74) and 4th in BA (.340).

6. Atlanta Braves-
Last Week:
Record: 44-31 (14-5)
Expected Win %: .555
THE SKINNY: Best week in the National League has excited the state of Georgia, who will be looking for their 1st playoff appearance in their 10 year history.

7. Colorado Springs Organizational Filler-
Last Week:
Record: 40-35 (8-11)
Expected Win %: .585
The Skinny: CSP is slipping each week. You only have to turn to their 7-15 1 run game and 2-5 extra inning game record to understand why. Relievers Sefcik and Barajas's ERAs are a fully 2 runs up from last season.

8. Cheyenne Marmots-
Last Week:
Record: 39-36 (8-11)
Expected Win %: .501
The Skinny: Chris Durbin is killing Left handed pitching batting .426 with 6 homers.

9. Philadelphia Balboas-
Last Week
: 11
Record: 37-38 (12-7)
Expected Win %: .533
The Skinny: nice climb up the power ranking as the team is finally coming together. Not unlike The Bombers of S9 this team is a lot better than their record and should be able to compete for a playoff spot this season.

10. Richmond Revolution-

Last Week: 9
Record: 38-37 (10-9)
Expected Win %: .543
The Skinny: could have their 1st winning season as a franchise in history! Sorry probably just jinxed them.

11. Florida Marlins -
Last Week: 10
Record: 36-39 (8-11)
Expected Win %: .480
The Skinny: Florida looks to be packing it up for the season, Trading away Preston Ward and shopping All-star Stan Mason. Florida could still make a run and surprise a few teams as they did last season their bullpen as a unit is solid allowing a league best 16/81 inherited runs to score.


12. Houston Labs -
Last Week:
Record: 28-47 (5-14)
Expected Win %: .464
The Skinny: Interesting, but useless fact Houston has grounded into 4 less double plays than they have infield base hits 44 to 48. The only team to manage that feat.

13. Rochester Raging Reverends-

Last Week: 13
Record: 28-47 (5-14)
Expected Win %: .406
The Skinny: Blew a soft week and only collect 5 wins, in turn they lost ground to the Blues and Maulers in the power ranking. Pitching still needs to be addressed. Starters have a league worse 12/75 quality starts.

14. Milwaukee Blues -
Last Week:
Record: 25-50 (7-12)
Expected Win %: .380
The Skinny: Alvin Embree is batting just under .500 in limited work this season. He leads the league in almost all pinch hitting categories. Might be time to give him an extended look see.

15. Minnesota Maulers
Last Week
: 16
Record: 24-51 (7-12)
Expected Win %: .283
The Skinny:

Matt Matthews has a .303 average but still manages to strikeout a little more than once a game. Quite impressive


Last Week: 15
Record: 19-46 (4-15)
Expected Win %: .278
The Skinny: as a franchise, they have never lost 100 games; I would hate to see that happen this year.

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