Monday, May 24, 2010


  1. New York NL (1) It has been 10 season's since New York has had an ER over 4 (4.03 S6) Right now they sit at 4.26. The Focus of the new owner is starting to show as the offense seems to be driving the game in New York now days. RATING 510.5 (-28)
  2. Chicago (5) Wolves benefit from a change in the fielding rating to include +/- rankings. Where they dominate with a +23 fielding rating overall. RATING 491 (+29)
  3. Louisville (4) – 1 game over .500 yet the power ranking machine says this team is the real deal. If EXP Win % (.607) is an indicator to where this team should be then maybe this team needs to wake up and stat living to potential. RATING 479.5 (+10)
  4. Toledo (3) Toledo makes a big splash with a trade for All-Star Sp Pedro Seguignol who is finding the AL just as tough as he remembered where his career ERA is 1 point higher. He should settle in start winning soon enough. The question will be what does the future hold with Pedro in Toledo for the next 3 seasons. RATING 479 (-2)
  5. Vancouver (6). The Pitching has been performing well despite Alex Wang's unusual struggles with control. When he gets back on track fully this team should soar. RATING 469 (+34)
  6. New York AL (2) 5 seasons ago when Daryle Davis was signed the Bombers had high hopes for him. In his first season he went 15-7, since then he was been mediocre for New York. Now comes this seasons he's a perfect 6-0 with a 1.91 ERA and an early favorite for the Al Cy Young RATING 449.5 (-53)
  7. Colorado (7) Personal note for Clarence Thompson, The Green Light for Stolen bases is for the younger faster guys. Clarence Thompson has lost enough of a step that his poor base running is catching up to him on the base paths. RATING 447 (+20.5)
  8. Memphis (13) -Best home record in the league at 17-6 while only post a 7-9 record on the road. A 7 game road trip versus sub-500 teams should show if it's the road or the quality of opponents that are causing this difference. RATING 436.5 (+93)
  9. Texas (25) – 11-8 record for the week might not justify this huge jump alone, but they did throw 2 shutouts and only lost 1 series (to Vancouver just recently) RATING 426 (+155.5)
  10. Madison (9-) Brett Sanders leads the league in Home Runs with 18, but the real surprise might be Tony Jacquez, 4th with 14 who seems to have gotten his power swing back in full force. – RATING 398.5 (+6)
  11. Salem (8) Outside of Angel Mateo the pitching staff has been really pedestrian this season. If they hope to take this division they will need to be able to lean more heavily on pitching. RATING 397 (-2.5)
  12. Kansas City (11) SP Andres Ramirez's arm has not looked right all season. Last week it was determined he had major ligament damage in his throwing elbow. He will be shelved for the remained of the season. RATING 377.5 (+29.5)
  13. Cheyenne (10) – It appears last season was no fluke Edwardo Feliz is back after countless elbow ailments the past few seasons that threatened his career. Feliz has been able to sport a 2.55 ERA so far this season. RATING 370.5 (-16.5)
  14. Colorado Springs (17) Sp Pokey West seems poised to build on Last season successful 16-4 campaign with a 2.89 Era already he is 3-4 with a 2.44 ERA. RATING 364 (+51.5)
  15. Las Vegas (12) OF Del Prieto is usually a pretty contestant .290 hitter with good power and speed. This year he is showing none of those attributes. Batting a lowly .223 6 hr and 11 stolen bases. RATING 357.5 (+11.5)
  16. Philadelphia (14) - I thought LF Harry Vosberg's career was over a few seasons back, but he seems to have reinvented himself as a valuable role player in the NL. His bat seems to be sharp this season, gone might be his 30_ home run seasons, but the old man can still hit. RATING 340.5 (+2.5)
  17. Columbus (18) SS Tyler O'Neil has regressed to his Milwaukee days and is averaging a strike out every third at bat for the season. On paper he should be able to get this number down quite a bit. RATING 311.5 (-.5)
  18. Cincinnati (23) I loved Tony Funaki for his defense and was reluctant to trade him away because of it. But I never expected him to be an early favorite for NL ROY. He's batting .336 with 7 home run and 7 stolen bases already this season. As the leadoff man in Cincinnati. RATING 306 (+27.5)
  19. Norfolk (20) SP Trenidad O'Donnell is living up to expectations. Compiling a 3-2 record with 47 strikeouts in 58.2 innings of work. He looks like he could be the Savior Norfolk needs on their pitching staff.– RATING 290.5 (-12)
  20. Austin (16) Calvin Coco has reinvented himself into a quite spectacular relieve pitcher. As a starter he found good success in his career, but durability issues seem to haunt him. Now Austin needs to find a way to maximize his usage in games to exploit his arm. –RATING 271 (-60)
  21. Salt Lake City (30) 7 game win streak makes you wonder how much better this team would be if the owner could check in more than every other day. RATING 268.5 (+102.5)
  22. Houston (24) LF Fergie Wickman blew through the minors and seems to have ML pitching figured out in his first go around of the league. Now that some scouting reports are out on him. Let's see how he holds up. RATING 260 (-18)
  23. Pittsburgh (28) – Both Angel Duran and Diego Cruz have looked good since the trade that brought them here. The change seems to be a welcome one for the team who as a result of a more rounded pitching attack moved up the power rankings 5 notches. RATING 247 (+37.5)
  24. Milwaukee (19- ) - 6 qualities starts out of 29 gives the team a good indicator where the problems might lie in Milwaukee. On the contrary the pen has only allowed 8 out of 45 inherited runs to score. RATING 242.5 (-69.5)
  25. Monterrey (21) – After a tough Negotiation 3B Sam Miller has signed a 4 year contract extension basically locking Sam up his career in Monterrey, a franchise he has spent all but 1 season playing for. RATING 224.5 (-73)
  26. Minnesota (27) - The hitting has been doing quite well this season, but the pitching has been truly an enigma. Roy Robinson is pitching well below his standards throwing up a 7+ era in 8 starts. he seems to have regressed to the level of the rest of the starting staff. Job had to hope that would work the other way where the rest of the bottom of the barrel staff rose to his level. RATING 220.5 (-13.5)
  27. Florida (29) this will be the last week where last season's standings mattered. Without out that boost and they way Florida's hitting they might further sink in the rankings next week. Time to wake up guys and hit the ball. RATING 209.5 (+30)
  28. Washington D.C. (26) if this team can get the hitting going for Ryan Perry they could start to threaten the division. Perry has been huge this season leading the league in Strike outs and posting a 3.36 ERA –RATING 204.5 (-59.5)
  29. Burlington (22) Trying to find a place on the team for both 2B Joe Norton (coming off the DL) who had a hot start to the season before injury derailed him, and Prospect Iago Silva who has filled in nicely as a utility player as well as playing 2B. –RATING 200 (-80.5)
  30. St Louis (32) CF Lawrence Hutton is trying to build on a so-so rookie campaign. He is performing about the same this season though, again a disappointment to the fans in St. Louis who have had high hopes for the youngster
    RATING 195.5 (+55.5)
  31. Durham (15) 6-12 in the last 2 weeks puts the team 5 games under .500 and tumbles the team down the power rankings. Watch for them to dust themselves off and start a climb back up, Might never see 15 this season again though. RATING 189 (-143)
  32. Atlanta (31) The Sole bright spot in this young season might be the play of 2B Gabby Sanford who is batting .332 with 8 hr and 13 SB, at this pace he should threaten his career highs. RATING 133.5 (-28)

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