Wednesday, May 19, 2010


  1. New York NL (-) …The meek shall inherit the Earth. And sign Matt Shave in the Off Season and not only lead the league in Pitching but in hitting as well. RATING 538.5
  2. New York AL (-) If you had to name a catalyst for the rise of Bomber bomb, you might need to give new 2B Nipsey Diaz a shout. He is batting .342 with 6 home runs while providing solid defense in the field. Guess you have to expect some bang for your buck when you pay 24M this season. RATING 502.5
  3. Toledo (-) interesting fact: Holy Pitchers have picked off 6 base runners so far this season to lead the league. RATING 481
  4. Louisville (-) – Half the batting order seems to be carrying the other half. 5 starters batting .300+ 4 below .250 (3 below .200)
    RATING 469.5
  5. Chicago (-) the bullpen has been outstanding shutting down opponents and closing the door on games. The starting pitching is still feeling their way around. Nate House has been quite inept this season with a 1080 ERA in 5 starts. RATING 462
  6. Vancouver (-). Batting 100 points higher at home (.301) then on the road (.203) RATING 435
  7. Colorado (-) The Bullpen is struggling to hold the lead late in games as a unit they are 7 for 14 in save situations. RP Andres Osuna has a 14.34 ERA through 13 games and 10.2 innings. Batters seem to be teeing off of him this season. RATING 426.5
  8. Salem (-) The Starting pitching has kept the team in games and allowing them to win. The bullpen seems to be struggling on anything close. Salem has to hope they can get better production out of Delgado, Trammell and Li if they want to stay above .500 this season.-
    RATING 399.5
  9. Madison (--) Pitching was revamped for S16 bringing in 4 new starters. Most of which who are fly ball pitchers. In retrospect not so smart in a bandbox stadium.–
    RATING 392.5
  10. Cheyenne (-) –2B Chris Durbin is still swinging near the top of the league after his near MVP season last year. Batting .370 with 18 stolen bases RATING 387
  11. Kansas City (-) Here's a telling sign 0 plus plays and 17 minus plays in the field. The McCoys basically field a damn good softball team. –RATING 348
  12. Las Vegas (-) CL Cookie Espinosa- has brought his A game in his sophomore effort as team closer. A perfect 10 for 10 in saves with a .90 ERA –RATING 346
  13. Memphis (-) Losing 1B Kimera Newman early in the season has limited the Amon-Ra offense. Newman regularly contributes 30+ homerun and 100_ RBI a season. Big hole to fill for the next month of the season. RATING 343.5
  14. Philadelphia (-) - RF Valerio Guillen, overlooked for NL MVP, seems like he has a big chip on his shoulder already batting .340 with 11 dingers. He is not relenting on the race this season. RATING 338
  15. Durham (-) 10th in the league in plate appearances and yet the Bulls still have been issues zero intentional passes this season. Talk about no respect for a team's hitters. RATING 332
  16. Austin (-) –When you pay a guy 24.5M you have to expect he is going to perform. Hi Tegheder has done just that. 3-0 with a .87 WHIP and a 1.48 ERA RATING 331
  17. Colorado Springs (-) Pitching has been surprisingly good this season without Ace Hi Telgheder. It will be interesting to see how they hold up the rest of the season. RATING 312.5
  18. Columbus (-) 2B Bernie Martinez set the bar high with his breakthrough sophomore effort last season where he batted over .300 13 hr and 73 RBI. This season he is battling the Mendoza line at .194 with 3 HR. RATING 312
  19. Milwaukee (-) - LF Harvey Carson leads the league in Home runs with a .348 batting average. He has ignited the normally passive Blue offense as a result He is on the trade block. RATING 311.5
  20. Norfolk (-)Rule 5 RP Richard Martin is finding the adjustment from AA to ML a little tougher than he expected. His OBA of .382 and ERA north of 9.75 are good indicators that he should be buried at the end of the bench until he's ready. RATING 302.5
  21. Monterrey (-) – Rookie LF Emil Reynoso despite his .316 batting average is also leading the league in strike outs amassing 30 strikeouts already in 98 at bats. RATING 297.5
  22. Burlington (-) the pre-season Knee injury to SS Steven Jenner takes a big bat out of the ballbuster lineup. Although Jenner isn't the player he was 5 seasons ago, he still is a solid force for a team to lean on.–RATING 280.5
  23. Cincinnati (-) Nice turn around in Cincinnati who have played tough in a number of high pressure games. They have already played 13 I run games amassing a 10-3 record. The Bullpen will not be able to maintain them with the workload they are carrying so there needs to be caution for the future. RATING 278.5
  24. Houston (-) The Buffs have thrown out 41% of potential base stealers. RATING 278
  25. Texas (-) LF Trevor Jackson seems to have aged a20 years. He has been sluggish on the base path and seems to have developed a bigger hole in his swing. He seems to have the skills to rebound, Texas might not be able to wait for that to happen.–RATING 270.5
  26. Washington D.C. (-) As poor as RP David Montanez appears to be pitching this season ( 25 hits in 16.1 innings 6.61 ERA) he has only let 4 of 16 inherited runners score. He seems to be being used in some high pressure situations and is performing pretty well. –RATING 264
  27. Minnesota (-) Team ERA is 6.63 more than 1 run higher than the next worst team. Carson Forest struggled in the start of the season, but seems to be improving as the season progresses. One item to watch is the high walk totals Minnesota is handing out.-
    RATING 234
  28. Pittsburgh (-) Roy Parks (BA .194) is definitely in the league for his defense, but you still would hope he batted his playing weight .216. – RATING 209.5
  29. Florida (-) Hitting has been a major concern. Randolph has been a consistent .280 hitter for his career is batting a flat .218 Candy Zoltan a career .303 hitter is batting .223 and Victor Rios a career .260 batter is hitting a lowly .168. They need to shake these boys up. RATING 179.5
  30. Salt Lake City (-) RP Fred Taylor has never found a groove in Salt Lake City. He leads the league in walks with 22 while only striking out 12 in 17 innings of work this year. Not a great way to stay employed. RATING166
  31. Atlanta (-) Gabby Sanford has been impressive with his .410 batting average. He has already ran a 20 game hit streak in this young season. RATING 163.5
  32. St Louis (-) 9 of their 10 wins have come in save situations. Making those wins nail biters. St. Louis has only blown 3 save opportunities this season. RATING 138

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