Friday, March 6, 2009


1. Colorado Springs Organizational Filler-
Last Ranking:
Record: 66-32 (12-11)
Expected Win %: .700
The Skinny: Just When I think they are for real, do they show cracks in their armor. Dropped 40 points in exp Win %.

First Half Hero: Made SP Hi Telgheder very happy in the off season signing him for 5 years 39M. He rewards them well

First Half Bust: SO much more has to be expected of LF Clarence Sutton

2. New York Burros
Last Ranking
: 3
Record: 63-35 (16-7)
Expected Win %: .634
First Half Hero: C JP Santiago batting over .350 with 22 dingers
First Half Bust: SS Louis Mateo has shown a large sophomore slump

3. Cheyenne Marmots-
Last Ranking:
Record: 61-37 (17-6)
Expected Win %: .612
The Skinny:
First Half Hero: 2B Chris Durbin leads the team in batting and the league in stolen bases. With a newly signed 4 year 30M contract he is playing happy
First Half Bust: LR Royce Peters has been a near debacle these last 2 seasons after signing his 4 year deal in S10

4. Chicago Ballbusters-
Last Ranking: 2
Record: 61-37 (13-10)
Expected Win %: .658
The Skinny:
First Half Hero: Starting C Kevin Martin is easily in his career year
First Half Bust: backup C David Candelaria still provides the power but is doing little else

5. Philadelphia Balboas-
Last Ranking
: 6
Record: 55-43 (16-7)
Expected Win %: .542
The Skinny:
First Half Hero: CL Albert Rincon has been the rock of the bullpen
First Half Bust: Each season SS
Arthur Dunn returns to the Balboas he gets a little worse

6. Cincinnati Bowties -
Last Ranking:
Record: 52-46 (14-9)
Expected Win %: .571
The Skinny:

First Half Hero: P
Bump Loiselle is having career resurgence in the Cinci System
First Half Bust: SS Hades Sedlacek is having a down year even for his standards

7. Texas Outlaws-
Last Ranking
: 5
Record: 52-46 (10-13)
Expected Win %: .554
The Skinny:
First Half Hero: With 2 HOF caliber starts ahead of him Brandon Roosevelt has had much to prove and has done very well this season
First Half Bust: CF Damion Eldred is on his 3rd season of declining stats, his number might be up in Texas

8. San Diego Surf -
Last Ranking: 8
Record: 51-47 (13-10)
Expected Win %: .520
The Skinny:
First Half Hero: SP Deion Dunn- has been worth every penny of his 4 year 25.5M contract
First Half Bust: 2B Dale Hill's BA has fallen over 100 points this season

9. Atlanta Braves-
Last Ranking:
Record: 52-46 (14-9)
Expected Win %: .475
First Half Hero: 1B Ralph Carmona's best days are gone, but he is having a great season.
First Half Bust: SS Albert Gonzales recently signed for over 27M million in the off season, not quite earning the dollars this season.

9. San Antonio Alamos -
Last Ranking:
Record: 46-52 (11-12)
Expected Win %: .498
The Skinny:
First Half Hero: SP Corey Webb as a rookie went to the All star game
First Half Bust: C Brian Hocking was having such a bad season, he was returned to AAA

11. Florida Marlins -
Last Ranking:
Record: 41-57 (7-16)
Expected Win %: .429
The Skinny:
First Half Hero: SP Albert Mauer earning every penny of his 4 year 30M deal
First Half Bust: SS Anthony Mahay will never be a superstar, or a Shortstop 29 errors is to many for his lack of offense this season

12. Seattle Warbirds
Last Ranking
: 14
Record: 37-61 (9-14)
Expected Win %: .370
The Skinny:
First Half Hero: RP Orlando Pena is leading a bullpen, he's the bright spot
First Half Bust: LF Jesus Ramirez a mid season waiver claim has shown the skills that got him released.

13. Memphis Amon-Ra
Last Ranking: 12
Record: 37-61 (6-17)
Expected Win %:
The Skinny
First Half Hero: SP Mike Fitzgerald is on his way to being a superstar
First Half Bust: LF Nipsey Diaz should be further along in his progress than this

14. Milwaukee Blues -
Last Ranking:
Record: 36-62 (6-17)
Expected Win %: .364
The Skinny: if you are playing in extra innings with Milwaukee you will win 1-13 in the bonus for the Blues.
First Half Hero: RP
Ellis Small his small sample size inflates and masks a good pitching year OBA of .218, when he is in control he's dominant
First Half Bust: SP Angel Mateo- it's not that he has been horrible, it's just that Milwaukee had to expect more from him

15. Rochester Raging Reverends-
Last Ranking: 15
Record: 34-64 (10-13)
Expected Win %: .349
The Skinny: Steadily moving up the power ranking without moving up in actual ranking. In the past 2 weeks they have played just under .500 ball. That shows promise for the future.

First Half Hero: 1B Jumbo Tavarez has shown flashes of what many in Rochester hopes he will be

First Half Bust: RP Rene Richardson showed flashes last season of what Rochester needed in the Bullpen, not so much this year.

Last Ranking: 16
Record: 31-67 (10-13)
Expected Win %: .276
The Skinny: RP Arthur Mattes illustrates why this team is not winning. As he is a fair representation of some of the pitching in Colorado
First Half Hero: SP John Overbay
at 36 is still getting it done; lack of wins will cost him any type of recognition
First Half Bust: Future HOF Vic Mullins just needs to call it quits. He's in the middle of his 2nd sub-.230 campaign with no signs of power, fielding, or any usable skills. Just a name to fill the seats at this point.

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