Sunday, June 6, 2010

Power rankings Week 3 S16

  1. Toledo (4) In the first announcement of AL all-stars Toledo has 7 members named to the team(including 5 position top vote getters) , leading the AL Nominations RATING 549.5 (+70.5)
  2. Chicago (2) Spreading the Offense around. The Wolves have 3 guys with 20+ home run and 4 with 50+ RBI. This is pretty great balance. –RATING 523 (+32)
  3. Madison (10) Pitching is more than a run and 1/2/ better on the road then at home (3.65 vs. 5.26) RATING 515.75 (+117.25)
  4. New York NL (1) Just swept by Milwaukee which either illustrates the improvement of Milwaukee or a glitch in New York. RATING 507.25 (-3.25)
  5. Louisville (3) – 14-4 in their past 2 games. They continue to show their record is no fluke and they are legitimate threats to take the AL. RATING 487 (+7.5)
  6. Colorado (7) The Mile Highers have an unheard of .352 home batting average as a team. The #2 team Vancouver is 50 points lower. RATING 483.5 (+36.5
  7. Vancouver (5). 6.4M coaching budget might be the reason this team isn't moving quickly up the power rankings. They have the smallest Coaching staff budget at 6.2M yet here they are near the top of the rankings. RATING 475.75 (+6.75)
  8. New York AL (6) Rp Howie Oliver- Had a breakthrough season last year, but came crashing down to earth this season with a 7.64 in 17.2 innings of work. He has been struggling to get batters to miss the balls he throws. RATING 464.625 (+15.125)
  9. Texas (9) – 5 Games over 5 right now and still holding 9th position in the power rankings. If the Tornadoes can straighten up their bullpen they might be a threat to the top teams. A mid season trade with some of the floundering teams might just secure their place. RATING 458.5 (+32.5)
  10. Kansas City (12) anyone else find it ironic that Raucous has 2 international players named to this season's all World team. I was not aware that he allowed internationals in his system with his career 0 international budget. RATING 421.5 377.5 (+44)
  11. Salem (11) Holding their own, because of their pitching success, Hitting is still looking for that next gear to drive this team to the top. RATING 420.625 (+23.625)
  12. Memphis (8) 3B Eugene Walker seems to have lost his power stroke this season. Hitting only 7 HR so far at the midway point of the season. He has averaged35+ Home runs a season previously. RATING 403.5 (-33)
  13. Colorado Springs (14) Pokey West is CSP's number 5 starter but has played like the NL's Cy Young Winner. RATING 396.5 (+31.5)
  14. Columbus (17) The Loss of Starting pitcher High Richardson will take its toll on the pitching staff. He blew out his knee and most likely will be done until the spring. RATING 357.625 (+46.125)
  15. Cheyenne (13) –3B Lonnie Yarnall's antics as a strikeout power hitter with no batting average finally hit its breaking point in Cheyenne as he was designated for Assignment last week. RATING 348.875 (-31.375)
  16. Las Vegas (15) like most of the teams in the Al West. The Las Vegas Gamble has been up and down all season. Getting as high as 2nd before falling all the way to the basement. RATING 334.375 (-21.125)
  17. Cincinnati (18) after last season's first all-star appearance Albert Maurer continues to blaze an elite career. After 22 wins for Florida last season Mauer is 5-5 this season with 5 complete games and 2 shutouts in 15 starts. Pretty nice work. RATING 317.625 (+11.625)
  18. Salt Lake City (21) 4 straight shutouts in the last 5 games. This might be the streakiest team in Ryan. They see to win get 5 games over .500 then proceed to lose the next 10 games. RATING 297.875 (+29.375)
  19. Philadelphia (16) – 2B
    Arthur Worthington- has improved each season, he has been in Philly offensively, but defensively he has been stellar each season. The kind of player we all want on our team.
    RATING 291 340.5 (-48.5)
  20. Norfolk (19) Norfolk has grounded into 100 GDP's this season ending 100 rallies with men on base. Might be time to evaluate the batting order and shuffle guys up a bit to avoid this fate. RATING 268.375 (-22.125)
  21. St Louis (30) Sp Teddy Kline- a 4A player has shown no value as the 5th starter this season. Might be time to move on and try someone else in that role.
    RATING 257.125 (+61.375)
  22. Monterrey (25) – The Metros have only had 46 inherited runners all season for their bullpen. To put this in context the league average is 91 and Washington (32 team) has handed their pen 184 inherited runners. RATING 253.25 (+28.25)
  23. Burlington (29) Made a mini jump by not doing anything, but playing solid Baseball. They could make another with a strong week leading to the all-star game. RATING 243.75 (+43.75)
  24. Houston (22) 3B D.T. Hutch has seemed to recovered his career after sitting most of last season and getting a late contract with Milwaukee. He is batting .279 with 8 homeruns and 41 RBI, a pace which he has not seen since season 11. RATING 242.25 (-17.75)
  25. Pittsburgh (23)RF Bill Sheehan has shown improvement over last season where he hit 16 home runs on the whole season. This season he already has slammed 14 at the midway point. RATING 242.25 (-4.75)
  26. Florida (27) CL Pedro Escobar's blown elbow has him lost for the season and possibly could have career implications if he can't recover some of his lost pitches and lost splits. RATING 239.5 (+30)
  27. Austin (20) SP Calvin Coco has benefited from the injury to #5 starter Gonzales who was struggle this season. Someone Coco has fell out of favor with Austin management and was working in long relieve most of this season before this second chance.
    RATING 231.25 (-39.75)
  28. Washington D.C. (28) RP Edgardo Vazquez's blown his shoulder out, this should be a career ended for the long time pitcher I don't see him recovering. RATING 226.625 (+22.125)
  29. Milwaukee (24) - # 5 Starter and trade acquisition at the start of the season Horace Walton has performed very well and has been a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing season. RATING 219.75 (-22.75)
  30. Durham (31) The Bulls pitching has once again struggled they have the highest OBA (.308) and have allowed the most home runs. RATING 182 (-7)
  31. Minnesota (26) Might be time to look at AAA SP Jacob Shinjo- He probably would improve the rotation and he is almost fully developed RATING 177 (-23.5)
  32. Atlanta (32). SS Wayne Brown never really found comfort in Atlanta in his little under 1 season time here he batted a lowly .188, 50 points lower than his career average. RATING 118.5 (-15)

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