Friday, March 20, 2009

AL Power Rankings: March Madness Edition

#9 Seed Durham Bulls (64-77) vs. #8 Las Vegas Gamble (65-76)

Richie Cormier (.271, 37, 106) vs. Terrell Welch (.276, 35, 95) promises to be an exciting matchup in the post, but the difference will be 5'11" point guard Del Prieto (18 HR, 78 SB).

#10 Burlington 'Storm (63-78) vs. #7 Louisville 'Mouths (65-76)

Is it fair to call the AL East a mid-major conference? All its teams are now in the lower half of the rankings.

#11 Fargo Fevola's (63-78) vs. #6 Toledo Holy (84-57)

A first round matchup between two teams from the AL North, Ryan's answer to the Big East. Toledo = Syracuse; Fargo = St. John's.

#12 Charlotte Winstons (60-81) vs. #5 Kansas City McCoys (86-55)

Ah, the ever-popular 12 vs. 5 upset looms large. But if Charlotte is going to pull it off, they'll need diaper dandy Johnny Powell to get healthy.

#13 Houston Colt .45s (56-85) vs. #4 Oklahoma City Chickens (86-55)

Houston's Craig Witt is 6'6" and will cause matchup problems for OKC, but like their Oklahoma University brethren, the Chickens are just too good to lose this one.

#14 San Fran HitchHikers (57-84) vs. #3 Wichita Sizzlers (96-45)

The Committee made Wichita a 3 seed because their RPI has taken a beating the past few weeks. The Sizzlers dropped sets to Madison and the Bombers.

#15 Hartford Ascension (50-91) vs. #2 Madison Massa's (98-43)

Madison's Bessire Ballpark is Ryan's Cameron Indoor Stadium: The Massa's are a world-best 52-21 at home.

#16 D.C. Warriors (45-96) vs. #1 New York Bombers (99-42)

Everyone knows the 16 never beats the 1.

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