Saturday, July 12, 2008

Top 10 SS Peospects Season 9

SS Prospects (last season ranking)

1. Pedro Cela-CSP-(NR) - 140 rbi in 1 full season of work
2. Jose Park-OC-(NR) - maybe a year away from a long ML career
3. Luis Matos-NY2-(2) 31 hrs in AA and a good approach at the plate
4. Julio Amezaga-CHY (NR)- 9.3M International FA
5.Dennis Lockwood-Bal(3) Defensively he's an all-star
6. Roosevelt Murphy-SD(4)-Avg 125 rbi a season in 4 years of Minor league ball
7. Ivan Spehr-STL(6) - called up to the big leagues this season for his shot
8. Deivi Infante-BOS(7) - 20 Ml games already under his belt
9. Dennys Leonard-CSP(NR) 1sr year denfensive wizard
10. Everett Rodgers-LV(NR) - Defensively he will struggle but he will hit the long ball


Jack said...

Any particular reason Espada isn't on here? Wasn't on last year's either, I presume he got too many ABs in the bigs to qualify this time around? He's very hurt, I tell ya.

btkantz said...

he's a major leaguer now. I usually exempt any one who's on a ML roster or has more than 150 AB.

As for last season he was an oversight