Thursday, June 24, 2010

Power rankings Week 4 S16

1. Toledo (1) 1B Pedro Osuna, Toledo's latest toy is batting 100 points higher for Toledo than for Burlington. He seems to have found his place in the middle of the Holy's big bat offense. RATING 542.5 (-7)

2. New York NL (4) SP Shayne Nagy is suffering through his worst season to date only managing a 4.04 ERA and an 8-9 record. Expect him to turn it on late in the season and rattle off a number of wins RATING 514.875 (+7.65)

3. Chicago (2) Jose Blasco has flown under the radar in the Al Cy Young race. He's 15-4 with a sparkling 2.38 era and 110 SO through 159 innings pitched. He has been completely dominant on the mound this season.–RATING 502.25 523 (-11.75)

4. Madison (3) DH Casey Kaline needs just 2 homeruns this season to reach the 20/20 club for the 14th season. Missing it the last 2 seasons during a power outage. RATING 498 (-17.75)

5. New York AL (8) Personally you have to root for Yamid Martinez to get 2 more home runs so all the positional players on NY's roster with 100+ At bats can have 10 or more home runs. That would be quite a balanced feat for any team.
RATING 490.375 (+25.250)

6. Colorado (6) 3 out of the top 4 guys in batting average hit for the Mile High Club, Delino Frias, Lucas Martin, Robert Schultz. RATING 482.25 (+1.25)

7. Texas (9) –I'm not sure if Danny Young is eligible for NL ROY, but if he is he should be considered. A 15-3 record with a 3.13 ERA and 125 SO on the season. Not bad numbers and a good reason Texas is in the thick of things. RATING 470.25 (+11.25)

8. Vancouver (7). Top 4 in all offensive categories, but near the bottom in many of the measurable pitching and fielding ratings. With their talent this could be corrected quickly. RATING 441 (-34.75)

9. Louisville (5) – LF Edgar Nunez- as a rookie has amassed over 150 hits already on this season. If he pulls off 200 I think he would be hard to skip over for AL ROY. RATING 434.5 (-52.5)

10. Salem (11) CL Otis Trammell is playing his way out of a closer role. He is getting hit to the tune of a .329 OBA and is giving up almost 2 hits an inning for a Whip Hovering around 1.76. Not good numbers for a closer on a team deep in the heart of contention. RATING 414.25 (-6.375)

11. Memphis (12) Near polar opposite of Vancouver, There pitching in near the top of the league, but they can't buy a hit right now. RATING 386 (-17.5)

12. Kansas City (10) an injury to LF Al Astacio puts a hole in the Kc offense. His consistent bat will be missed for this season. I'm not sure he will recover enough to merit his $5.7M salary for next season. For this season the McCoy's bring in Veteran bat Bill Sodowsky to fill the void. RATING 374 (-47.5)

13. Colorado Springs (13)
CL Santos Cedeno has shown better form the last 2 weeks after a dismal outing against the NY Dolls. If he can hold form it should give CSP the boost they need for a playoff run.
RATING 367.75 (-29.5)

14. Philadelphia (19) –After spending 15 days in the minors to work on some issues Ronnie Gonzales returns to the pen. From my point of view, you are hoping for a miracle if you are leaning on Gonzales to provide your team much. RATING 354.375 (+13.125)

15. Salt Lake City (18) steadily climbing the power rankings. Leads the league in 2-baggers and making do with their makeshift pitching staff. RATING 354 (+56.125)

16. Columbus (14) Pitching seems to have picked it up a notch and if it continues might be the difference maker to winning the division. A tough road lies ahead as Columbus will need to plow through the NL West this next week. RATING 342.5 (-15.125)

17. St Louis (21) 2B Alejandro Perez has finally settled into the St. Louis Lineup. After 3 subpar seasons he is now batting almost .280 with 19 HRs. Numbers comparable to his Madison days. RATING 332.625 (+75.5)

18. Austin (27) RP Tito Hicks has been lights out outstanding this season. He has posted a sub 2 ERA all season and has a respectable 5-1 record.
RATING 311 (+80.25)

19. Cheyenne (15). SP Kiki Soto might be shelved for the remainder of the regular season with a shoulder injury. His presence will be missed on the top of the rotation. The Marmots brought up Santiago Almanza to fill the hole. Almanza is a 4 year veteran of AAA for a reason. RATING 301.75 (-37.125)

20. Florida (26) Pitchers Cecil Dale, Justin Harding, and David Bennett should be ready for be shipped back to the minors. Jimmie Day's days might also be numbered. All of them need to present less than 6 ERA's if Florida wants to play professional baseball this season. RATING 295.625 (+56.125)

21. Monterrey (22) – Pasqual Concepcion who has pitched for the veteran minimum the last 2 seasons signed a 1 year 1.4M extension. For this aging veteran I'm not sure what that thought was. . RATING 289.875 (+36.65)

22. Milwaukee (29) – 8 games over .500 at home but 13 games under .500 on the road. Need to get rid of that road whoa if they want to make a last ditch effort for the division. RATING 289 (+69.25)

23. Cincinnati (17) still holding on the NL North division, unless they can hold the parts together for a few more weeks it will be a tough road. Both Philly and Columbus have been underperforming and could give Cinci trouble. RATING 287 (-29.375)

24. Las Vegas (16) LF Del Prieto's long awaited return should be next week, his offense is sorely missed in LFV and they need him to come out swinging if they want to make any traction for the Wild Card race. RATING 265.875 (-69.5)

25. Washington D.C. (28) SP Trent Boone in 3 seasons has been one of the least predictable pitchers on the mound. He will either walk you or strike you out. A patient hitter seems to eat him up. Get him on a god day and he might just dominate the game. RATING 264.625 (+38)

26. Minnesota (21) the future is now in Minnesota as they promoted uber international prospects Jose Ayala and Jose Shinjo. To see how they handle the Ml. RATING 220.75 (+43.75)

27. Norfolk (20) SS Willie Tavarez is showing that last seasons's .270 10hr47RBI performance was a fluke. He is grounded back to earth batting .210 with 2 HR in reduced action. RATING 219.625 (-49.35)

28. Burlington (23) Frank "the tank" Davis makes his return visit to the Big League club. Where in his first call up he hit a dismal .150. Don't expect too much from Frank in his return. RATING 217.75 (-26)

29. Houston (24) Welcome back Steve McDonald who spent the past 2 weeks in the minors working on his mechanics. He should provide a consistent presence in the rotation or in relief. RATING 211 (-31.25)

30. Pittsburgh (25) Asking a little too much out of C Roy Parks this season. Parks has been a solid Defensive replacement, but has proven once again he's not a good fit at the plate as the everyday guy.–RATING 191.375 (-50. 825)

31. Durham (30). Working on being the worst pitching and fielding team in the league. They need to correct the pitching issues. Claiming Julio Vargas from Toledo is a good start to add a quality arm in the long relief. RATING 172.25 (-9.75)

32. Atlanta (32). Officially could be eliminated from the playoffs this week. Tragic Number is 17. RATING 119 (+.5)

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