Monday, November 17, 2008


1. New York Burros
Last Week
: 1
Record: 39-17 (11-6)
Expected Win %: .672
Skinny: Having to depend on 26th man SP
Jumbo Diaz has cost a normally dominant rotation. Diaz just does not fit the bill of the usual Burros starter. In the long run trading away CF Midre Jordan makes sense, right now though it leave rookie Sergio Koplove with the job while he learns. NY also Sports the only 2 9 game winners in the league.

2. Texas Outlaws-
Last Week
: 2
Record: 39-17 (13-4)
Expected Win %: .562
The Skinny:

As predicted the outlaws made easy work of their week's competition. Their next series with the Burros and later in the week against the Chickens should show where they truly stand. With all this talk coming out of Florida about Mason, maybe the Marlins need to check out Division rival CL
Matt O'Malley who sports a 0.00 era 19/19 saves and a sizzling .171 BAA

3. San Diego Surf -

Last Week: 5
Record: 36-20 (12-5)
Expected Win %: .655
The Skinny:

4. Colorado Springs Organizational Filler-
Last Week:
Record: 32-24 (8-9)
Expected Win %: .625
The Skinny: Exposed this past week as a bit over rated. CSP needs to turn things around this week or they could really tumble down the Power ranking board. SP
Hi Telgheder is not the issue he is 11 or 12 in quality starts to kick off this season. Every other starter is no better than 60%.

5. Burlington Ballbusters-

Last Week: 4
Record: 33-23 (9-8)
Expected Win %: .554
The Skinny: Held their own against better competition, but did not impress anyone this past week. RP
Chris Sears has shown this season why he was a closer for so many seasons he has only allowed 3 of 17 inherited runners to score to lead the league. He seems to have gotten his touch back from 2 disappointing seasons in Las Vegas.

6. Cincinnati Bowties -
Last Week:
Record: 31-25 (10-7)
Expected Win %: .574
The Skinny: 2B
Carlos Hernandez leads the league in Homeruns. After a slow start he has come on strong raising his BA and power numbers. More impressive might be Brent Sheets who is 2nd in the NL in RBI and batting .322 on the season. Cinci like a sleeping giant is waking up.

7. Cheyenne Marmots-
Last Week:
Record: 31-25 (6-11)
Expected Win %: .548
The Skinny: LF
Max Villano leads the league in both 2B and 3B hits, not shabby for a guy that has middle of the road hitting ratings.

8. Atlanta Braves-
Last Week:
Record: 30-26 (10-7)
Expected Win %: .545
Jose Nunez has always been a defensive dynamo, but he is having a career year at the plate so far batting almost .300 with 43 walks. His resurgence has most likely to be credited for Atlanta's plus record.

9. Richmond Revolution-

Last Week: 9
Record: 28-28 (9-8)
Expected Win %: .525
The Skinny: SP
Ryan Hardy is not a legitimate #2 anywhere. Pitching is going to be this team's downfall this year. If they want to compete they will need to get at least 1 more quality pitcher to throw on the mound every 5 days. If not I think this is a .500 team at best

10. Florida Marlins -
Last Week: 11
Record: 28-28 (9-8)
Expected Win %: .479
The Skinny: The recent 5 game skid has put a damper on a pretty solid week. Florida needs to identify what ever funk 3B
Kennie Punto has been in for the past 2 seasons and exercise those demons.
They have 3 favorable series coming up before they get a real test with OC to round out the week.

11. Philadelphia Balboas-
Last Week
: 10
Record: 25-31 (7-10)
Expected Win %: .465
The Skinny: Along with Florida this season has been tough, everything they do seem to backfire and they aren't getting the lucky bounces. It's hard to identify one major issue. Fun Fact 1/3 of
Vicente Johnson's hits have been infield singles scary if you have a lot of base runners s on when the guy comes up to the plate. His speed and base running should come in handy in a few seasons if Phil sticks with him.

12. Houston Labs -
Last Week:
Record: 23-33 (11-6)
Expected Win %: .502
The Skinny: Slowly but surely climbing out of the depths of the basement. They do pile on their 5th member to the DL as their starting 3B goes down for a spell. With the Addition of Midre Jordan this team should continue to climb and is a legitimate contender this year for a playoff spot.

13. Rochester Raging Reverends-

Last Week: 12
Record: 23-33 (8-9)
Expected Win %: .420
The Skinny: With Florida being their biggest test of the week they should have a decent week ahead. They are going to need to get their pitching staff straightened out if they want to compete. With no starter under 5.22 era they just can not compete.

14. Milwaukee Blues -
Last Week:
Record: 18-38 (5-12)
Expected Win %: .379
The Skinny: Part of the problem with the bullpen might be depth in the pitching staff Ellis Small can be an effective reliever if he does not have to pitch tired.


Last Week: 15
Record: 15-41 (3-14)
Expected Win %: .294
The Skinny: The Recent trade of SS Mateo Johnson puts Mark Brown and Rod Lewis as the most prominent hitter left in the everyday lineup. Playing for Season 11!

16. Minnesota Maulers
Last Week
: 16
Record: 17-39 (5-12)
Expected Win %: .256
The Skinny:

Mike McMillan, Believe it or not, blew out his arm last week. No update on who will now appear in every game for the hapless Maulers, but my money is on equally overworked
Moises Tavarez.

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