Monday, September 15, 2008

NL Power Rankings Week 7

1. New York Burros
Last Week: 1

Record: 94-47 (16-6)
The Skinny: The Burros are on cruise control and should have no problem collecting their 7th straight 1st round bye.

POWER INDEX: 151.0 (-3)
Magic Number: Clinched division (7 to clinch 1st round bye 10 to clinch homefield advantage)

2. Cincinnati Bowties -
Last Week: 2
Record: 83-58 (10-12)
The Skinny: 9/21 is the day to mark on your calendar. the Clash for the NL North division with Philadelphia.

POWER INDEX: 148.25 (+1.5)
Magic Number: 10 to clinch playoff berth 19 to clinch division 18 to clinch 1st round bye

3. Texas Outlaws-
Last Week: 3
Record: 80-61 (11-11)
The Skinny: By niw they should have activated LR Juan Palmeiro. His presence wi go a long way to solidifig the Outlaw playoff presence
POWER INDEX: 128.975 (-.975)
Magic Number: 13 to clich playoff berth 19 to clinch division 21 to clich 1st round bye

4. Colorado Springs Organizational Filler-
Last Week: 6
Record: 73-68(12-10)
The Skinny: IMO Sp Hi Telgheder is the guy who should win the NL Cy Young. His record aside, he have the luck of Randy Johnson in Seattle. Without him who knows where the Organizational Fillers will be.
POWER INDEX: 114.25 (+5.375)
Magic Number: 20 to clinch both division and playoff berth

5. Philadelphia Balboas -
Last Week: 4
Record: 81-60 (12-10)
The Skinny: SP Louie Gutierrez is a dark horse for the Cy Young. He' s 17-4 with a 3.63 ERA

POWER INDEX: 108.5 (-1.625)
Magic Number: 12 to clinch playoff berth 21 to take division,

6. Cheyenne Marmots-
Last Week: 5
Record: 72-69 (11-11)
The Skinny: Starting to lose focus and might watch the Surf fly right by them for the division. in Head to head competition they are 6-1 so theres the good news for Marmot fan's.

POWER INDEX: 102.125 (-7.7)
Tragic Number: 20 to be eliminated from the division 15 to be eliminated from the wild card

7. San Diego Surf -
Last Week: 11
Record: 72-69 (14-8)
The Skinny: End of the season divison play is going to make or break this team. Their current record in divison of 9-12 does not bode well they need to come out with a similar week to last to sneak into the playoffs.

POWER INDEX: 96.125 (+21.375)
Tragic Number: 20 to be eliminated from the division 15 to be eliminated from the wild card

8. Florida Marlins-
Last Week: 7
Record: 78-63 (14-8)
The Skinny: I believe their are 2 closers in this league who can control a game. Madison's Ellis Watson and Florida's Stan Mason. At 25 this guy is already a force.

POWER INDEX: 90.5 (2.5)
Magic Number: 15 to take the wild card 23 to take the division

9. Houston Labs -
Last Week: 8
Record: 62-79 (8-14)
Looking to next season: 3 Gold GLovers this season, says the D is in place. Middle relief has been an issue and so has finding a 5th starter. 1B Sanchez had earned a new contract. Hutch, Miyakazi, and Sele are all going for their 2nd year of arbitration, at 26 it might be ftime to lock 1 or 2 up for a few seasons.

POWER INDEX: 80.125 (-13.670)
Tragic Number: 5 to be eliminated from the wild card (3 from the division)

10. Seattle Warbirds-
Last Week: 9
Record: 68-73(8-14)
Looking to next season: Pitching should be set, They spent a King's Ransom to make sure of that, but hitting is still a concern, with no real arbitration or FA leaving the batting corp, the team might have to eat a contract to move forward in season 10.

POWER INDEX: 77.25 (-7.5)
Tragic Number: 11 to be eliminated from the wild card 6 to be eliminated from the division

11. Richmond Revolution-
Last Week: 12
Record: 63-78 (10-12)
Looking to next season: SS Nitkowski, and CL Gentry are the only much haves from arbitration. all the others are fillers. With no really FA being lost the Revolution look to return about the same team that boasted a 87M payroll and a below 500 record. Richmond is finally moving forward but still has some holes to fill.

POWER INDEX: 75.5 (6.9)
Tragic Number: 6 to be eliminated from the wild card 4 from the division

12. Atlanta Braves-
Last Week: 10
Record: 69-72 (11-11)
Looking to next season: They have a few bigger names up for arbitration will increase the payroll. They also aren't losing much in the way of Free Agency. Jose Jose is the biggest departing FA, but do you invest 7M plus in a 31 year old reliever for a few years on a team that needs to rebuild?
POWER INDEX: 75.5 (-11.5)
Magic Number: 12 to be eliminated from the wild card

13. Milwaukee Blues -
Last Week: 14
Record: 62-79 (9-13)
Looking to next season: The Blues already have the offense to compete, a few upgrades and they are set on hitting, pitching is still a ways away. With 13 players to arbratrate not everyone is coming back. Must keeps are Embree, Kinney and Blake. Some of the others still have roles just maybe not as a Blue in Season 10

POWER INDEX: 69.125 (5.50)
Tragic Number: 5 to be eliminated from the wild card 1 from the division

14. Burlington Ballbusters-
Last Week: 13
Record: 64-77 (10-12)
Looking to next season: 10 guys to arbitrate. Most probably not what they are
asking for. a couple free agents as well to consider, but mostly this is a good year to rebuild. If they do sign they should look at small term contracts to any of these players.
POWER INDEX: 64.5 (-2.125)
Tragic Number: 7 to be eliminated from the wild card

15. Rochester Raging Reverends--
Last Week: 15
Record: 54-87 (9-13)
Looking to next season: Only 2 players worth taking to arbration in DEF SS Zapata and RP Dispenza. FA Pitchers Rowan and Fisher might return value if they return, Positionally the team can't afford to not renew SS Ross's contract if they can swing a 1 maybe 2 year deal. Interesting Fact RF Marc Brown has 4 WS rings most in Ryan.

POWER INDEX: 40.25 (-4.375)
Tragic Number: Maybe Next Year

16. Omaha MILE HIGH CLUB -
Last Week: 16

Record: 56-85 (11-7)
Looking to next season: FA Vic Mullins, Rafael James, Diego Santiago, and C Alex Lee all are set to depart. I doubt career slugger Mullin's changes jerseys, but this could bring a new look to the old lineup. Average age of the departing is 33.5 years. On top of that Omaha has 7 arbitration eligible players. Time to clean house.

POWER INDEX: 40.0 (2.875)
Tragic Number: 4 from the division eliminated from the wild card

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