Saturday, July 12, 2008

TOP 10 3B Prospects Season 9

3B Prospects (last season ranking)

1. Max Mills-NY1(NR) - previously ranked as a SS but his skills better mesh here
2. Walt Harris-CSP (NR) - 22nd pick in the S8 Draft
3. Bip Williams-NY2 (NR) - 4th year man who might get away at SS.
4. Minnie Coleman-WIC(5) 2 years in WIC's system he has gotten no few than 160RBI a season
5. Gil Rhodes-MAD (NR) - 31st pick in the S8 Draft
6. Haywood Woods-WIC (1) 5 years and still no sniff of ML action
7. Jerry Robinson-CIN(6) additional year at LoA might stunt him some
8. Joshua Murray-CHI (NR) - pick 20th overall in S8 Draft
9. Erik Blackley-CSP (NR) - Power hitter who might toil in the minors for time.
10. Chuck Blasingame-FLA (NR) - 19th pick in S8 Draft

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