Friday, May 14, 2010

10 Questions with McCoy’s Raucous

Q: Our readers are dying to know how is it that you came up with the franchise's name. Are you hoping that the Hatfields join up so you can have a real feud?
A: It was named after the John McCoy, who is the father of Kansas City.

Q: The McCoys have enjoyed quite a bit of success under your stewardship, having a winning record 12 out of the past 13 years, winning the division title four times along with two World Series rings. Recently the McCoys have been slumping although payroll seems to have held steady, How are you reassume the Kansas City Faithful and the press that things will turn around.
A: The only plan I have is blackmail. I have some great pictures of Ewell Carasone (owner) with a pig. The McCoys need to get out of salary cap hell that I created for last season and this one.

Q: Which McCoys player, past or present, have the fans in Kansas City been most fond of, and why?
A: Their favorite player is Dick Sparks. They like to see the Dick catch fire, but last season it didn't spark at all. They also liked Donzell Cookson, David Seanez, Gil Davenport, D'Angelo Guevara, Mark Swift, and Shawn Cust.

Q: Which McCoy player, past or present, the fans have the highest hopes for, only to have them dashed by poor performance?
A: George Harding. Here is a guy who is a borderline HOF, yet he suffered from Coloradoitis. Also Butch Brush never seemed to get it together.

Q: Which AL team do you consider to be your biggest rival?
A: It used to be the Oklahoma City Chickens. Edric used to beat the crap out of us all the time.

Q: What prospect in your system do you have the highest hopes for?
A: My rule 5 pick from last year, Felipe Melendez. .he has been safely been dropped back into AAA for some more seasoning. Hopefully his elbow and his control problems will go away.

Q What trade have you made that you have the most regrets over?
A: I just perused my trades and I don't know if I have one. It could be a trade with the Ball Busters (now the Pirates) in season 10 where I gave up Kenny Foster for Willie Tavarez. This year is the proving grounds for Willie. If he bombs again, then I will regret this trade.

Q: What trade have you made that you feel has helped your team the most?
A: The trade I made with Edric back in seaon 5. I traded Dennis Gilbert to them for C Lariel Almanza and 2b Brian Mecir. Mecir has been a main player in my lineup for the last 8 seasons and Almanza really vaulted me to the WS championship in season 6. I really haven't had a catcher like him since.

Q: What free agent signing has been your best and worst?
A: The best one was my love, David Seanez. I paid a 6 mil bonus way back in season 2 to sign the IFA and I haven't regretted it. My worst one was George Harding.

Q: What players on your team (past/present) have had the best nicknames?
A: Boom-Boom Butch Brush. The ball always left the park when he pitched.

Q: What player on your team has the best theme music?
A: Adrian Cassidy. When he dusts himself off the bench, he comes out with –"I'm Super" from Big Gay Al.

Q: In closing, please list the players who have played on your team that you feel are Hall of Fame worthy?
A: Dude Reed, George Harding, Tony Kelly, Shawn Cust, and Chris Sears. D'Angelo Guevara and David Seanez will join the group when they are done.

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