Monday, June 9, 2008


  1. Previous Week: 1

    Record: 83-40 (15-5)

    Expected Win%: .708

    News/Notes: at the beginning of the season I made a prediction on wins of 86. The team still can go 3-36 to close out the year. Okay… I was wrong. The Burros make the adjustments and have the pitching to blanket any opponent.

    Magic Number: 16 to clinch division




  2. Previous Week: 2

    Record: 75-48 (10-8)

    Expected Win%: .629

    News/Notes: Jim Walker just broke Brandon Dunston's 6 year old record of stolen bases in a season season (92). Walker currently has 107 with 39 games to go.

    Magic Number: 24 to clinch division


  3. Previous Week: 3

    Record: 74-48 (15-4)

    Expected Win%:.596

    News/Notes: The team's 44 saves are more than 6 teams have won at all this year.

    Magic Number: 33 to clinch playoff spot



  4. Previous Week: 4

    Record: 70-52 (13-6)

    Expected Win%: .551

    News/Notes: At 37 P
    Matthew Pride has had the greatest swing career in the history of the game. He has successfully started, closed, and just plain played the game. Career 3.65 era with over 60 wins and 40 saves.

    Magic Number: 33 to clinch division


  5. Previous Week: 5

    Record: 68-55 (14-6)

    Expected Win%: .575

    News/Notes: 3B Luis Amaral's picked the perfect time for a career year. In the last year of his deal, he is batting .340 with over 100 rbi 40 steals, and 20 hrs. Could get a multi-year deal as a result.

    Magic Number: 35 from clinching wild card


  6. Previous Week: 6

    Record: 68-54 (11-7)

    Expected Win%: .551

    News/Notes: LF Jesse Walton should be in contention for the rookie of the year not only for his batting statistics (30hr 77rbi .294) but for his solid replacement former Hawk Powell

    Magic Number: 36 from clinching wild card



  7. Previous Week: 7

    Record: 64-59 (10-10)

    Expected Win%:.540

    News/Notes: After a year on the DL RP Darryl Sexton is coming back to form, before he was injured he was an elite closer, he is now just a top line reliever. With a 3.40 era and a BAA .188

    Magic Number: 40 from clinching wild card.


  1. Previous Week: 11

    Record: 60-62 (10-8)

    Expected Win%: .477

    News/Notes: Preston Ward leads all fielders with 30 errors

    Magic Number: 44 from wild card


  2. Previous Week: 9

    Record: 59-64 (7-12)

    Expected Win%: .541

    News/Notes: The Labradors are the biggest enigma in baseball. They sport an expected win percentage of .050 higher than their record. They need to start living up to expectations or it's over quickly.

    Magic Number: 45 from wild card


  3. Previous Week: 9

    Record: 60-63 (10-10)

    Expected Win%:.470

    News/Notes: SP Graham Green's next win will be his 100th career win.

    Magic Number: 32 from elimination


  4. Previous Week: 10

    Record: 58-65 (9-11)

    Expected Win%: .502

    News/Notes: Sp Matt Dougherty must be scratching his head after 23 starts and 9 wins with an ERA of 4.88 he is sent packing to the farm. Good luck next year!

    Magic Number: 30 from elimination


  5. Previous Week: 12

    Record: 54-68 (7-11)

    Expected Win%: .404

    News/Notes: 26 year old SP Pedro Barcelo has shown improvement each year he has been with Richmond. Sporting a 3.91 era is not bad on any team.

    Magic Number: 25 from elimination


  6. Previous Week: 14

    Record: 53-70 (10-9)

    Expected Win%: .377

    News/Notes: Forget Vic Mullens,
    Trenidad Beltran's resume for the hall of fame: 1st in career hits (1592)11th career hrs (286) 4th in career RBI (989) 4th in career Runs (1032) 5th in career 2B (298) and a career .363 batting average. Check your ballots

    Magic Number: 24 for the wild card elimination


  7. Previous Week: 13

    Record: 47-75 (5-14)

    Expected Win%: .389

    News/Notes: SS Jumbo Geuerrero was once suppose to be the elite SS in the league, he has never lived up to that hype, Next season he will be a free agent and won't be getting another 5 year 16m a year deal.

    Magic Number: 18 from elimination


  8. Previous Week: 15

    Record: 44-78 (7-11)

    Expected Win%: .374

    News/Notes: Most strike outs for a team is 1247 (Durham bulls S7). The blues might challenge that they are at 1013 with 38 games left. They need to average 6 strikeouts a game to accomplish this feat. Their current pace is more than 8 a game.

    Magic Number: 15 from elimination


  9. Previous Week: 16

    Record: 37-85 (3-15)

    Expected Win%: .303

    News/Notes: Even as bad as this team is doing, they still are only 2 games from passing last season's win total. Improvement?

    Magic Number: 8 for elimination from the playoffs

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