Saturday, July 12, 2008

Top Ten 2B Prospect Season 9

2B Prospects (last season ranking)

1. Johnny Stroud-NY2 (1)- time to be turned loose on the ML
2. Clay Cambridge-LV (NR) - 12th overall pick in season 8 Draft
3. Brett Sager-NY2 (2) - career OPS 1.021r
4. Enrique Chantres-CSP (3) set career highs in all statistics last season in AAA
5. Tony Bravo-CSP (NR)- 16.7M landed Bravo in America
6. Stephen Dreifort-BAL (NR) - 3rd overall pick in S8 draft
7. Arthur Worthington-MIL(7) defensively might be astrong CFer
8. Bartolo Ozuna-NY1 (NR) slap hitting speedster he almost made the list last season
9. Robert Schultz-RIC (8) - Avg nearly 40 doubles a season
10. Ralph Lee-NY2 (NR) - Defense might move him to the OF his bat is nice though


Anonymous said...

I have another upcoming gem in Nipsey Diaz who will be ready next year. Not sure if you overlooked him.

btkantz said...

I show Nippsey getting his starts in LF you will find him there.