Friday, July 11, 2008

Top 10 Catcher Prospects Season 9

Catchers (last season’s rank)
1. J.P. Santiago- NY2 (1) 4th year man looking for a shot thing season
2. Glenn Gibson- csp (6) 2nd year and a deserved jump up the list
3. Edgardo Martinez-SD (4) 8th year man solid but a light hitter
4. Omar Carrara-CSP (9) batted .350 with 28 dongers in AA
5. Vance Buchanan-CIN (NR) 4 seasons 3 years at LoA not going to give you alot of games.
6. Davey Santana- ARI (NR) 1st year 11th overall pick in S8 draft
7. Magglio Silva- CSP (7) 2nd season guy who put up 27 hrs in AA
8. Artie Hausmann-LV (NR) 4th year man left hand platoon but tough behind the dish
9. Chris Bush-MAD (NR) 5th year man stamina holds him back 214 is is career max ab a season
10. Charlie Marion-MONT (NR) 17th overal pick in S8

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